5/27/2020 A  new report  by ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is providing a disturbing picture of the state of affairs on U.S.  college campuses where the anti-Israeli activities inevitably morphing into blatant anti-Semitism.     Targeted propaganda in  social media and many student publications  equates Zionism to racism and white supremacism. Often times pro-Israel students are targeted for harassment.
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Oldest hatred rears its head: New York Times justifies black anti-Semitism.
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Opinion: The Day I Was Told to Check My ‘Jew Privilege’.
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   5/27/2020 A  new report  by ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is providing a disturbing picture of the state of affairs on U.S.  college campuses where the anti-Israeli activities inevitably morphing into blatant anti-Semitism.     Targeted propaganda in  social media and many student publications  equates Zionism to racism and white supremacism. Often times pro-Israel students are targeted for harassment or excluded from the campus life.
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12/16/2019 A report  by StopAntisemitism.org and Zachor Legal Institute and endorsed by more than 2 dozen American NGOs reveals the disturbing connection between the oldest hatred in the world and the delegitimization campaign against the State of Israel.

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Call NO-HATE Hotline to Report Incidents of Anti-Semitism: 833 -662-4283

Translate Hate Glossary by AJC (American Jewish Committee), to help you know it when you see it.

If you're Haredi in New York, be afraid'. 'Anti-Semitism has become mainstream,' says Israeli American Council CEO; Manhattan resident Shilo Ben Ze'ev says he was viciously attacked two months ago on the way to synagogue, and police tried to deter him from filing a complaint. (Ynet News)

Amid Fury Over Sarah Halimi Murder Trial Decision, French Jewish Leader Questions Judicial Willingness to Confront Islamist Antisemitism. (The Algemeiner)

  Pro-Israel students from 30 university campuses across the United States and Canada gathered last week in New York City for a three-day conference to learn about defending Israel effectively, confidently and unapologetically at their schools. (JNS.org)

The AJC Paris survey found that 70 percent of French Jews say they have been victims of at least one antisemitic incident in their lifetime, 64% have suffered anti-Semitic verbal abuse at least once, and 23% have been targets of physical violence on at least one occasion, with 10 percent saying they were attacked several times. (AJC.org)

Amid the worst outbreak of anti-Semitic violence in decades, a new survey released today from the Anti-Defamation League found more than half of American adults – 61% – agree with at least one or more classic anti-Semitic canards. (Israel Hayom)

UK sets new record for anti-Semitic incidents in 2019. According to an annual study by The Community Security Trust (CST), a total of 1,805 anti-Semitic incidents were reported in 2019, an increase of seven percent from 2018. (United With Israel).



    Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD. (LEVITICUS 19:18)

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4/22/2021 - An Oregon legislator who has been pushing for stronger gun safety measures was targeted by a neo-Nazi flyer campaign on Wednesday, in what she described as a “hateful antisemitic attack.” Rep. Rachel Prusak (D), disclosed that several flyers containing antisemitic stereotypes and Holocaust imagery were posted in Clackamas County. These were used as part of an attack on Prusak’s efforts to pass gun safety legislation. (Link to full story).

4/21/2021 - In the midst of an alleged scheme at the heart of his racketeering indictment, Ald. Edward M. Burke (14th) allegedly made a comment about Jewish people. Explaining why he needed to leverage his position on the City Council to get tax work for his private law firm as part of the renovation of the Old Main Post Office, Burke allegedly made the comment that, “Well, you know as well as I do, Jews are Jews and they’ll deal with Jews to the exclusion of everybody else unless … unless there’s a reason for them to use a Christian.” (Link to full story).

4/21/2021 - Vandalism at North Garnerville Elementary School in Rockland County was recently found with swastikas spray-painted on its steps and indistinguishable lettering that was hateful toward the Jewish community. The incident is currently being investigated as a potential hate crime by police.  (Link to full story).

4/20/2021 - Israeli police have arrested at least 30 Arabs in a wave of recent attacks on Jews in the cities of Jerusalem and Jaffa, Israel Hayom reported Tuesday. With the confluence of the onset of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan last week and the lowering of coronavirus restrictions, groups of Arab youth in the capital have been recording themselves attacking Jews in the streets, then uploading the videos to social media. (Link to full story).

4/20/2021 - Alberto Samid, the businessman known as Buenos Aires’ “King of Meat” singled out three Argentine Jewish businessmen in social media posts, including one with an antisemitic epithet. “This MOISHE has no limits. He never gets tired of stealing from us!!!! (Link to full story).

4/19/2021 - A 56-year-old Rego Park, Queens resident was on his way to a local synagogue for evening prayer services just before 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 17, when he was confronted by a 35-year-old man in front of the Neighborhood Chemists Pharmacy. The assailant launched into an anti-Semitic tirade before allegedly kicking the victim, according to authorities. A formal report was filed at the 112th Precinct and the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force opened an investigation into the attack. (Link to full story).

4/19/2021 - New York police have arrested the driver responsible for a deliberate hit-and-run attack Saturday on five Brooklyn Hasidim, the New York Daily News reported Monday. The minivan driver was caught on camera intentionally backing up into five pedestrians in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, striking the victims twice and initially lingering on the scene before ultimately speeding away. (Link to full story).

4/19/2021 - Police in the Netherlands are investigating footage from a fan rally prior to a soccer game last week between two Dutch teams where fans chanted “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.” The incident, first reported by the Dutch news outlet De Gelderlander and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, occurred on April 14 at a rally prior to a match between the Arnhem-based Vitesse and Amsterdam-based Ajax football clubs Sunday. (Link to full story).

4/18/2021 - Eliyahu Mali, head of the Shirat Moshe yeshiva, was assaulted in Jaffa by two Arabs. Rabbi Mali was visiting an apartment together with a colleague with the prospect of buying if for the use of the yeshiva, reports Channel 12. The two were surrounded by a group of Arabs and told to leave. When they took out their cellphones to document the abuse they were attacked. (Link to full story).

4/18/2021 - Ten Jewish graves at a cemetery in Belfast, Northern Ireland were damaged in what is being considered a hate crime by police, multiple news outlets reported. Police are analyzing all CCTV footage from 24 hours before Friday.  According to local councilor Steven Corr, of the Sinn Fein Party, the incident is the latest in a series of vandalism acts at the cemetery. (Link to full story).

4/17/2021 - A 36-year-old man from Long Island was indicted Friday following suspected harassment of gay and Jewish people, abc7 reported Saturday.  The indictment, filed against Christopher Keller, is in relation to hate crimes and multiple shootings. Keller was involved in a number of incidents including shooting into homes and cars, ABC7 reported. He is suspected of choosing specific victims who were either Jewish or gay. (Link to full story).

4/16/2021 - The campaign manager for an Upper West Side candidate for the City Council is in hot water for saying the neighborhood is too white, and Jewish. Quinn Mootz, who is running Sara Lind’s council bid, is catching flak for her April 13 comments on Twitter, which have since been deleted, but not before critics took screen grabs. (Link to full story).

4/15/2021 - A Cambridge graduate who said extermination was the “best option” for Jews obtained a bomb-making manual and urged his social media followers to “kill them all”, a court has heard.    Oliver Bel, of Salford, was found to have downloaded an ‘anarchist cookbook’ – instructions on making explosives - after he posted a number of antisemitic, racist and homophobic comments online. (Link to full story).

4/15/2021 - A historian lionized by far right groups in Lithuania for glorifying collaborators with the occupying Nazis during World War II is set become the new director of the country’s state-sponsored Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center (LGGRTC). Dr. Arūnas Bubnys was nominated for the post on Wednesday by Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, the Speaker of Lithuania’s parliament, the Seimas. (Link to full story).

4/13/2021 - Argentinian journalist Julio López recently discovered a Spanish-speaking hate network by creating a computer program that scans websites for hate speech. A journalist and hacker by trade, López originally sought to search for groups like QAnon, wondering if there were similar groups in Argentina. His study unexpectedly uncovered a secret network of alt-right, Nazi groups in Latin America that perpetuate conspiracy theories related to Jews. (Link to full story).

4/13/2021 - French leaders are speaking out after graffiti calling for “death to Israel” was found at a university in Paris on Monday. “This morning, hateful inscriptions, some of an anti-Semitic nature, were discovered on the walls of … the main entrance to the Sciences Po campus in Paris. Management strongly condemns this heinous and cowardly act,” Benedicte Durand, the provisional administrator of Sciences Po university in Paris, said in a statement. (Link to full story).

4/13/2021 - The City University of New York’s student senate voted down a resolution to adopt the IHRA’s Working Definition of Antisemitism on Sunday, in a process described as “devastating to Jewish students” by a campus Jewish community leader. (Link to full story).

4/12/2021 - Three inscriptions were daubed in large black painted letters at the entrance to the Sciences Po, the Paris-based Institute of Political Studies that has educated French political leaders since the 19th century, among them current President Emmanuel Macron. Two slogans invoked the word “kuffar”, an Arabic term for “infidel” used by Islamists, while a third declared, “Death to Israel.” The head of France’s national Jewish student union, the UEJF, told news outlet Le Figaro that she was formally protesting the graffiti as incitement to racial hatred. (Link to full story).

