"What binds American Jews together today? Most of us are secular; the religious bond is gone. Few of us speak Hebrew; the language bond is gone. What remains is the historical narrative of 80 generations and Israel, the realization of that dream and the spiritual and cultural light that radiates to the rest of the world. If we abandon Israel, we abandon our future. If Israel is gone, Jewish life will be gone in one or two generations. … If we forget that narrative, gone is our Jewishness. Throughout our history, the driving engine of survival has been the hope for returning to sovereignty in the birthplace of our history – Eretz Israel. The State of Israel is the culmination of this dream."
                   Hillel Halkin




And you, mortal, do not fear them and do not fear their words, though thistles and thorns press against you, and you sit upon scorpions. EZEKIEL (2:6)

  National Photo Collection by Kobi Gideon D1219-053 



The stench of antisemitism is polluting the air around the world and some of it is emanating from the one of the unlikeliest places like the United States Congress. Antisemitism in recent years kept steadily rising only to explode after the most recent Gaza conflict. In some U.S. cities pro Palestinian activists were actively seeking random Jews to assault. We lost count how many times swastikas were painted on Jewish businesses and synagogues. In that atmosphere of extreme hatred, on June 7th, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted a video of herself where she said that "We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and the Taliban". It's like pouring gasoline on fire. Congresswoman Omar has a well documented history of antisemitic statements. Back in March of 2019, after numerous antisemitic statements by Ms. Omar, Congress was about to pass the resolution condemning antisemitism but some rank-and-file Democrats objected and resolution was changed to condemn all forms of hate. For political reasons the oldest form of racism did not deserve individual repudiation from what is supposed to be the most democratic institution in the world. By shielding Omar from well deserved Congressional action, Nancy Pelosi sent a signal to the antisemites in her party and beyond that Jew hatred will be tolerated. For all practical purposes Congress gave Ilhan Omar an open ended license to practice antisemitism and the congresswoman from Minnesota did not hesitate to abuse that privilege time and time again. After Ilhan Omar's latest comments, twelve Jewish Congressional democrats issued a statement that grouping democracies like U.S. and Israel with Hamas and Taliban, gives "cover to the terrorist groups" to which Congresswoman promptly accused them of what else, Islamophobia. "The Islamophobic drops in this statement are offensive. The constant harassment and silencing from the signers of this letter is unbearable" she said. In the end, Congresswoman Omar claimed that she was misunderstood and that was enough for the speaker Pelosi to forgive and forget. She wasted another opportunity to send out a strong message that antisemitism will not be tolerated but she opted not to upset the radical left wing of her party who share Ms. Omar's views. Soon thereafter the statement was issued by the Congressional Black Caucus which read that "Ilhan Omar is a valued Member of the Congressional Black Caucus Family, she represents a strong voice on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs". Congressional Progressive Caucus followed the suit, also issuing a statement of support for Me Omar. One wonders if Nancy Pelosi and CBC would be that cavalier with hateful statements if some right wing member of Congress made a racist statement. Their willingness to defend hateful rhetoric by a member of Congress will be interpreted by many as if the Jew hatred is an acceptable practice and no doubt will contribute to further escalation in antisemitic incidents.
JoMM - June 20, 2021
See our Anti-Semitism Tracker: http://www.jerusalemonmymind.com/Antisemitism%20Tracker.html

Even when Israel is attacked by the thousands of rockets, which Hamas is firing with malicious intent to harm as many civilians as possible, Israelis are accused of being the aggressor. Hamas' goal is to instill terror into the hearts of Israeli citizens while get a sympathy for being an underdog. That's a formula that worked for them before and no doubt will work in the future. Disproportionate response is the charge constantly levied against Israel and is based on number of casualties on the Palestinian side vs. Israeli casualties. If there was no Iron Dome rockets interceptor the number of Israeli dead and wounded would have been a lot higher. Moreover, without the Iron Dome Israelis would have no choice but to send in the ground troops into the very densely populated areas with a potential for dramatically higher number of casualties on both sides. Also, if proportionality is the goal, then Israel would have to adapt Hamas tactics of hiding behind human shields while indiscriminately fire deadly projectiles without any regard of where they land, start kidnapping Hamas members and use them as trading chips, invest heavily into the miles of terror tunnels where the fighters can hide out while providing no bomb shelters for civilians, use the millions in donations to build missile factories while watching its people go hungry. Israel uses phone calls and roof-knock munitions to give residents time to evacuate ahead of air strikes in order to minimize the collateral damage. Unfortunately during the war its impossible to completely avoid civilian casualties, especially when the enemy doesn't value the lives of their own people. The world press is eager to repeat Hamas' talking points giving them a pass most of the time while demonizing anything Israel does. After one of the Israeli strikes that resulted in civilian deaths, most news organizations were reporting that: "Hamas responded by firing more rockets at cities in southern Israel, but there are no reports of casualties". The truth is that Hamas was not responding to anything. Their rocket attacks never diminished, striking cities across Israel from South to North, at one point hitting even Jerusalem. So much for their love of the Holy City. Foreign correspondents can be routinely seen near Israeli army positions, including the Iron Dome batteries but you never see the Hamas militants, only the civilian victims. The Foreign media is there wittingly or unwittingly to disseminate Hamas propaganda, their most potent weapon. As effective as Iron Dome is, it's not a full proof system. They will be more casualties amongst Israeli population and the haters will get their share of the Jewish blood. Seeing any innocent person lose their life is a terrible event no matter which side they are on, especially when it did not have to be this way. Hamas cynically used the end of Ramadan emotions and canceled Palestinian elections to advance their agenda. They will keep doing it over and over again because their tactic of fermenting chaos, when needed, while claiming victimhood at the same time never fails. The universal hatred of Jews and Israel in particular does not hurt them ether.
JoMM - May 15, 2021

