Judaica refers to any object and text used to observe and celebrate Jewish traditions. Since the antient times artists have created magnificent works of art  for Jewish ritual practices and gifts that express love for their heritage.  



Judaica Gallery

LORD will have mercy on Zion again and will choose Jerusalem again. ZECHARIAH (1:17) 

Kiddush Cup with Vase  Hanukah Menorah with Ciddur  Kupa The Donation Box 
Kiddush Cup & Vase Hanukah Menorah with Ciddur The Donation Box
Star of David on the door  Prayer Tools  2 Flags 
Star of David Prayer Tools Two Flags
  Lulav and Etrog Bull Horn  Menora 
Lulav and Etrog Wine Drinking Horns Menora 
Candle  Hamsa  New York Central Synagogue Door 
Candle Hamsa  Synagogue Door 
Kiddush Cup Hebrew Symbols  Open Torah
Kiddush Cup Seder Plate  Open Torah
Shadow Mezuzah Small Bottle of Cognac 
Shadow Mezuzah Small Bottle of Cognac
Miniature Torah Wine and Sweets  Apple Candle 
Miniature Torah   Wine and Sweets   Apple Candle  
Kosher Store & Graffity  Shabbat Table  Flags
Kosher Store & Graffity Shabbat Table  Flags 
Star of David   Silhouettes  Lulav and Ertog 
Star of David 3 Silhouettes  Lulav and Etrog   
Warriors on Copper Plate Hat with Drinking Horns  Vase with Drinking Horn 
Warriors-Copper Plate Hat with Drinking Horns  Vase with Drinking Horn 
Star in my hand  Mezuza  Chabbad Menora 
Star In My Hand  Mezuza With Prayer  Chabbad Menora 
Menora by the Window Teffilin and Kippot First Line of Defence
Menora Tefillin and Kippot Hamsa