4/11/2021 - An anonymous Instagram post by a Jewish college student last week revealed that members of a fraternity at the University of Kentucky greeted a pledge with Nazi salutes. The post was uploaded by the Instagram account “Jewish on Campus,” which shares testimonies from college students across the United States who have faced anti-Semitism. (Link to full story).

4/11/2021 - A Jordanian professor said earlier this month that while the term “Zionists” must be used instead of “Jews” lest one be “canceled,” there is no difference between the two. Furthermore, said Professor Ahmad Nofal, this need for circumscribed language is proof that the “Zionists” control the world. (Link to full story).

4/10/2021 - The Netherlands’ foremost philosopher called the dispersal of Jews in the Diaspora a “blessing” because it prevented them from achieving the power they have in Israel today that has resulted in “religiously motivated violence.” Hans Achterhuis, the first recipient of the prestigious and royally recognized title of “thinker of the Fatherland,” made the remarks in an interview on the role of religion in the modern state for Trouw. (Link to full story).

4/9/2021 -The University of Cape Town (UCT) is currently investigating a BDS activist who "defended Adolf Hitler" while lecturing students, the Algemeiner reported. “Hitler committed no crime," UCT lecturer Lwazi Lushaba told freshman political science students during his lecture, according to the report. "All Hitler did was to do to white people what white people had normally reserved for black people.” UCT said that the matter was of "grave concern" and that they will be investigating the incident. (Link to full story).

4/9/2021 - A Polish lecturer who said that Jews had practiced “ritual murders” will not be reprimanded because his claims are the subject of “scientific discourse,” the university that employs him said. An internal ethics panel made the decision not to take disciplinary action against Tadeusz Guz, a priest and faculty member at the Catholic University of Lublin, for a second time after again reviewing complaints over a 2018 speech he gave in Warsaw. (Link to full story).

4/9/2021 - Police in the Canadian city of Victoria, British Columbia, are looking for suspects after the Chabad Centre for Jewish Life and Learning was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti, CBC reports. Staff at the center called the Victoria Police Department on Tuesday when they found the graffiti on the building in the 2900-block of Glasgow Street. Staff cleaned the messages away. Two suspects were captured on surveillance video tagging the center, police said in a statement. (Link to full story).

4/8/2021 - Albion College temporary suspended a student accused of racist and anti-Semitic graffiti on a dormitory walls, college President Dr. Matthew Johnson said. He said the student acted alone and has acknowledged their responsibility. The student was immediately removed from campus, and the college turned all evidence over to law enforcement. (Link to full story).

4/8/2021 - American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten drew accusations of anti-Semitism after challenging Jewish Americans in a new interview. The controversy came in response to an interview published in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency last week, in which Weingarten was quoted as describing "American Jews" as "now part of the ownership class" in response to a question about Jewish critics of the teachers’ union’s power and influence amid a coronavirus school reopening fight. (Link to full story).

4/6/2021 - The Disney Channel got slammed this week for some bizarre, and potential politically motivated revisionism, related to the Passover story, an event that is central to the Jewish people’s history, culture, and tradition. Disney changed the actual end of the Passover seder story by removing the word “Jerusalem,” which is the Jewish people’s eternal capital and also the modern state of Israel’s capital. (Link to full story).

4/4/2021 - A woman in Britain said to be a virulent anti-Semite has been found guilty of spreading offensive messages and material over the Internet and was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison by a magistrate court there. Reports say that Alison Chabloz, 57, who is known for promoting Holocaust denial, is expected to serve nine weeks in prison for violating the country’s communications act. (Link to full story).

4/4/2021 - On the night before Sunday, vandalism was committed against a Jewish cemetery in Aalborg. Henrik Beck, duty officer at North Jutland Police, informs Ekstra Bladet and Nordjyske. Two dolls have been placed and paint has been poured over them and a wall into the tombs. In addition, flyers have been distributed, referring to a website for the right-wing radical movement Nordfront. (Link to full story).

4/2/2021 - Three young girls spat at a Jewish man in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn before biting a cop who confronted them on Thursday, according to the New York Post. The three, a 13-year-old and two girls younger than her, threw garbage and spat at the Jewish man during an argument on Thursday evening. Police were called to scene and, when officers confronted the girls, the 13-year-old bit one of them and was taken into custody, according to the report. (Link to full story).

4/2/2021 - Police in New York City have arrested a 30-year-old man for a shocking knife attack on a young Orthodox Jewish couple and their baby in lower Manhattan’s Battery Park. Darryl Jones was taken into custody on Wednesday night and charged with assault, possession of a weapon and possession of the K2 drug. (Link to full story).

4/2/2021 - Police are investigating after a Jewish fraternity at the University of Connecticut reported finding swastikas and a Nazi “SS” symbol graffitied on campus buildings, as well as anti-Semitic insults shouted toward a Jewish student. One of the swastikas was found “graffitied on the side of the Chemistry Building directly facing the UConn Hillel building,” the Jewish campus. (Link to full story).

4/1/2021 - A local politician in Poland used language that critics said was antisemitic during a regional council meeting about agriculture. “Why don’t Jews buy land? Because you can’t cheat the earth,” Waldemar Wojciechowski, a representative of the right-wing Law and Justice ruling party, said at a meeting Tuesday of the council of the Lodz District. (Link to full story).

4/1/2021 - The student body of City University, a public research university in London, has voted to reject the widely-accepted International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, shocking and angering Jewish groups, the Jewish Chronicle reported on Tuesday.  According to the report, the vote was 671-260 (71% to 27%), plus 14 abstentions. (Link to full story)

3/31/2021 - A knife-wielding man on parole for attempted murder randomly attacked a Hassidic couple walking with their 1-year-old in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday, slashing all three family members, cops and police sources said. A 30-year-old parolee was arrested in the assault and cops recovered the knife after canvassing the area, the sources said. (Link to full story).

3/31/2021 - A Holocaust denier has been jailed after claiming that Jews control “anything that’s worth controlling.” Alison Chabloz, 57, of St John’s Wood, was found guilty of a communications offence on Wednesday and was handed an eighteen-week prison sentence, of which she will serve nine weeks behind bars. (Link to full story).

3/30/2021 - Police in Norrkoping, Sweden, are investigating after someone left a hate-filled message and a group of dolls hanging outside a synagogue there on the first day of Passover, March 28. According to a post from the Anti-Defamation League, the note referred to Passover being a "Jewish celebration of killing thousands of Egyptian children." (Link to full story).

3/30/2021 - A symbol resembling a swastika was found scratched into a wall in Darien's Holmes Elementary School Tuesday, Principal Paula Bleakley announced to parents. "It is with sadness that I write to share with you that an incomplete hate symbol that resembled a swastika and some profanity were found etched into the paint of the upper grade boys' bathroom," Bleakley wrote in a letter to parents. (Link to full story).

3/30/2021 - Jewish Canadians are the most targeted religious group for hate crimes in the country, a new study from Statistics Canada found.  The study analyzed some 1,946 hate crimes reported to the police in 2019. This number alone is not only a 7% increase from 2018, but represents the second-highest number of hate crimes reported to the police per year in Canadian history. (Link to full story).

3/29/2021 - The last three Jewish families in Yemen were deported by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, leaving only four elderly Jews in the country, the London-based Saudi daily Asharq Al-Awsat reported over the weekend. The move marks the virtual end of a 2,600-year-old Jewish community in Yemen. (Link to full story).

3/28/2021 - Romanian police were investigating on Sunday death threats made against award-winning film and theatre star Maia Morgenstern and her children at the start of Passover celebrations. Morgenstern, who played the figure of Mary in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and runs the Jewish State Theatre in Bucharest. (Link to full story).

3/28/2021 - Two antisemitic acts occurred in south Florida in the days leading up to Passover, according to local news outlet 7News Miami.  In one incident, a Holocaust survivor's car was vandalized with swastikas drawn in the dust of the windshield in Hallandale Beach. Security footage was obtained by Hallandale Beach Police who are reportedly investigating the incident. (Link to full story)

3/26/2021 - When former Cal State Monterey Bay graduate student Thomas Shefflette was arrested at his campus apartment in February on weapons-related felony and misdemeanor charges, police also reportedly found a swastika taped to his wall and a photo of Hitler. (Link to full story).

3/26/2021 - After over 150 anti-Semitic comments were discovered on the Google Maps site for Auschwitz, Google released a statement saying it “must do better.” An investigation by The Guardian discovered hundreds of “disturbing, anti-Semitic comments” on the page for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. (Link to full story).

3/25/2021 - A swastika and the word “Hitler” were found written in chalk at the Goodnow Brothers Elementary School in Marlboro. A staff member found the message on the basketball court and called police. (Link to full story).