As hundreds of rockets rain on Israeli cities and IDF is trying to pick out the rocket launchers in Gaza we are witnessing the drama that played out many times before. Hamas and other radical groups in Gaza usually come up with some grievance to incite the Palestinians to riot in order to drive their local agendas. This time is no different just more obvious. The spark was the dispute over Sheikh Jarrah, a tiny Jerusalem enclave near the Old City. It has a significance to the religious Jews due to the close proximity to the tomb of Shimon Hatzadik (Simon the Just), a High Priest during the Second Temple period. Jewish presence in the area can be traced to 12th century where they lived along with the Muslim and Christian neighbors. In 1875 the Sephardic Community Committee and the Ashkenazi Assembly of Israel purchased the compound and some land around it. In1948, during the War of Independence, the Jordanians ethnically cleansed the area from Jewish presence. This case is currently in the hands of the Israeli Supreme Court, which delayed its ruling due to the current unrest. The timing of this case coincided with decision of Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, to cancel the long overdue elections which have not been held since 2006. Mr. Abbas is 85 years old and in poor health. His popularity has eroded to the benefit of Hamas who is trying their best to take over the control of the West Bank as countless reconciliation efforts between the two parties failed miserably. This crisis is about the power struggle within the Palestinian fractions and Iranian plan to weaken Israel, put the pressure on Arab countries who signed on to Abraham Accords and gain an upper hand in their negotiations with Biden administration over the JCPOA nuclear deal. Iran is also a major sponsor of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad at the rate of over $30 million a month. Since Hamas in Gaza and PA in the West Bank area do not border with each and would not target each others populations with rockets, they compete by attacking Israel. At the same time they welcome Palestinian casualties when Israel retaliates. Given the density of the Gaza strip and Hamas militants' tactic of hiding amongst the civilians, its next to impossible to hit military targets in Gaza without inflicting collateral damage on civilians. Unfortunately those dead civilians also have a purpose, as they will be paraded in front of friendly Western and Arab media in order to weep up an anti Israeli hate frenzy. That is a part of the morbid theater that Hamas perfected over the last couple of decades. We've seen this scenario play out many times before. Let's hope it all ends quickly without too many people being sacrificed for Palestinian leaders' political ambitions.  
JoMM - May 11, 2021

On April 14th of 2021 the highest court in France came back with the decision that the murderer of Sarah Halimi, an elderly Jewish woman who lived in Belleville neighbourhood of Paris, will not stand trial for his actions. They upheld the decision reached by the lower court in 2019 which then absolved the killing of Sarah by her 27 year old neighbor, Kobili Traoré, on the grounds of insanity. In April of 2017 Traoré broke into Ms. Halimi's apartment, viciously beat her and then pushed her out of the third floor window while shouting Allah Akbar and antisemitic slurs. When arrested Kobili Traoré claimed that he experienced a psychotic episode caused by smoking an excessive quantity of weed. Despite all the available evidence French authorities and many members of the local media were initially hesitant to treat the murder of Sarah Halimi as a hate crime, which is very telling why antisemitic attitudes are so prevalent in modern day France. So what made Kobili Traoré to commit this heinous crime, marihuana or Jew hatred? Millions of people smoke weed but they don't go around killing innocent elderly women in their own homes. On the other hand Jew hatred is a very toxic state of mind, especially in the environment where Sarah Halimi had a misfortune to reside. She was the only Jew in her building occupied mostly by Muslim residents. It's not a secret that many Jews in France are subject to outright hostility from the Muslim community and having the highest court in the land use the marijuana excuse to essentially forgive a vicious murder does not bode well for French Jews. This case did not not only expose the vulnerability of Jews living in France but also exposed the rotten French government institutions that are not capable to overcome their own prejudices.
JoMM - April 15, 2021

