Kidron Valley
Separates the City of Jerusalem and Mount of Olives. It  contains many ancient tombs such as those of Jehoshaphat  Absalom,  Bene Hezir, Zechariah   and the Tomb of the Virgin Mary among many other graves. According to the Old Testament, David fled through here during the rebellion of Absalom. Idols and pagan shrines were destroyed here by Israelite kings. According to the New Testament, Jesus have walked through the valley many times on his way to Jerusalem. 

 Mount of Olives
Is the most sought after burial place for the Jews. It has has been used as a Jewish cemetery for over 3,000 years and holds 150,000 graves. According to the prophecy of Zachariah, when the Mashiach passes through the Golden Gate gate he'll blow the ram's horn and all the dead, laying at the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, will rise up from their graves.

 Mount Zion
Is located outside of the old city walls and south of the Zion Gate. It Is the site of the tomb of King David.    According to the Bible it was also a site of Jebusite fortress that King David has conquered making it his palace. 



Jerusalem Gallery

Surely LORD is present in this place. GENESIS (21:33)

Jerusalem Panorama 
  Jerusalem Panorama  
  Kidron Valley  Yad Avshalom 
Montefiore  Windmill Kidron Valley    Yad Avshalom
Mount of Olives  Tomb of Zechariah  Siloam Pool Jerusalem
  Mount of Olives   Tomb of Zechariah Siloam Pool
  Knesset Jerusalem Market  Jerusalem YMCA 
Knesset  Jerusalem Market    YMCA
Mount Zion East Jerusalem  Gethsemane Garden
Mt Zion East Jerusalem  Gethsemane Garden