3/25/2021 - The woman in her 60s, who asked for her identity to be withheld, was walking by herself near Crimea Street in Melbourne, Australia, when she saw a man standing at the entrance to one of the blocks of flats. After making eye contact, he allegedly called her “Jewish scum” and told her “You will get what’s coming to you,” before spitting at her. (Link to full story)

3/24/2021 - A suburban high school football coach in Massachusetts was fired after an opponent reported his team for using the name of a Nazi concentration camp in its audibles, according to a report. Duxbury head football coach Dave Maimaron was cut Wednesday after players used terms including “Auschwitz,” “rabbi” and “dreidel” to call plays at the line of scrimmage during the team’s March 12 game against Plymouth North, the Boston Globe reports. (Link to full story).

3/23/2021 - A man has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a pregnant woman on a street in Stamford Hill. CCTV obtained by Jewish security group Shomrim shows a man appearing to put a pillow case or cloth over the head of a woman before punching her in the stomach several times. A man, in his late 50s, was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm on Monday. Shomrim said the woman was 27 or 28 weeks pregnant and had been left "deeply traumatised". (Link to full story).

3/22/2021 - A food delivery man in Rome was stabbed after telling a fellow courier to stop an antisemitic rant this weekend. The victim sustained lacerations on his face and required medical treatment but is not in critical condition. The incident occurred in Rome’s Piazza dei Re di Roma square, where the two men were waiting for orders of McDonald’s to deliver. (Link to full story).

3/22/2021 - A pregnant Jewish woman was assaulted last Thursday in London according to video footage posted on Twitter by the Shomrim neighborhood security organization. It shows a man sneaking up from behind and attempting to cover her head with a paper bag. The woman resisted, and after the attacker failed to get the bag over her head, he punched her in the stomach several times before fleeing the scene. (Link to full story).

3/20/2021 - A Miami-based imam criticized those who seek peace and normalization with Jews, whom he referred to as “the offspring of apes and pigs” that are behind all corruption worldwide, in a Friday sermon. Imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi’s speech at the North Miami Islamic Center was posted to the mosque’s Facebook page and translated this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). (Link to full story).

3/19/2021 - A man from New York was arrested after drawing a swastika in the snow outside a synagogue, afterwards returning to draw other antisemitic symbols. Manuel Barrera, 50, was detained by officers after returning to carry out the second antisemitic act on the Emanu-El temple in New York's Upper East Side, according to NBC News. (Link to full story).

3/19/2021 - Unknown people vandalised a street mural in Thessaloniki which depicted the extermination of the city’s Jews in Nazi camps. The mural which is located on the east wall of the new railway station in Thessaloniki, was created a few days ago by street artist Same84. The Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki condemned the vandalism. (Link to full story).

3/18/2021 - Roger Waters again made deeply troubling anti-Israel remarks in a recent online panel, this time joined by fellow BDS supporting British musician Brian Eno whose comments echoed those of the former Pink Floyd frontman. In a livestreamed youtube event hosted by Frank Barat titled "Let's Talk It Over #2: Israeli Apartheid" both musicians promoted the BDS movement and called for further boycotts of the Jewish state. (Link to full story).

3/18/2021 - A man who was filmed drawing a swastika in the snow outside a Midtown Manhattan synagogue in February was nabbed Thursday after returning to redraw the Nazi symbol in chalk, cops said. Manuel Barrera, 50, was seen on security camera at about 9 a.m. scribbling the anti-Semitic symbol, along with a Pentagram and “666”, on the sidewalk outside the Temple Emanu-El at 840 Fifth Ave. (Link to full story).

3/17/2021 - Distribution of white supremacist propaganda in the United States nearly doubled in 2020, though only five percent of it targeted Jews, the Anti-Defamation League said in a Wednesday report. The year saw a total of 5,125 incidents in which racist, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ and other hateful messages were disseminated in the US, an average of about 14 incidents per day and almost twice as many as the 2,724 reported in 2019. (Link to full story).

3/16/2021 - A new report on progressive antisemitism was released Tuesday by a top Israeli think tank, arguing that a new form of antisemitism is becoming increasingly powerful in left-wing ideology and activism. The Reut Group, which works in areas of national security, Israeli-Jewish relations, and socio-economic development, issued the paper on a new form of “erasive antisemitism” that is gaining traction in progressive discourse. (Link to full story).

3/16/2021 - Toronto police say an investigation is underway after a suspect made anti-Semitic slurs inside a business last week before punching a victim in the face. Police said they were called to the area of Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue shortly before noon on Friday for reports of an assault in progress. In a news release issued Tuesday, officers said a man was inside a business making anti-Semitic slurs before he stepped outside with a witness. (Link to full story).

3/16/2021 - Two Orthodox Jewish women were subjected to a crazed anti-Semitic attack in downtown Buenos Aires on Monday, with the assailant screaming anti-Jewish invective and expressing her wish that “you should all have died in the Holocaust.” (Link to full story).

3/16/2021 - The US Capitol Police suspended an officer after antisemitic reading material was "discovered near his work area," the department said on Monday. The Washington Post, which first reported the story, said a congressional aide saw a printed copy of "The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion" at a checkpoint inside the entrance of a congressional office building. (Link to full story).

3/15/2021 - Two Skidmore College students accused the private university of political bias, after being denied a trial period on Saturday for their “Progressive Zionists for Peace” student club. Nessa Goldhirsch Brown and another student asked the New York university’s Club Affairs Committee for a trial period after other clubs, including the Social Justice for Palestine club, were granted a trial period. (Link to full story).

3/15/2021 - The head of the Harvard University Hillel strongly criticized a petition in support of prominent Harvard professor Cornel West that echoes the scholar’s claims that he was denied tenure because of his attacks on Israel and Zionism. Rabbi Jonah C. Steinberg, the executive director of Harvard Hillel, sent an email to Hillel affiliates saying the petition promulgated “an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory” and that West had “egged students on” in promoting it. (Link to full story).

3/15/2021 - Candles in the shape of a Jewish man holding a gold coin have recently been discovered for sale on the website of a beekeeping center in Poland. The candles feature a man in bearded man in Jewish Orthodox dress and come in two sizes: "Little Jew" (12.5 cm/ 5 inches), and "Big Jew" (19.5 cm/7.6 inches). They are described as "the image of a financially successful Jew. (Link to full story).

3/14/2021 - Officials at the San Diego State University (SDSU) are expressing their solidarity with the school’s Jewish community after reports that swastikas were painted on a student housing building. “Speech and use of symbols that are anti-Semitic or encourages hatred of a particular group are reprehensible and counter to the environment we support at SDSU,” said school officials in a statement. (Link to full story).

3/14/2021 - Swastikas found on student housing at California university Officials at the San Diego State University (SDSU) are expressing their solidarity with the school’s Jewish community after reports that swastikas were painted on a student housing building. “Speech and use of symbols that are anti-Semitic or encourages hatred of a particular group are reprehensible and counter to the environment we support at SDSU,” said school officials in a statement. (Link to full story).

3/13/2021 - Federal police in Brazil raided the church whose pastor had prayed with congregants for another Holocaust. Friday’s raid in Rio de Janeiro was part of an operation titled “Shalom” by the federal police against Tupirani da Hora Lores, who heads the Pentecostal Generation Jesus Christ Church, Globo reported. Police confiscated literature there. (Link to full story).

3/12/2021 - The Grammy Awards is facing criticism from Jewish groups for listing Women’s March co-leader Tamika Mallory, who is also a longtime supporter of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, as a “performer” for the 2021 award show. Mallory has been repeatedly condemned for saying Israel has no right to exist “at the disposal” of the Palestinians. She has promoted Farrakhan’s annual “Saviour’s Day” events in which he attacks Jews. (Link to full story).

3/12/2021 - Canadian Jews expressed relief this week after police in Montreal arrested a man in connection with the desecration of a synagogue in the city last year. In a statement on Thursday, B’nai Brith Canada said it had been informed by Montreal police that the man, named as Patrice Belley-Gervais, was arrested on Thursday and appeared in court. His next court date is set for April 30, and he is facing one charge of breaking and entering. (Link to full story).

3/11/2021 - A British university student arrested for vandalizing the offices of an Israeli company in England is proof that just because you come from a wealthy family doesn’t mean your values are worth much. Doone Stormonth-Darling, 26, a member of a British aristocratic family, fell in with a bunch of anti-Israel agitators in university who were all in court this week, charged with vandalizing the outside of Elbit Systems’ premises in England last October. (Link to full story).

3/11/2021 - San Diego State issued a statement of support for the university’s Jewish community after anti-Semitic vandalism appeared on the exterior walls of a campus residence hall Thursday, March 11. According to the university drawings, including swastikas, were found on South Campus Plaza North. The drawings have since been removed and University Police have launched a hate incident investigation. (Link to full story).