During the White House daily briefing on 2/12/2020, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if President Biden's administration considers Saudi Arabia and Israel to be "important allies". Her response was very vague, non noncommittal verbiage that included something about an "internal interagency processes". It was a legitimate question to ask since President Biden still has not made a courtesy call to Israeli Prime Minister. Of course that call will eventually be made but the order in which it takes place is a measure of the respect and the willingness to work with a long time ally. There are several factors in play here that can explain the Biden administration's current disposition. First there is a lingering hangover from the days of the Obama presidency and the sour relationship that developed between the former president and Israeli Prime Minister, especially over Iran nuclear deal. Since President Biden is intent on returning to the negotiations with Iranians he might be also signaling to them that his administration is not beholden to Israelis and will negotiate as it pleases. Secondly, Mr. Netanyahu had a close working relationship with President Trump which resulted in moving the American embassy to Jerusalem and historic peace deals with Arab countries called Abraham Accords. Any close association with Donald Trump, regardless of the cause, is not popular these days to say the least. Thirdly, President Biden promised that he will be the most progressive president in the history of the republic. It is no secret that amongst many leftist progressives there is no great love for the state of Israel and so far Mr. Biden has shown great determination to please them on many other issues. There might also a hesitation since two leaders are not likely to see eye to eye on the core issues, such as above mentioned nuclear deal and two-state solution with Palestinians. Israel views Iran's nuclear ambitions as an existential threat to its existence and a two state solution as a pipe dream for which there is currently not even a remote possibility. Many US presidents have come to realize that ignoring Middle East issues is an exercise in futility and sooner or later Mr. Biden will have to face them. Ignoring allies and sending friendly messages to enemies may not be the best way to introduce oneself to that explosive arena.
JoMM - February 14, 2021

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), an American leftist organization specializing in anti-Israeli activism, has scheduled a discussion panel titled "Dismantling Antisemitism, Wining Justice". On the surface it's a noble undertaking until you learn who the four invited panelists are. The participants are Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Professor Mark Lemont Hill, Journalist Peter Beinart and Professor Barbara Ransby. These particular panelists can easily make Who is Who's list of Israel haters with Mr. Beinart being the only Jew on the panel. If not for the very serious subject matter, seeing these names on the antisemitism panel would have been hysterically funny. According to ADL, a pretty liberal leaning organization, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a "radical anti-Israel activist group that advocates for a complete economic, cultural and academic boycott of the state of Israel. JVP rejects the view that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a tragic dispute over land which has been perpetuated by a cycle of violence, fear, and distrust on both sides, in favor of the belief that Israeli policies and actions are motivated by deeply rooted Jewish racial chauvinism and religious supremacism." The purpose of this panel is a cynical exploitation of anti-Semitism by JVP whose goal is to legitimize it's own radical activities that promote alienation of the Jewish state. The selection of these particular individuals is not accidental. These are people who passionately despise Israel and support BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement that at it's core is deeply anti-Semitic. JVP is trying to split hairs here. They are trying to convince you that while one can hate Israel he or she can also be against anti-Semitism. Unfortunately for JVP, they are beholden to the radical leftist ideology, which will always come ahead of the interests of the majority of the Jews. History is a very harsh arbiter of any social experiment. The fact is that no socialist regime has ever turned out to benefit the Jews and allowed for the free expression of their culture. The success of the State of Israel is a vivid example of what the free Jewish thought can accomplish even when they are under constant threat of war, terrorism and isolation. It's very existence as a Jewish state where religion plays a major role in the lives of its citizens is an affront to any self respecting leftist. Since all else has failed they are left to host panels of haters who are pretending to love Jews.
JoMM - November 22, 2020

On Thursday 11/12 Christianne Amanpour, a host of CNN International's flagship global affairs interview program, brought to viewers attention the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht translated as the "Night of the Broken Glass" and then went on to compare it to the four years of Trump presidency. It felt as if Ms. Amanpour was not as much commemorating the anniversary of the human tragedy as much as using it to offend the American president. For those unfamiliar with the event, the name Kristallnacht refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms in Germany which took place on November 9 and 10, 1938 and swept the entire country. Any synagogue, business, hospital or library that had Jewish names attached to them were destroyed, leaving behind a sea of broken glass and thus the name of the event. It was also followed by murders, arrests and imprisonment of the Jews by the rampaging mobs of Nazis and plain civilians. Kristallnacht oficially jumpstarted the horror that morphed into the Holocaust. Ms. Amonpour is not an ignorant person, she just plays one on TV. For many years she worked as a CNN's foreign correspondent visiting some of the most volatile places on earth. She witnessed wars, death and misery during her travels. Unfortunately she must have forgotten all those experiences at the expense of insulting the U.S president she obviously deeply despises. The problem is that CNN has a worldwide reach and what they report can have a great impact on how the young minds are seeing the history. The recent studies revealed a troubling fact that younger generations are blissfully ill informed about the Holocaust, one of the darkest chapters in human history. When the major news organization compares the four years of Trump presidency to despicable crimes committed by Nazis it trivializes the suffering of the Jewish people endured during that period. If it was similar to Trump presidency then it must not have been all that bad. Scoring political points at the expense of the real tragedies is as low as you can go as a journalist and as a human being. No wonder that "Nazi" insults are being thrown around these day with absolute disregard to the historical facts of the actual events. Unfortunately this shameful display of what journalism should not be about is not going to deter future use of Holocaust's tragedy by unscrupulous members of the media who are also moonlighting as political activists.  
JoMM - November 15, 2020

