Mount Zion
is located just outside of Jerusalem's old city walls and west of Mount of Olives. The word Zion is often used to symbolize Jerusalem and the land of Israel. It's believed that the Jebusite fortress once stood there before it was conquered by King David. Several important holy sites are located on this mountain, including David’s Tomb, the Dormition Abbey and the Room of the Last Supper.





About Us

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bullet Jerusalem On My Mind is a personal project that was inspired by several events that took place in the last few years. One of those events was my visit to Israel and Jerusalem specifically. That visit showed me that the homeland is not always a place where you were born or even a place where you presently live. It's a place where you reside spiritually, and Jerusalem turned out to be such a place for me.  

Another event was a terrorist attack that took place on 9/11. It was only by chance that on that day I did not make it to the office located only few blocks away from the World Trade Center. Thousands of people perished that day. I knew one of them personally. She was a coworker and the mother of two kids, whose main interest in life was her family.  

It was shocking to see how many people around the Middle East openly celebrated death and destruction, while some of our so called allies lectured us about our polices. After doing some research I realized that what took place was not an act of the misguided individuals, but a cultural and religious war waged against us by the enemy with its own ideology, financiers and soldiers.  

 Unfortunately many people do not see it as a mortal danger to the world that it really is. Survey taken in 2003 by European Commission has US as one of the major countries contributing to the instability of the world, ahead of Iran, Iraq and North Korea, the very countries President Bush dubbed as an "axis of evil".  

That same survey named Israel as the country that poses the biggest threat to the world peace. Its very existence is an affront to many people. Today anti-Semitism reached the levels we have not seen since the World War II and a lot of it is institutional.  

The lies and distortions coming out of media outlets around the world are sometimes laughable if not for the fact that many readers and viewers actually believe them. And that was one of the primary reasons that prompted me to start this site. My goal is to educate people as well as to express personal views. I do not have affiliations with any governmental or political organizations. If by visiting "Jerusalem On My Mind" you will learn only a fact or two then I did my job.  

I would welcome any feedback or suggestions you can provide.


                                                                                                               - Shalom Ben Isaak