3/10/2021 - Jon Minadeo Jr., a 38-year-old man infamous within the Bay Area Jewish community, has launched an online merchandise store selling virulently anti-Semitic and homophobic T-shirts and apparel in an effort to fund propaganda tours across California and beyond, what he calls his “activism.” (Link to full story).

3/10/2021 - Authorities in Singapore arrested a man suspected of planning an attack on a local synagogue. Amirull Ali, a 20-year-old former soldier who was arrested in February during his military service, is suspected to have planned to carry out a knife attack during a service at the "Maghain Aboth" synagogue in the city's Waterloo Street. (Link to full story).

3/9/2021 - The Miami Heat placed center Meyers Leonard on indefinite leave Tuesday, hours after a video surfaced of the reserve center using an anti-Jewish slur during a video game livestream. Leonard called an opposing player “kike” in between other vulgarities, while playing “Call of Duty: Warzone” on Monday. (Link to full story).

3/9/2021 - Prof. Noam Chomsky, American linguist and political activist, defended his support of Prof. David Miller, the British sociologist who has been accused of “inciting hatred against Jewish students” at the University of Bristol, London’s The Jewish Chronicle reported Monday. (Link to full story).

3/8/2021 - Just hours after a parliamentary committee recommended outlawing hateful Nazi symbols such as the swastika, one was found graffitied on a tree in Melbourne’s CBD. The swastika was found scrawled on a tree surrounded by the Star of David last Wednesday afternoon by a Jewish woman aged in her 40s as she left her office on Collins Street. (Link to full story).

3/7/2021 - The Jewish watchdog group StandWithUs called on Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) to apologize for being the keynote speaker last weekend at the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) in Orlando, Fla., an event organized by white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. (Link to full story).

3/7/2021 - Abdullah aka Dulla Mulla, a Yemeni content creator on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok known for skits and pranks, went to a Jewish-owned kosher store in Detroit, Michigan and harassed Jewish patrons by showing them a picture on his phone of a Palestinian flag and the words "Free Palestine" written on it and recording their reactions for his newest video. (Link to full story).

3/5/2021 - French police arrested a man who tried carrying out a stabbing attack at a Jewish school in Marseille, France on Friday morning, French media reported. The attacker was turned away by the Yavne School security, made up of parents who serve as security on a volunteer basis, the Jewish Agency noted. The institution was immediately locked down with the students inside to ensure their safety. (Link to full story).

3/4/2021 - A mother has told how she spotted anti-Semitic imagery and messaging when using school-supplied resources to homeschool her seven-year-old. The year-2 group, who were learning the Christian story of Easter, were given access to an online resource with images of Jewish people with large noses and claimed they “wanted Jesus to be guilty” and die. (Link to full story).

3/4/2021 - B’nai Brith Canada is calling out the University of Toronto for using the image of a notorious Palestinian terrorist to promote an upcoming event, noting the ongoing problem with anti-Semitic incidents on the campus of Canada’s largest university. (Link to full story).

3/4/2021 - The head of an influential Turkish Muslim association in Germany resigned from his position on Thursday after his antisemitic social media postings were exposed by a left-wing group, vowing at the same time to clear his name. Mustafa Keskin, the chairman of the branch of DITIB, a Turkish religious group, in the university city of Göttingen, tendered his resignation after his posts on various social media platforms were brought to light by Die Falken, a socialist youth organization. (Link to full story).

3/3/2021 - The FBI conducted a raid Tuesday morning in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and arrested a far-right knave who was known for collecting weapons, threatening violence, dressing like comic book character The Joker and making anti-Semitic comments. In one video, he claimed to be “trying to build” an army and expressed a desire to “gas” Jews.        

3/3/2021 - Rhodes made his contempt known for democratic accountability perfectly clear in a recent interview with Peter Beinart, a well-know Israel hater and a fellow at the Foundation for Middle East Peace. During the interview, which allowed Rhodes to promote his forthcoming book, “After the Fall: Being American in the World We’ve Made,” he complained about the interest that American Jews and Christians have exhibited in their concern for foreign policy in the Middle East. (Link to full story).

3/2/2021 - The far-left Jewish group IfNotNow held a small protest Tuesday near the US Capitol to call for a “new approach” from the Biden Administration on antisemitism, condemning its embrace of the leading definition of hatred against Jews. “ JoeBiden has a choice: appoint a Special Envoy who will fight white supremacy to keep our community safe or one who continues the Trump administration’s strategy of using the role to attack progressive activists and Palestinian allies,” the group tweeted. (Link to full story).

3/2/2021 - Outrage erupted on Tuesday among British Jews and Jewish organizations after one of the BBC’s top programs, “Politics Live,” held a panel discussion debating whether Jews are an “ethnic minority,” which many deemed offensive. The only Jewish participant on the panel, Benjamin Cohen,  CEO of the LGBT publication Pink News, tweeted afterwards, “I’ve just been on the BBC’s ‘Politics Live’ where the BBC literally just asked four non-Jews if they agreed with me that Jews are an ethnic minority.” (Link to full story).

3/2/2021 - The owner of a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam said this week that he had lost count of the times his establishment had been vandalized in recent years after antisemitic graffiti was discovered on its windows. An antisemitic slogan was scrawled onto the window of the HaCarmel eatery in the Dutch capital. The restaurant’s owner, Daniel Bar-On, told local news outlets that he could no longer keep track of the number of attacks on his property by antisemites. (Link to full story).

3/1/2021 - A physics professor at a Michigan university was fired on Thursday after being put on administrative leave in November for posting anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic comments on Twitter. The university confirmed the termination but said it had no further comment, reported The Torch, Ferris State’s student newspaper. (Link to full story).

3/1/2021 - Frontier Airlines kicked a religious Jewish family off a flight from Florida to New York on Sunday and later cancelled the flight, The New York Post reports on Monday. Frontier claimed a “large group” of passengers refused to wear masks, but a video shows the religious Jewish family in question wearing masks. The family involved claims they were ejected because of a maskless baby. (Link to full story).

2/28/2021 - Two teens are now in custody for vandalizing five Holocaust statues early Wednesday morning at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to a report by ABC News. The statues are filled with several hundred stones with the names of Jewish children who were murdered during the Holocaust. (Link to full story).

2/27/2021 - Richard Tobin, a 19-year-old from New Jersey, pleaded guilty to conspiring to vandalize synagogues and property belonging to Jewish and Black people with the goal of intimidating them, Newsweek reported Friday. He now faces up to ten years in prison or a fine amounting to $250,000 or double the cost of the damaged property – whichever is greater, according to Newsweek. (Link to full story).

2/27/2021 - A prominent right-wing lawmaker in the Netherlands has provoked outrage by saying that the trials against Nazis in Nuremberg, Germany, were “illegitimate.” Thierry Baudet, leader of the right-wing Forum for Democracy party, which has two seats in Dutch parliament, made the statement on Monday during a rally in Gouda, near Amsterdam, ahead of next month’s general elections. (Link to full story).

2/26/2021 - A U.S. State Department employee named Fritz Berggren has been moonlighting as a blogger devoted to attacking Jews and promoting white Christian nationalism.  “Jesus Christ came to save the whole world from the Jews, the founders of the original Anti-Christ religion, they who are the seed of the Serpent, that brood of vipers,” Berggren wrote in an Oct. 4, 2020, post on his website titled “Jews are Not God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christian is Anti-Christ.” Later in the post he writes, “Jewish ideas poison people.” (Link to full story).

2/26/2021 - A New Jersey man admitted Friday to coordinating a neo-Nazi group’s plot to vandalize two Midwestern synagogues and cause other damage across the country. Richard Tobin, 19, of Brooklawn, pleaded guilty to conspiracy against rights, according to federal prosecutors in New Jersey. He faces up to 10 years in prison when he's sentenced June 28. (Link to full story).

2/26/2021 - About 200 academics from the United Kingdom and the United States have signed a petition defending a British university lecturer who had called Jewish students on his campus “pawns” of Israel, “a violent, racist, foreign regime engaged in ethnic cleansing.” Jewish groups and organizations have protested the remarks by David Miller, a professor of political sociology at the University of Bristol, made during an online videoconference Feb. 13. Some have called for his ouster. (Link to full story).

2/26/2021 - Orlin Goranov of Bulgarian National Television’s “The Last One Wins” posed a question to contestants on “who was the chess player with Jewish roots who nonetheless spoke out harshly against Jews?”. He then read an article published on the white supremacist site in which the author claimed to have interviewed Bobby Fischer anf that the late chess master provided the followint opinion: “The Jews don’t like to work. That’s one of the things the Jews didn’t like about Hitler’s concentration camps,” and that “there were no gas chambers. That’s all baloney.” (Link to full story).

2/25/2021 - A school board member in Lowell, Massachusetts, called a former school district leader a “kike” on live television, spurring calls for his resignation. Bob Hoey should step down from the Lowell School Committee, the mayor of the Boston suburb said. “We lost the kike, oh, I mean, the Jewish guy,” Hoey said Wednesday morning on “City Life,” a news opinion show, according to video posted by the local Jewish Journal. “I hate to say it, but that’s what people used to say behind his back.” (Link to full story).