As the conflict between Armenians and Azeris over Nagorno-Karabakh is raging on there is very little hope that some kind of agreement is possible in the near future as both sides are heavily entrenched in their positions. At least three cease fires brokered by Russia and U.S. were almost immediately violated by both sides pointing the finger at one another. Not too many people were familiar with this conflict and at the first glance one might think who cares. But when major powers like Russia, Turkey, France and U.S. keep trying to resolve it there is obviously a geopolitical chess game going on between those major powers at times to the detriment of warring parties. During 1988-1994 war, Armenians were able to wrestle away this mountainous area located inside Azerbaijan but populated by a majority of ethnic Armenians. In addition they took over seven surrounding districts that made up a buffer zone between Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia proper and was predominantly populated by ethnic Azeris. During that conflict over half a million of Azeris were forced out from their lands while many thousands of Armenians who lived in Azerbaijan for hundreds of years escaped to Armenia and to occupied territories. It has become a frozen conflict interrupted by the outbreakes of occasional hostilities. People argue about who started the current conflict which exploded back in September. It really is irrelevant as it was only a matter of time before Azerbaijan was going to claim almost 20% of their territory back. Over the last 25 years Azerbaijan has evolved into a major oil and gas producer and established several important strategic partnerships. They used their wealth to rebuild the armed forces with modern equipment including the drone technology which has been the main reason for their success so far. Both sides use a lot of Russian weaponry except that Azeris seem to have the latest and the greatest while Armenians are fighting with a lot of outdated technology. What is puzzling is now the Armenians leadership was caught asleep at the wheel. They had over two decades to use their territorial and political advantages to make a deal with Azerbaijan. Did they really think that this status quo wasgoing to last forever while Azeris were arming themselves to the teeth. Or did they think that their superpower friend, Russia, will come to their aid. They should have learned from their Georgian neighbors how much their superpower friend, United States, helped them when Russia chopped of Abkhazia and South Ossetia from their map. Besides, Azerbaijan has their own regional superpower and NATO member Turkey as a friend who helps them both militarily and politically. There are two ways to make peace, through negotiations and compromise or through military victory. Azeri appetites are growing with each village they reclaim from Armenians who may have lost as many as 10,000 people so far. For the country of only two million people that is a huge loss. As they retreat, Armenians leave behind tons of military equipment as they do not have enough able bodies to handle them. It's heartbreaking to see the funerals of young men being buried on both sides. Young people are their future and without them any territory in question is just a barren land. Both sides need to stop claiming that they will fight to the last man. As they say, be careful what you wish for.
JoMM - October 31, 2020 

American Jewish journalist Barri Weiss warned Thursday in Tablet Magazine that radical new ideologies that are taking over American social behavior threaten not only traditional American liberalism, but also the future of American Jewry. “American liberalism is in danger. A new ideology is rising to replace it—and it has dangerous implications for Jews,” said Weiss in a tweet about her piece. Weiss writes that the recent decision by Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to cancel her participation in a memorial service for Nobel Peace Prize winner Yitzhak Rabin was a warning to America’s Jewish community. Jews, Weiss says, were confused and shocked that AOC would reject an event aimed at celebrating peace, rather than realizing that the “progressive superstar… was sending a clear signal about who belongs in the new progressive coalition and who does not.”
By Paul Shindman, World Israel News - October 15, 2020 - (Link to full article)

