The data shows that in 2011  population of the city of Jerusaelm was estimated at 801,000, of which 64 percent were Jews and other non-Arabs and 36 percent were Arabs. There were 497,000 Jewish residents, 281,000 Muslims, 14,000 Christians and 9,000 with no religious affiliation. In total, since 1967 and until the end of 2011 the city's population grew by 200 percent: the Jewish population increased by 157 percent and the Arab population increased by 327 percent.



People Gallery

The people blessed all those who volunteered to settle in Jerusalem. NEHEMIAH (11:2)

Little Patriot  Tziporah  Anne Frank 
Little Patriot  Tziporah Anne Frank
Putting on Tefillin  Isaak resting by the window  Rachmile Under Menora 
Putting on Tefillin Isaak by the window  Rachmile Under Menora
  Sarah Ohel   
Sarah  Ohel    Theodor Herzl
  Rabin and Peres by Saar Yaakov National Photo Collection Golda Meir by Saar Yaakov National Photo Gallery 
Bibi & Rebbe  Yitzhak Rabin & Shimon Peres  Golda Meir