2/25/2021 - The small number of Jewish children attending public schools in the Swedish city of Malmo experience “widespread antisemitism,” according to a new study published by the municipal authorities this week. Fourteen Jewish children and 26 teachers were interviewed for the report, titled “Schoolyard racism, exclusion and conspiracy theories.” Speaking about the study’s conclusions to Swedish national television, Sarah Wettergren, chair of the Malmo Council’s primary school committee, stated that “we now have it in black and white that antisemitism is widespread in our schools.” (Link to full story)

2/25/2021 - A student from Dickinson College is being investigated for a video in which he “jokes” about the benefits of the Nazis’ attempt to exterminate the Jewish people. Among the “jokes” delivered by Dickinson College student Shane Shuma in a recent video were comments that “96 percent of Germans said [the Holocaust] made their lives much more positive,” while “4 percent said it only moderately improved their lives.” (Link to full story).

2/25/2021 - The Tulsa Police Department is searching for two young men or teenage boys who they say damaged Holocaust tribute statues. Officers were notified Wednesday morning about the vandalism at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art after the two were seen on surveillance video knocking over five metal statues dedicated to Jewish children. (Link to full story).  

 2/25/2021 - Temple University Professor Marc Lamont-Hill told an audience on the Clubhouse app last week that Palestinian children were “disemboweled” during a presentation in which he promoted the false anti-Semitic blood libel that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians. (Link to full story).

2/25/2021 - Canadian producers apologized for the offensive and inaccurate portrayal of Orthodox Jews in an episode of its television medical drama “Nurses” following outcry from prominent Jewish organizations and leaders. “Nurses” is produced by Toronto’s ICF Films, Entertainment One and Corus Entertainment. (Link to full story).

2/24/2021 - An investigation is underway after Park Police found a swastika carved into a tree in Montgomery County. According to the Montgomery County division of the Park Police Department, the carving was found Wednesday in the Hillwood Manor section of Sligo Creek Stream Valley Park. This is near the county line. (Link to full story)

2/24/2021 - Students at an elite German university fraternity regularly greeted each other with the words “Heil Hitler” and used the word “Jew” as a pejorative, according to one of its former members in explosive revelations published this week by the German newsmagazine Spiegel. The fraternity in question — Normannia — has been under German police investigation following an outrage at a party held by its Heidelberg University members at their mansion on Aug. 29, 2020. (Link to full story).

2/24/2021 - Shane Shuma, a student from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., is facing an investigation by the school over anti-Semitic comments after he was filmed listing reasons why the Holocaust proved beneficial. With an unseen cameraman heard laughing in the background, the student, identified as junior , said “96 percent of Germans said that it made their lives much more positive … the other 4 percent said it only moderately improved their lives …(Link to full story).

2/24/2021 - A war memorial in north Wales has been daubed with swastikas and "disgusting" anti-Semitic graffiti. The graffiti was discovered on the Rhyl War Memorial on the seafront on Tuesday evening, said Richard Kendrick, of the Royal British Legion. Mr Kendrick said the graffiti refers to the Holocaust and murdering Jews. The memorial, which displays the names of 300 local service men and women who have died in combat since 1899, has now been repaired, Mr Kendrick said. (Link to full story).

2/23/2021 - A Jewish student at Tufts University who claims that he has been the subject months-long campaign of anti-Semitic intimidation, harassment and discrimination is calling on the university to intervene. Max Price, a junior who is a member of the Tufts Community Union Judiciary, which is tasked with fact-checking and removing bias student government legislation, has been outspoken against an SJP proposal to include its “Deadly Exchange Campaign” referendum in the student election ballot. (Link to full story).

2/23/2021 -  A Southwest Miami-Dade man took swift action on Tuesday after he says he spotted some truly disturbing, anti-Semitic graffiti painted on a fence in his neighborhood. The graffiti said, “Beware the Jews.” (Link to full story).

2/23/2021 - The leader of a far-right political party in Canada has been arrested and charged with willfully promoting hatred against Jews – reportedly a first for a Canadian political party. Travis Patron, the founder and head of the Canadian Nationalist Party, or CNP, was taken into custody in the Saskatchewan town of Carlyle. (Link to full story).

2/22/2021 - Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein joined those condemning NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” for cast member Michael Che’s comments suggesting that Israel had only vaccinated the “Jewish half” of its population against COVID-19, as the network has remained silent. “I inform you that anti-Semitism is not funny. It is dangerous and false,” wrote Edelstein on Twitter Monday, in Hebrew. (Link to full story).

2/22/2021 - The American Jewish Committee is circulating a petition asking “Saturday Night Live” to apologize for a joke that suggested Israel is vaccinating only its Jewish population. “Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half of their population, and I’m going to guess it’s the Jewish half,” Michael Che, the co-host of SNL’s news parody, “Weekend Update,” said on the most recent broadcast. (Link to full story).

2/21/2021 - Two longtime New York City public school educators have filed a lawsuit claiming they were fired after refusing to go along with a new far-left agenda pushed by the district. Karen Ames, who is Jewish, said in her lawsuit that she was “verbally attacked” by a colleague for sharing her family’s Holocaust story during a mandatory racial awareness training session. (Link to full story).

2/21/2021 - Uzra Zeya, President Joe Biden’s nominee for a top State Department position, played a key role in assembling a book on the nefarious influence of the “Israel lobby” while working for an organization that promoted claims about Jewish media control and dual loyalty to Israel. As a staffer at the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, she compiled research for a book that argues that “the Israel lobby has subverted the American political process to take control of U.S. Middle East policy”. (Link to full story).

2/20/2021 - Police in Davie are investigating after a shopping plaza was targeted by a vandal who spray-painted anti-Semitic slurs. According to a 7News viewer, the vandal defaced a Chase bank sign at the University Plaza, located off University Drive and Miramar Parkway, most likely early Saturday morning. The viewer said other businesses and areas of the plaza also vandalized with offensive messages, including a box truck, a Fresh Kitchen restaurant and the University Plaza sign. (Link to full story).

2/19/2021 - The controversial French comedian Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala was convicted by the Paris Court of Appeals to pay a fine of 9,000 euros for complicity in an antisemitic insult after the publication of a video and a song entitled "C'est mon choaaa," French media reported on Thursday. In case of non-payment, the sentence could be turned into a ten-month imprisonment. (Link to full story).

2/19/2021 -  In a spate of anti-Semitic incidents in Western Europe, a swastika was carved into the door of a Swiss synagogue and a Jewish lawmaker in France received hate mail telling her to “get ready for the camps.” Yaël Braun-Pivet, a Jewish lawmaker of the LREM centrist party of President Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday shared on Twitter an anti-Semitic hate mail that she received in her private email. (Link to full story).

2/18/2021 - Police have arrested a self-identifying neo-Nazi who is suspected of defacing Temple Beth Shalom on Spokane's South Hill earlier this month. Raymond Bryant, 44, was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of malicious harassment and malicious mischief, both class C felonies. Police responded to a call at the synagogue on East 30th Avenue on the morning of Feb. 8 after graffiti was reported on one side of the building and on the Holocaust memorial there. (Link to full story).

2/18/2021 - The NYPD is investigating a hate crime incident in Rego Park after anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered at a Jewish house of worship Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 17. Investigators from the 112th Precinct and the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Unit are viewing surveillance video of a suspect scrawling a swastika on a private property sign on the steps of the Rego Park Jewish Center. (Link to full story).

2/18/2021 - In the third incident motivated by antisemitism in Switzerland this month, anti-Jewish symbols and slogans, including "Sieg Heil" and "Juden Pack," were found engraved on the door of the Bienne Synagogue in the city of Biel on Thursday. Authorities are investigating the situation.  In a statement announcing plans to file a criminal complaint, the WJC-affiliated Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG-FSCI) described the incident as “a massive desecration of the synagogue and a grave antisemitic incident.” (Link to full story).

2/18/2021 - A swastika is carved into the doorframe of a Jewish student’s house in the Dutch city of Maastricht and the mezuzah is torn off. The Maastricht University student discovers the damage to his mezuzah, an object containing scripture on parchment that Jews affix to their doorframes, and makes a police complaint, the Netherlands chapter of the StandWithUs pro-Israel group writes in a statement. (Link to full story).

2/16/2021 - A Temple Beth-El virtual Torah study event was interrupted by anti-Semitic intruders on Saturday morning, according to temple officials. A joint statement from temple President Gary Slobin and Executive Director Stuart Botwinick said several unknown people logged onto the Shabbat Torah study Zoom event and proceeded to “post offensive material and speak words of hate.” The event was promptly ended, according to the statement, and the police were contacted to investigate. (Link to full story).

2/16/2021 - Jewish students have demanded action from Bristol University after one of its professors called for ‘“an end” to Zionism and attacked the university’s Jewish Society. Sociology professor David Miller’s remarks are the latest in a string of incidents which have seen formal complaints by Jewish community groups and students lodged with the university. (Link to full story).