"Jerusalem is our city, a city from us". This was part of President Erdogan's speech at Turkish Parliament on 10/3. You can say that such bombastic declarations from Mr. Erdogan are a pretty common occurrence, except that over the last few years he has been following up on his rhetoric with actions. He ethnically cleansed Kurdish areas in Northern Syria, replacing native Kurdish population with Arab refugees and Islamist militias. He jumped right into intractable civil war in Libya , while extracting from Government of National Accord a dubious Maritime Boundary Treaty in order to control big portion of the Eastern Mediterranean with its natural gas resources at the expense of several of it's neighbors, primarily Greece and Cyprus, both members of the EU. And now he jumped into Nagorno-Karabakh conflict urging Azerbaijan not to settle for anything less but a complete victory. To say that he has been an instigator of multiple conflicts in the region is an understatement. As far as Jerusalem belonging to Turkey claim. The Ottoman Empire was in control of a huge portion of the Middle East from Tripoli to Baghdad for over 400 years. The Ottoman Sultan was the ruler over the multitudes of people populating these lands, a fact that no doubt contributes to Mr. Erdogan severe case of nostalgia over the past glory of the Turkish nation. Jerusalem is just a small portion of his grand fantasy with the final destination being Mecca and Medina. Many Arab countries which were created as a result of dissolution of Ottoman Empire still have the vivid memories of those days and want no part of it, hence pretty strained relationships between them and current Turkish leadership. Moreover, even the usually cowardly EU countries are beginning to feel anxious over the growing ambitions of a modern day Sultan with French President Emmanuel Macron declaring at the recent EU summit that the "red lines have been crossed". As far as Jerusalem is concerned, during all those years under Ottoman control, it remained as a neglected, dusty town, full of religious relics, situated at the remote region of the empire. It was the place with no central government, where out of favor Ottoman officials served their remaining days. Jerusalem has experienced the most dramatic resurgence of its status and relevance when the Jews took control of the Holy City and all inhabitants were given the right to practice their religions as equals. Based on the recent conversion of World Heritage Site, called Hagia Sophia, into the mosque tells you everything you need to know if Erdogan's Jerusalem fantasies will ever come through.
JoMM - October 3, 2020 

Just as Abraham Accords were being signed on the grounds of the White House, Trump critics and Israel haters tried their best to diminish the importance of the agreement. Wittingly or unwittingly the critics sighted with the view of the radicals in the Muslim world who would not nod to any agreement that involves the Jewish State. The most often repeated argument was the fact that Palestinians were not part of the process. Another words the corrupt, never say yes, Palestinian leadership in Ramallah and the terrorist entity in Gaza will dictate to the two dozen Arab countries with divergent interests how to proceed into 21 century. The Arab League few days ago refused to condemn UAE and Bahrain for establishing relationships with Israel to which Palestinian leadership threatened to sever ties with an organization that represents the consensus of the majority of the Arab countries. The example of Lebanon is very difficult to ignore. It's where another never peace with Israel player named Hezbollah all but destroyed their own country in the name of imaginary resistance to Zionists. Arabs improving relationship with Israel is not for a sudden fondness for the latter. It's a realization that Israel is not going anywhere, is not their real enemy and that following the rejectionist politics of Palestinian leadership with only lead to the dead end. Moreover the close relationships between Palestinians and countries like Iran and Turkey are probably not playing well in Arab capitals. Those two countries have dominated Arab populations for centuries and their current empirical ambitions at the expense of the Arabs are being played out in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen just to name the most obvious ones. It is very telling how vulnerable the Gulf countries must be feeling it they preferred peace with Israel over "brotherly" relationships with current Iranian and Turkish leadership. As for Palestinians who severed relationships with Israel, US and now threatening the Arab League with the same, be careful about serving the interest of your so called friends. As the Arab proverb advises: "At the narrow passage there is no brother and no friend".
JoMM - September 19, 2020 
- On September 30th Gov. Newsom vetoed the bill noting that initial proposal was “insufficiently balanced and inclusive” and that the latest draft “still needs revision.”

On August the 31st of 2020, California state legislature passed an Assembly Bill 331 (AB-331), which requires all high school students in the Golden State to complete an ethnic studies course if they want to graduate and go to college. The idea behind the law is for students to learn about the history of different ethnic groups that have been oppressed and exploited through U.S. history. The bill is not without the controversy. On August the 22nd, Assembly member Jose Medina had to make a few amendments to the original version of the bill. You see, the study course also names the beneficiaries of this oppressive system and earlier version of the course included sections like "Call to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel" and "Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico". Mr. Medina had to admit that the version produced by an 18-member committee, who held the number of daylong meetings to produce this masterpiece, reflected an “anti-Jewish bias.” After thinking about it long and hard, the committee could come to the only "logical" conclusion that placed some blame on the Jews. It was such a blatant hit job that even California's ultra liberal Jewish organizations cried uncle and Governor Gavin Newsom swore not to sign it. So what's the controversy about the revised version that even The Wall Street Journal editorial called an "ugly stuff". Well, one course outline indicates that “students will write a paper detailing certain events in American history that have led to Jewish and Irish Americans gaining racial privilege. They will be asked to think critically about why and who is allowing this evolution in white identity and how this shift is affecting the identity of Irish and Jewish Americans.” As if the wave of anti-Semitic incidents in U.S. is not problematic enough for the "privileged Jewish tribe", the geniuses in California legislature are now legitimizing the lies and myths about them. Louis Farrakhan is probably giving them a standing ovation. The funny part about this nonsense is that similar things are being said about Jews in the all white countries. But logic and reason are out of the door when leftist ethno-fascists are looking for blood. They found the easiest and most predictable target. The tragic part of it is that during the period between 1933 and 1945, German youth was exposed to the revised school curriculum that also emphasized ethnic studies that vilified the Jews. We all know how that experiment ended. Governor Newsom could do the right thing and veto this hateful bill. We are betting that he will not.  
JoMM - September 5, 2020 

