Jerusalem's Old City is divided into four uneven quarters, although the current designations were introduced only in the 19th century.
The Armenian quarter is the smallest of the four and all residents are Armenian since the area is mainly  a monastery.
The Jewish Quarter is populated mainly by the Jews with just a handful of non-Jews living there. Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Jews were evicted by Jordanians. They were able to return after the Six-Day War of 1967.
The majority of the residents of the Christian and Muslim Quarters are Muslims though there is a large Christian presence in Christian Quarter due to the presence of the Church of Holy Sepulture which attracts thousands of Christian pilgrims.



Jerusalem Old City Gallery

Do good in Your favor unto Zion, build the walls of Jerusalem. GENESIS (26:22)

Jerusalem Panorama
  Jerusalem Panorama  
Tower of David  tower of David arch 
Citadel Tower of David   Tower Archway
Golden Gate Hurva Synagogue 
    Golden Gate Street in Jewish Quorter Hurva Synagogue
  Cardo   Old City Ramparts
Cardo    Alleyway in Jewish Quarter   Ramparts
Robinson's Ark Church of Holy Sepulcher Old City Walls
Robinson's Ark   Church of Holy Sepulcher Old City Walls