2/15/2021 - Jewish leaders in Spain are calling for an investigation after a far-right event in Madrid featured anti-Semitic speeches and a Nazi salute. About 300 people attended the event held near a cemetery in the Spanish capital where veterans who fought alongside Hitler’s troops are buried. In one speech, a young woman was filmed saying: “Our duty is to fight for Spain and Europe now weakened by the enemy, which remains the same but wears many masks: the Jew.” (Link to full story).

2/15/2021 - A modest crowd of around 100 people gathered in Paris on Sunday afternoon to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Ilan Halimi, a young French Jew, at the hands of an antisemitic criminal gang in 2006. (Link to full story).

2/14/2021 - In Khmelnytsky, Ukrain, two swastikas were applied with a stencil under a memorial plaque erected on the site of the Jewish ghetto. In Proskurov (Khmelnytsky's name before renaming) in 1941-1942, 16,000 Jews were exterminated. To honor their memory, the Khmelnytsky City Council together with the Khmelnytsky Hesed Besht Charitable Foundation unveiled a memorial sign on the site of the Proskuriv Jewish ghetto. It took place on January 27 this year, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. (Link to full story).

2/13/2021 - A woman on a London bus punched an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor and her son, a rabbi. The February 9 incident was reported Friday by the Jewish News of London based on accounts by the Shomrim community protection organization and the Campaign Against Antisemitism watchdog group. Witnesses said the woman told the alleged victims, “I hate you Jews. It’s not your place. You took our money,” before striking them. (Link to full story).

2/12/2021 - A southwest Miami-Dade fire rescue station was renamed in honor of the first responder heroes killed that day, and Friday morning they found someone had scribbled hate in front of a statue right out front. Spraypainted just inches from a memorial to those lost on Sept. 11, 2001 were the words “Jews did this.” The statue itself is made from a piece of steel beam from the twin towers. (Link to full story).

2/12/2021 - Three Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resolutions were defeated at Florida State University (FSU) earlier this week following a concerted effort by pro-Israel organizations, including StandWithUS, the Jewish Student Union, Noles for Israel, CUFI, and Mishelanu, according to a press release from the former. The resolutions were tabled by the Student Senate President Ahmad Daraldik at FSU, who allegedly has been known for making antisemitic statements, which led to his removal and later reinstatement as senator. (Link to full story).

2/12/2021 - Police are protecting the head of Argentina’s largest umbrella Jewish group after an anti-Semitic letter urging him to leave the country was sent to his office. It’s not the first time that Jorge Knoblovits has received anti-Semitic messages as head of the Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations, or DAIA. But DAIA security recommended that he ask police for assistance in response to this letter. (Link to full story).

2/12/2021 - Antisemitic flyers were found Wednesday on a tram in Cologne, Germany, blaming Jews for the ongoing pandemic. The black-and-white flyer reads: “Do we really have a Corona problem? Or do we have a Jewish problem?” with a Star of David in the background next to the names of three prominent German politicians. (Link to full story).

2/12/2021 - The Guardian columnist Nathan J. Robinson was fired after criticizing US policy on Israel, or spreading antisemitic fake news on Twitter – it depends on who you ask. The tweet originally published by Robinson in late December last year read: “Did you know that the US Congress is not actually permitted to authorize any new spending unless a portion of it is directed toward buying weapons for Israel? It’s the law.” (Link to full story).

2/12/2021 - The "To Live and Not Forget" Holocaust memorial in the Armenian city of Yerevan was desecrated with paint sprayed all over the Hebrew writings. The memorial was built to honor both the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide victims and consists of two primary pillars, with “To Live and Not Forget: To the Memory of the Victims of the Genocides of the Armenian and Jewish Peoples” written in Armenian on the right pillar and Hebrew on the left pillar. (Link to full story).

2/12/2021 - Germany registered another spike in the number of antisemitic hate crimes committed during 2020, with conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic spurring much of the venom directed at the Jewish community. According to German federal government figures released on Thursday, at least 2,275 crimes with an antisemitic background were logged over a 12-month period ending in January 2021. Some 55 of those outrages were acts of violence. (Link to full story).

2/11/2021 - A leader of Portugal’s 1974 revolution is being criticized after he posted anti-Semitic tweets earlier this week about the COVID-19 vaccine. The criticism comes just days after a contestant in a Portuguese TV show was kicked off the air for making Nazi salutes. According to a translation posted by StandWithUs, Rodrigo Sousa Castro tweeted on Feb. 7 that “the Jews, as they dominate global finance, they bought and have all the vaccines they wanted. It’s a kind of historical revenge. And I won’t say more until the Zionist bulldogs jump.” (Link to full story).

2/11/2021 - aintenance worker at Temple Beth Torah, a Reform synagogue in Fremont, discovered a swastika etched on the outside of the building on Wednesday. The swastika appeared to have been drawn in black marker or thick pen onto a stucco wall. It measured about 5 square inches, the synagogue reported in an email to congregants. (Link to full story).

2/11/2021 - Twitter “cannot predict” what, if any, action will be taken against world leaders who call for the genocide of the Jewish people on its platform, a Twitter representative told a special Knesset committee hearing Wednesday. (Link to full story)

2/11/2021 - Iranian state textbooks were found to be full of antisemitic and anti-American content in a new report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released on Thursday. In the first report of its kind in the past five years, ADL examined Iranian textbooks, with a focus on documenting antisemitism, incitement to violence and the promotion of hate. (Link to full story).

2/10/2021 - A 'scumbag' hurled disgusting anti-Semitic abuse at a cowering Jewish couple on a London bus. The shocking incident took place after the unidentified man boarded the bus in Stamford Hill on Monday, and allegedly became angry when he was held up by the victim's stroller. Footage captures the man shouting 'I will batter the f**k out of them. This is our f***ing country. I'm a f***ing Englishman, go back to your own f***ing damn country' at the couple. (Link to full story).

2/10/2021 - Police arrested a man suspected of causing widespread damage by smashing windows and other glass surfaces at a Jewish school in Vienna early Sunday using an iron rod, a spokesman said. The man’s motive was not immediately clear. He was refusing to answer questions, police spokesman Herbert Hutter said. (Link to full story).

2/10/2021 - The University of California, Irvine (UCI) student government passed legislation on Tuesday night divesting from companies that work with Israel, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, 4M and Ford, among others. (Link to full story).b   

2/9/2021 - Police in Spokane, Washington are investigating a hate crime after swastikas were daubed on a synagogue in the city’s South Hill neighborhood on Monday morning. Spokane police spokesperson John O’Brien said the Temple Beth Shalom reported the antisemitic graffiti at 9:20 a.m. on Monday. When officers arrived at the building, they found one side of it, along with a Holocaust memorial, vandalized. (Link to full story).

2/9/2021 - Marc Lamont Hill, an American academic and activist who has previously drawn fire for advocating the eradication of Israel, told a virtual discussion hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) that the Black Lives Matter movement supports the “dismantling of the Zionist project.” In 2018, Hill was fired by CNN, where he had been a featured commentator, after he was filmed calling for freeing Palestine “from the river to the sea,” a pro-Palestinian slogan used as a euphemism for destroying Israel and replacing it with an Arab state. (Link to full story).

2/9/2021 - Temple Beth Shalom was vandalized Monday morning, spray painted with swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti. Spokane Police are working to identify the suspect — a white man was captured on surveillance on the side of the building that was defaced. He was wearing blue jeans, black boots, a dark hooded jacket, a dark beanie, black gloves and a red mask with sunglasses. (Link to full story).

2/9/2021 - Police handled a Jan. 25 report of several men trolling a virtual service for Congregation Gesher Ltorah with anti-Semitic remarks and obscene photos. The Jewish synagogue in Alpharetta held a Zoom meeting Jan. 23, and five to seven men wrote disparaging and profane comments about Jews in the meeting’s chat feed during the service. The men also left sexually explicit remarks and attached a lurid photo to the feed. (Link to full story).

2/8/2021 - German prosecutors have charged a 100-year-old German man with being an accessory to 3,518 murders committed while he was allegedly a guard at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp during the latter half of World War Two. According to NDR public television, the suspect, who today lives in the northeastern state of Brandenburg, is accused of making a "material and intentional" contribution to the killings at the camp, where 100,000 died. (Link to full story).

2/8/2021 - The Conference of Jewish Affairs slammed Congressman Andy Levin after the Democrat from Michigan linked the fight against anti-Semitism to Palestinian rights. CJA spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero called Levin’s comments “breathtakingly absurd” after the representative appeared on webinar February 1 where he said anti-Semitism can’t be truly beaten until “Palestinian human rights are respected.” (Link to full story).

2/8/2021 - Police in California are investigating after a Jewish fraternity at the California Polytechnic State University reported finding swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti painted outside its house. The symbols were scrawled in front of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house in California’s San Luis Obispo County on Friday night, campus authorities said. (Link to full story).