 On August the 22nd, Turkey's president Erdogan played host and paraded around couple of Hamas big wigs, Ismail Haniyeh, a senior political leader, and Saleh al-Arouri, a founding commander of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, who currently has a $5 million bounty on his head by U.S. for his role in the murder of an American teenager. It was the second such meeting with Hamas leaders this year by Turkish officials, first taking place back in February. Some Israeli and UK sources reported that Turkey granted citizenship to a dozen members of the terrorist group and that they even plot attacks on Israel from Turkey. U.S. State Department harshly criticized the meeting noting that such encounters only "isolate Turkey from the international community" and " undercuts global efforts to prevent terrorist attacks launched from Gaza." Mr. Erdogan's office almost immediately hit back at the U.S. pointing to their support of YPG, a Syrian Kurdish militia that was instrumental in defeating ISIS. The word "HYPOCRITE" must not exist in the vocabulary of Turkish president since it was his government that for years turned a blind eye to the smuggling of thousands of foreign fighters and weapons across the border to Syria, a lifeline for so called Islamic caliphate. While that was going on, the Turks were buying Syrian oil from ISIS at dirt cheap prices that in turn provided a financial support for a terrorist group who's unspeakable crimes against humanity are well documented. Last time we checked, Hamas was still in charge in Gaza, doing what they do best, which is calling for the destruction of Israel, commit terrorist acts and extort money from the rich Arab states. Their recent benefactor, Iran, is currently in dire financial straits due to the embargo, war in Syria and necessary support of their most important terrorist ally, Hezbollah. So Hamas is now kissing up to Turkey and it looks like Erdogan doesn't mind being their new sugar daddy. Just like Iran has Hezbollah on the border with Israel, with Hamas in Gaza Erdogan now has his own proxy that can harass Israel while at the same time annoy Egyptians and his sworn enemy President el-Sisi. Turkey has also contracted the services of the Syrian National Army (SNA) and a number of smaller Islamist groups in their quest for control of territory in the Northern Syria. In fact it was SNA who assisted Turkey in their plan to conquer the city of Afrin in 2018 and ethnically cleanse it of 160.000 Kurdish and Yazidi residents. SNA murdered their way through Afrin while replacing the indigenous population with Arab refugees. If this is not terrorism we do not know what is. This is the thank you Kurdish fighters received for liberating the region from ISIS menace. As the saying goes, "no good deed goes unpunished". In the meantime emboldened Erdogan, using the NATO logo for credibility, is trying to legitimize Hamas and his other proxies. Cozying up to terrorists is nothing new for him as long as it serves his long reaching regional ambitions.
JoMM - August 29, 2020 

The cancel culture strikes again. This time the target was ADL (Anti- Defamation League) who's reason for existence is to fight anti-Semitism and racism of any kind. They obviously did not live up to someone's standards as 150 of leftist organizations signed up on creating an entire website, called Drop the ADL, that highlights all the grievances aimed at them. There are too many to mention here and ADL does a good job of addressing them on their website. We would like to look at just a couple of them. The ones that stood up for us were: ADL is "a white-led organization that claims a role as civil rights leader". Any time people bring up someone's race, with a negative connotation attached to it, they are engaged in a blatant racism themselves. White supremacist and Neo-Nazi's target Jews for being well, Jews. Add to it now another reason for some Jews to be hated, their skin color. This kind of rhetoric emanating from the left is one of the reasons why lately anti-Semitism in the U.S. is going mainstream. Over the last few months number of celebrities felt emboldened enough to express their Jew hating feelings in the open. Retweeting or sharing an Instagram post of the Louis Farrakhan videos have become a thing to do. A Drop ADL website also claims that ADL is not doing enough to "support our political goals." "The ADL is not an ally." and "ADL in projecting a false badge of progressivism that helps advance a racist agenda". The role of ADL, in our humble opinion, is not to support anyone's political goals or to be an ally to progressives, but to highlight and oppose the acts of anti-Semitism and any other form of targeted hatred regardless of where it's coming from. Some of the political goals for many of these leftist organizations are establishing the socialist system of governance in the U.S. and the destruction of the "colonial" power named Israel. Let's hope these are not the goals of the most Americans. A claim by these 150 organizations that ADL is some right wing supporting, anti-minorities organization is similar to anti-Semitic tropes being spread on social media. Its the same old theme, Jews control the world and fermenting the oppression of marginalized communities. It's as much of a nonsense today as it was 100 years ago. This is a reason why we find ourselves in the unexpected position of defending the ADL. Our personal experience with ADL was a complete opposite of what their critics claim. If anything they are under-reporting anti-Semitic incidents and rhetoric emanating from the left. Back in June the rapper and an actor, Ice Cube, went on a couple of anti-Semitic rants that were not the first for him and probably not the last. The story has gotten quite a bit of publicity. Since we did not find any mention of it on the ADL website we contacted them via e-mail looking for a feedback. It turns out that they did comment about it on the Twitter with couple of sentences describing the incident as "disheartening". Their response was called "weak" by many Jewish organizations. JoMM felt the same way and we related our feelings back to ADL. They are there not to please political groups of any persuasion but to honestly report and bring to light organizations and individuals engaged in spreading the intolerance. Fighting millennia old hatred is not an easy job and we wish ADL lots of courage and strength going forward. They are going to need it.  
JoMM - August 19, 2020

