Masada is a mountain top fortress located in Israel on the western shore of the Dead Sea. The name Masada is derived from the Hebrew word "metzude", which means the mountain castle.

According to Roman Jewish historian Josephus Flavius, Herod the Great built the fortress of Masada as a refuge for himself. It included a palace, casemate wall around the plateau, storehouses, cisterns filled with rainwater, barracks, palaces and an armory.  

Fortress Masada, where the remnants of the  Jewish Revolt  held up for three years fell to Roman seige.  When Romans  enter  the fortress they  find  all defenders dead.  They committed mass suicide preferring  death  to Roman  justice



Masada Gallery

Masada shall not fall again"  Israeli solgiers oath of loyalty to Jewish state on top of  fortress Masada
Masada U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill     
Aerial View      Stairway to Masada Mosaic Floor 
  Cable Car   Ruins at Masada   Fortification 
    Herod's palace 
Archeologists  Ancient Synagogue at Masada  Herod's Palace 
View from Masada by Berthold Werner PD Climb to Masada by Cobi Gideon National Photo Gallery Masada Living Quarters by Berthold Werner
View from Masada Climb to Masada Living Quarters