2/5/2021 - The editor of a website devoted to Jewish life in Poland was questioned by Polish police, following an anonymous complaint about an article she wrote about Polish complicity with the Nazi persecution of the country’s 3 million Jews during World War II. Katarzyna Markusz, a journalist and academic who runs the website Jewish.pl, was questioned by officers at the police station in Sokołów Podlaski where she lives, the news outlet Oko.press reported on Friday. (Link to full story).

2/5/2021 - London police have detained the older brother of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in connection with a flyer that draws parallels between Britain’s COVID-19 response and the Holocaust. Piers Corbyn, 73, was held Tuesday on suspicion of malicious communications and public nuisance, the Jewish Chronicle of London reported, citing police sources. (Link to full sory).

2/4/2021 - The Israel Advocacy Movement exposed Spotify for hosting of music by so-called artists who call for the annihilation of the Jewish people. An investigation uncovered serious anti-Semitism, not only from neo-Nazi bands, but also from some of the world’s most popular artists, including Kanye West, Jay Z and Cardi B. And Jews aren’t the only targets of hate and racism on Spotify. (Link to full story).

2/4/2021 - A program host on a Norwegian state-owned radio station embarked on an anti-Semitic tirade in the middle of his broadcast, telling listeners that the success of the COVID-19 vaccine in Israel made him “almost wish” that it had failed. Shaun Henrik Matheson, who hosts a morning show on NRK P13, part of Norway’s state-owned broadcasting network, regaled his audience with a commentary bemoaning Israel’s success in vaccinating its population against the COVID-19 pandemic. (Link to full story)

2/4/2021 - London police have laid charges in connection with an investigation into anti-Semitic graffiti at six businesses in the downtown core. “The type of damage included anti-Semitic symbols as well as other images and writings,” police say. Police obtained video surveillance of the area and were able to identify a suspect, who was arrested just before 6 p.m. Wednesday. (Link to full story).

2/4/2021 - An anti-Semitic video posted by a Quebec teen on TikTok is sparking anger in Montreal’s Jewish community. “I was speechless. That hit home for me,” said Lauren Lieberman, a Jewish woman from Montreal. “I think enough is enough. Jewish people are targeted every single day and everyone is silent about it.” (Link to full story).

2/4/2021 - An ex-member of Florida’s Miami-Dade Police Department was captured on video hurling vile anti-Semitic abuse at a motorist. “Move your fucking car, you stupid Jew,” the woman, identified by local media as Leslie Socolov, shouts at someone inside a parked SUV, according to footage posted to Twitter by StopAntisemitism.org. (Link to full story).

2/3/2021 - Police are searching for a man who drew a swastika in the snow in front of an Upper East Side synagogue on Tuesday, an act captured on surveillance video. Around 8:19 a.m. Tuesday, the unidentified man approached the Temple Emanu-El, on Fifth Avenue and East 65th Street. Video shows the man walking up to the synagogue's doors, then descending the steps, bending down and using his finger to carve the symbol into the fresh snow. (Link to full story).      

 2/3/2021 - Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency tweeted a list of Jews in the new Biden administration and marked them with an Israeli flag in an antisemitic post that builds on a series of articles and outbursts by commentators in Turkey targeting American Jews. (Link to full story).

2/2/2021 - The leading bishops of the Catholic Church in France published an emotional declaration against antisemitism on Monday, emphasizing that the “importance of the Jewish roots of Christianity must be recalled now more than ever.” The declaration, signed by Monseigneur Éric de Moulins-Beaufort, president of the Conference of Bishops of France, and four of his senior colleagues, was unveiled at a short ceremony on Monday in the presence of French Jewish leaders. (Link to full story).

2/2/2021 - Since last week, the anti-Zionist group Jewish Voice For Peace has circulated a petition opposing any change to Facebook’s policy on allowing use of the word Zionist. Its signers include an array of prominent voices such as Michael Chabon, Peter Gabriel, Wallace Shawn, Noam Chomsky and Linda Sarsour. (Link to full story).

2/2/2021 - A kindergarten teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, was fired from his job on Monday following the discovery of antisemitic tweet that he posted over the weekend. Jarrin Wooten, a teacher at Sugar Creek, a K-12 charter school in northeast Charlotte, posted the tweet defending Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on Sunday. (Link to full story).

2/1/2021 - Switzerland’s Jewish community is taking legal action against a far right political grouping for publishing the antisemitic hoax, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The latest edition of the “Protocols”, first fabricated more than a century ago by the secret police in Tsarist Russia, was published by the Swiss Nationalist Party (PNOS), a far right grouping that is active mainly in the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland. (Link to full story).

1/31/2021 - Yad Vashem has called the current trial of two Holocaust historians in Poland an attack on free and open research and said such legal pressure was “unacceptable.” Prof. Barbara Engelking, founder and Director of the Polish Center of Holocaust Research, and Prof. Jan Grabowski, a Polish-Canadian historian of the Holocaust at the University of Ottawa were sued for libel last year in a civil court under Poland’s notorious law allowing for civil suits against anyone claiming that “the Polish Nation or the Republic of Poland is responsible or co-responsible for Nazi crimes committed by the Third Reich.” (Link to full story).

1/31/2021 - The United States' Committee for the Preservation of Heritage Abroad, led by Chairman Paul Packer, has condemned comments made by Lithuanian Seimas member Valdas Rakutis, after he claimed that Jews had a hand in the perpetration of the Holocaust.  During a speech on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, Rakutis said that “There was no shortage of Holocaust perpetrators among the Jews themselves, especially in the ghetto self-government structures,” implying that Jews (likely a reference for Kapos) were responsible for the Holocaust themselves. (Link to full story).

1/29/2021 - Among the many posts being unearthed amid renewed scrutiny of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s social media history is one in which the new congresswoman implicated “Rothschild Inc” in connection with a deadly forest fire that, she wrote, was started using secret laser beams from space. Greene, a freshman Republican from Georgia who made waves during the campaign for her promotion of the QAnon conspiracy theory. (Link to full story).

1/28/2021 - In an unusual move, the US ambassador to Lithuania accused a local senior lawmaker of distorting the history of the Holocaust and blaming Jews for it. Robert Gilchrist, who took up the post in February last year, made the accusation following a speech Wednesday by Valdas Rakutis, a member of the Seimas, Lithuania’s parliament, and chairman of its commission on historical memory. (Link to full story).

1/28/2021 - Three right-wing opposition councillors in a town near Genoa in northern Italy repeatedly made 'Roman' Fascist salutes during a session on Holocaust Remembrance Day, according to the leftwing mayor of Cogoleto, Paolo Bruzzone. The "serious" act, a "gesture belonging to fascist symbolism," was committed "repeatedly," Bruzzone wrote on his Facebook page, saying that he was "convinced that what happened yesterday cannot and should not go unnoticed. (Link to full story).

1/28/2021 - In St. Petersburg, on the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, a scandal erupted over the words of the scientist Vladimir Matveev  who spoke at the organized by the Leningrad Regional Institute for the Development of Education for teachers. For an hour and a half mister Matveev tried to convince the audience that the Holocaust was a Zionist invention. One of the slides of the presentation says, for example, “The Holocaust is a positive phenomenon”. (Link to full story).

1/28/2021 - Police in the Belgian city of Antwerp reportedly arrested a man on Wednesday night for physically assaulting a 13-year-old Haredi Jewish boy outside his home. The assailant approached the boy on the corner of the Belgiëlei and Haringrodestraat streets in Antwerp, the Orthodox journal Hamodia reported. The paper said that the boy screamed when the assailant grabbed him by the throat, causing his father to immediately rush outside. At that point, members of the Antwerp Shmira  Jewish community response team “engaged the attacker and neutralized him, restraining him until police arrived,” Hamodia said. (Link to full story).

 1/27/2021 - Just in time for International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, the Palestinian ‎Authority (PA) stressed and repeated its anti-Semitic views on Jews. In a program on official ‎PA TV, the host taught viewers that the Holocaust was the price the Jews paid for their ‎evil behavior – their “conspiracies and wickedness”: ‎(Link to full story).

1/27/2021 - Vandals painted graffiti on France’s Holocaust Memorial ahead of international commemorations of the Nazi slaughter of millions of Jews. The Israeli embassy expressed “horror and anger” at the vandalism “on such a symbolic day.” Paris police said the graffiti was discovered Wednesday morning, as ceremonies were being held or planned around the world to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. , which is observed on the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp on Jan. 27, 1945. (Link to full story).

1/27/2021 - Johns Hopkins University officials are investigating after four swastikas were found etched into the walls of a dormitory elevator on the Peabody Institute campus. The incident wasn’t just reported to campus security, but also to federal law enforcement as a possible hate crime. The university also launched its own investigation through its Office of Institutional Equity. (Link to full story).