The announcement of the deal reached between UAE and Israel has sparked a whirlwind of opinions both positive and negative. For the most part the reaction was favorable both in U.S. and abroad as any progress towards peaceful coexistence that involves Israel and any Arab country is a miracle in itself, when compared to the number of failures. Not known for praising the Jewish state, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell Fontelle welcomed the development hoping that it will lead to some progress in negotiations with the Palestinians. Of course there were also the critics, both expected as well as unexpected. Palestinians factions, the PA and Hamas, swore to do their utmost to kill the deal, while representatives of Iran, Turkey and Iraq pretty much described the deal as a treason of historic proportions that can never be forgiven. In the U.S. the more notable critics were Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and former Obama's Deputy National Security adviser, Ben Rhodes. Ms. Tlaib's position is no surprise to anyone as her stand on Israel is well known. More surprising is the position of Ben Rhodes, one of the architects of U.S. foreign policy for 8 years. You may think that a person who once fiercely promoted a nuclear deal with the Iranian mullahs at any cost will be supportive of a peace initiative that would bring more stability to the region. To the contrary, couple of days ago Mr. Rhodes wrote that UAE-Israel deal is "Dressed up election eve achievement from two leaders that want Trump to win." Strong words from the person who back in 2016 bragged to New York Times about how easy it was to manipulate the "often-clueless reporters" into supporting President Obama's foreign policy decisions. So much so that they almost made Iranian leaders look like Mahatma Gandhi. In the same interview he said that "AIPAC doesn’t like this,’ ‘the Israeli government doesn’t like it,’ ‘the gulf countries don’t like it. It’s the possibility of improved relations with adversaries." He must have impressed the heck out of NYT at the time as they called him an "Obama's foreign policy guru." So the strategy of beating up on America's loyal friends while building up it's sworn enemies, in 2016, was considered a genius move. No wonder that Iran nuclear deal was such a disaster, along with failures in Libya, Syria and Iraq. But the one of more memorable moves Mr. Rhodes and his boss left for last has been when just days before leaving the White House, they stabbed an America's most reliable ally in the back by refusing to veto a one sided anti-Israel U.N. Security Council resolution 2334. It reads that "territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law." Resolution was passed by 14-0 vote while the U.S. has abstained. This move had nothing to do with the U.S national interests, it was just a petty payback aimed at hated Netanyahu government. The "settlements" in question under this resolution include the Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter and numerous other holy places in East Jerusalem. The most sacred Jewish heritage sites were sacrificed to satisfy a personal grudge. Close allies do not act in that manner. Let's hope that any potential future U.S. foreign policy gurus find themselves more in agreement with our friends than with our enemies.
JoMM - August 16, 2020

UAE and Israel have reached a "historic" deal which was brokered by Trump and his Middle East team. For anyone following the region closely, this agreement was not a great shock. The unofficial contacts between the two countries have been going on for some time now. Two reasons why the UAE decided to close the deal now. First is the realization that the irrevocably fractured Palestinian movement is struggling to reach any kind of deal between Hamas and Fatah (PLO), despite numerous tries. With the current state of affairs between Palestinians and Israelis any talk of peace agreement is a pipe dream that may not happen till the end of times. The second reason is the ever growing appetites of Turkey and Iran, two non-Arab regional powers, with history of empirical domination over their weaker neighbors. UAE is a small country with big ambitions which can be curtailed by either of the two above mentioned sharks. There is a 3500 American military personal stationed at Al Dvarfa Air Base in Abu Dhabi but since the U.S. has achieved an energy independence, there is a growing mood within the Trump administration to lower their footprint in the Middle East. Given that both Israel and UAE are strong American allies, it's only a natural progression to have the two countries move away from the politics of doomsday, plan for the future and pursue their own interests by establishing economic and military cooperation. In the Middle East there are no friends, just temporary allies. Let's hope this agreement will have legs and will open doors for more Arab countries to join in.
JoMM - August 13, 2020

If asked who is their worst enemy, most Lebanese people will point to Israel, given that they have a history of couple of wars and countless skirmishes that still go on to this day. But when on August 4th a horrific explosion rocked the coastal city of Beirut most Lebanese pointed fingers at Hezbollah, Party of God, who is a current de facto ruler of Lebanon. Large scale bombings are Hezbollah's calling card, the reputation their leader Hassan Nasrallah has cultivated for years. Some of the most notable examples are 1983 bombing of American and French barracks in Beirut, 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires and the 2005 assassination of former Lebanes prime minister Rafic Hariri, not to mention countless political assassination. It's a well known fact that Hezbollah had their tentacles all over the Beirut port and a claim that they knew nothing about the existence of 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate is laughable. Another well known fact is that Hezbollah routinely stores rockets, missiles and ammunition among the civilian population, a tactic called "hiding behind human shields". For the longest time Hezbollah refused to disarm despite U.N. resolutions and numerous calls to do so. They claim that they need weapons to fight off Israeli aggression. That's the propaganda Lebanese people have been fed for years by Hezbollah and their Iranian overlords. That narrative was shaken when Hezbollah fighters were summoned to participate in the Syrian civil war on the side of Bashar "the Butcher" Assad. Any internal dissent regarding Lebanon's involvement in Syria was dealt with while estimated 1.5 million Syrian refugees flooded Lebanon, country with a population of only around 6 million people. Over the last couple of years the economic standing of Lebanon took a severe beating due to political instability, rampant corruption and rich Arab states withholding their support because of the dominating Iranian presence in the country. On August the 10th, Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, announced the resignation of his cabinet, blaming endemic corruption for the explosion. As Lebanese people will try to rebuild their country from the latest disaster, no amount of foreign aid and other well intentioned gestures are going to fix what is the festering wound around their necks called Hezbollah. The power hungry terrorist organization reports to Iran who in turn has grand ambitions for Syria with Lebanon being an integral part of that power play. Nothing positive will happen in Lebanon until that poisonous link is broken once and for all.
JoMM - August 11, 2020

What do Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth Warren, Adam Schiff, Louis Farrakhan and David Duke have in common? They all ether supported or endorsed a freshmen Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar. Back in February of 2019, a Somali born politician has made a name for herself with a single phrase "It's all about Benjamins baby". She, of course, was referring to a bogus claim that Jews are using money to buy political support for the State of Israel. Just hours after offering a half hearted apology for Benjamins comment, Ms. Omar accused the Jewish Americans who support Israel of allegiance to the foreign  country. This of course was not the first or the last smear she leveled at the Jewish people. In light of Ilhan Omar's comments the resolution was proposed in Congress to condemn any form of anti-Semitism. Unfortunately it was rejected by the Democratic majority and instead Congress passed the watered-down condemnation of "all hate" without specifically naming Congresswoman Omar. That cowardly decision had consequences as a year later anti-Semitism in the U.S. went main stream, with celebrities of all stripes feeling free to accuse Jews of all kinds of tropes, mostly rehashing the age old libels. Jews are randomly attacked on the streets of American cities and Jewish Institutions routinely vandalized. In the meantime, Ilhan Omar is up for reelection and she already received endorsement from Nancy Pelosi who called her "valued and important Member of Caucus". She even donated $14k to Omar campaign. Bernie Sanders also endorsed Omar saying that "we need her leadership, we need her voice". As if there were not enough Jewish voices supporting the anti-Semitic Congresswoman a young leftist group called "IfNotNow" has tweeted that "As American Jews, we’re proud to support Representative Omar". IfNotNow is actively involved in anti-Israeli propaganda and the BDS movement which seems to be gaining ground among the woke crowd. All we can say is that IfNotNow is in the distinguished company they probably deserve to be in.
JoMM - August 7, 2020

On July 27, a Canadian Jewish actor, Seth Rogan, participated in an hour long interview with a Jewish host of of WTF with Marc Maron. It was advertised as the "Jewiest talk with Marc that two Jews ever had on this show". It also warned anti-Semites to "get lost." During the interview Rogen said he was “fed a huge amount of lies about Israel” while growing up and that the concept of the State of Israel “makes no sense” to him. Trying to be the Jewiest, all we can say is "oy vey". Based on the content of that podcast they should have advertised it as "anti-Semites of all stripes are welcome." Nothing gets them, the Jew haters, going as much as a famous Jew trashing Israel. We are currently living at the time when incidents of anti-Semitism around the world and specifically in U.S. and Canada are through the roof. Many recognizable names among musicians, actors and athletes lately have contributed to that trend. That's why a Jew advocating the cancelation of the country that is the last possible refuge from hatred and violence for millions of Jewish people is puzzling to say the least.
JoMM - August 4, 2020



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