1/26/2021 - A Jewish family in Argentina was physically attacked and verbally attacked with antisemitic epithets while driving to a vacation spot in the province of Cordoba. The family was traveling by car from La Falda to La Cumbre, a mountain destination 10 miles away in central Argentina where some Orthodox Jews go for summer holidays. The driver, who preferred to be identified just as Max C., was with his wife and their four sons, aged 11 to 17, as well as his wife’s 91-year-old grandmother and a 1-1/2-year-old baby. (Link to full story).

1/24/2021 - A prominent Canadian activist for the boycott of Israel is promoting the sale of Israeli wine, a B’nai Brith Canada investigation has revealed – but only because the winemaker is an Arab, rather than an Israeli Jew. “Palestine Just Trade,” a federally-incorporated not-for-profit, has been encouraging Canadians to purchase products from the Ashkar Winery throughout 2020. (Link to full story).

1/24/2021 - Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Ministry has predicted a steep rise in anti-Semitic incidents around the world in 2021, warning in an annual report released Sunday that the coronavirus pandemic is being used, by Iran, among others, to spread conspiracy theories that say Jews caused the outbreak in order to profit financially from the ensuing chaos. (Link to full story).

1/24/2021 - Organizers of Belgium’s Aalst carnival have defended the mocking of Jews there as a good-natured satire at a counterculture parade that takes swipes at people of all faiths and races. But according to a recent complaint submitted to the country’s anti-racism watchdog, the man heading the event in Aalst has made classical antisemitic remarks on Facebook, the Het Laatste Nieuws daily of Antwerp reported Thursday. (Link to full story).

1/23/2021 - Abbas Ghassemi, a chemical engineering professor at the University of California Merced, will not be teaching in the spring semester at the school, after outrage last month over his anti-Semitic social media posts, the Merced Sun-Star reported Friday. The Twitter posts, exposed in Dec. 2020 by the Jewish News of Northern California, led to calls for Ghassemi’s firing and prompted an inquiry by the school, which has not yet commented on his employment status. (Linl to full story).

1/22/2021 - A 22-year-old neo-Nazi who was inspired by US white suprematist groups and Hitler's SS guards was arrested Friday on terrorism charges, Italian police said. The man has been charged with terrorist association and incitement to commit racist and anti-Semitic attacks, also through the spread of propaganda, a statement said. "Along with others, he created a Nazi group called 'New Social Order' that aimed to recruit other volunteers and to plan extreme and violent actions," police said. (Link to full story).

1/22/2021 - Tunisian President Kais Saied has denied claims that he made anti-Semitic remarks this week while trying to calm youths after days of unrest. Saied's statement was in response to allegations by the Conference of European Rabbis that he accused Jews of being responsible "for the instability of the country." The CER statement, issued Tuesday, said such talk "constitutes an immediate threat for the physical and moral integrity of Tunisian Jewish Citizens." The organization asked the head of state to retract his words. (Link to full story).

1/20/2021 - Someone painted two swastikas on the door of a Jewish temple in Morgan Hill, and police are investigating the vandalism as a hate crime, according to authorities. The graffiti at Congregation Emeth, on the 17800 block of Monterey Road, was reported to the Morgan Hill Police Department at about 5pm on Jan. 16, authorities say. “Unknown suspect(s) painted what appeared to be two swastikas on a basement door,” MHPD Sgt. Bill Norman said. Police have not identified or arrested a suspect. (Link to full story).

1/20/2021 - The US State Department severed all links with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) charity over antisemitism charges against the entity, the Washington Free Beacon reported Monday. The report cited a deputy antisemitism envoy as saying that the State Department is “conducting a full review of the organization and US government funding” due to suspected antisemitic views held by some of the IRW higher-ups. (Link to full story).

1/16/2021 - “Zoom bombers” in Italy crashed the online launch of a book about the Holocaust and shouted antisemitic abuse, including “Jews, we’ll burn you in ovens.” The Jan. 10 incident on the videoconferencing platform came during the presentation of a book titled “The Generation of the Desert” by Lia Tagliacozzo, a Jewish author who was born to Holocaust survivors, La Republica reported. (Link to full story).

1/15/2021 - Jewish community leaders in Belgium have expressed outrage at the publication of an official brochure that “glorifies” two collaborators with the Nazi occupation during World War II. The two collaborators, Auguste Borms and Staf De Clercq, were described by the Belgian newspaper De Standaard as “notorious Nazi sympathizers,” who were now being honored by Flemish parliamentarians for their role in “shaping the emancipation of language and people”. (Link to full story).

1/15/2021 - A Montreal synagogue that was attended by legendary poet and singer Leonard Cohen during his life was targeted by anti-Semitic vandals on Wednesday. A series of large swastikas were daubed in black paint on the doors of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, a 160-year-old Modern Orthodox synagogue that performed Cohen’s funeral when the performer passed away in 2016. (Link to full story).

1/13/2021 - A new study of educational materials used by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which serves Palestinian refugees, has found that the materials contain anti-Israel and antisemitic racism, encouragement of terrorism and jihad, and rejection of peace with the Jewish state. (Link to full story).

1/12/2021 - The grassroots Jewish civil rights movement "End Jew Hatred" blasted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s California home on Monday with audio recordings of Holocaust-denying Tweets which currently live on the tech billionaire’s platform. End Jew Hatred blames Twitter's CEO for his inaction when users on his platform spread harmful lies about the systematic murder of 6 million Jews. (Link to full story).

1/12/2021 - Several Israeli-affiliated restaurants were vandalized with "free Palestine" graffiti over the weekend in Portland, Oregon, local media reported.  The Portland Police Bureau is reportedly investigating three separate incidents of such restaurants being vandalized at around the same time. These include a vegan hummus restaurant from Israeli chef Tal Caspi called Aviv and two branches of Shalom Y'all. (Link to full story).

1/11/2021 - The wall of a Jewish cemetery near the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland was defaced with swastikas and other Nazi symbols over the weekend, prompting local officials to condemn the vandalism and promise to crack down on those responsible. Janusz Chwierut, the mayor of Oświęcim, as the town is known in Polish, on Sunday condemned the “fascist symbols” and called on local law enforcement to find and prosecute the perpetrators. (Link to full story).

1/10/2021 - From a “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt to swastika flags, hate symbols were on full display during the riot at the U.S. capitol last Wednesday. This wasn’t the first time anti-Semites joined election protests, with a hatemonger donning a T-shirt that said “6MWE” at a December 12 event protesting the U.S. election’s results. 6MWE stands for “six million wasn’t enough,” (Link to full story).

1/10/2021 - Following the collection of abuse hurled at Scotland's Celtic Israeli midfielder Nir Bitton during his tenure with the soccer club, Scottish Justice Minister Humza Yousaf issued a statement condemning the racism. (Linkt to full story).

1/9/2021 - A graduate researcher and teaching assistant (TA) at Johns Hopkins University's chemistry department has suggested penalizing Zionist students for being pro-Israel, according to a series of letters sent from StandWithUs to the university. Rasha Anayah, a graduate student in the chemistry department at the Baltimore school, defended what she called her fair treatment of students in response to the poll she posted on Twitter on Nov. 15, the Forward reported Thursday. (Link to full story).

1/9/2021 - A Confederate flag was discovered outside a Jewish museum in Lower Manhattan early Friday, prompting officials to condemn the hurtful stunt and call on the authorities to investigate. The flag, which has been adopted by far-right extremists, was tied overnight to the front door of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park, the museum said. (Link to full story).

1/8/2021 - The “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt worn by a neo-Nazi rioter storming the US Capitol is sold by a company with ties to the Big Apple, it was revealed Friday.  The sweatshirt with the phrase “work brings freedom” is for sale on the TeeHands website, which includes a Manhattan address on East 85th Street under the site’s “store information” section. (Link to full story).

1/8/2021 - An anti-Semitic flag was found in the Glendale area of Los Angeles on January 7. The Stop Antisemitism.org watchdog tweeted out a picture of the flag and described it as “an Israeli flag with blood and bones replacing the Star of David along with #COVID19.” According to Stop Antisemitism, the Glendale Police Department removed the flag. (Link to full story).

1/8/2021 - After Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine condemned the honoring of Nazi collaborators in the former Soviet republic, dozens of people rallied outside the Israeli Embassy in Kyiv demanding that Jews apologize for Soviet oppression. The far-right activists called on Israel and the Jews to assume responsibility specifically for Holodomor, a famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s and is widely believed to have been caused by the government of Joseph Stalin, then the leader of the Soviet Union. (Link to full story).

1/8/2021 - The storming of Capitol Hill on Wednesday afternoon by militant supporters of President Donald Trump featured several instances of anti-Semitic agitation, from a virulent Holocaust denier who helped ransack House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office to various individuals who displayed far-right and neo-Nazi slogans and symbols. (Link to full story).

 1/7/2021 - “We are more united than ever, nobody is going to break us, and nobody who has nothing to do with our province because they are like the Jews, out there they have no homeland and do not know where they are.”. This was the reprehensible anti-Semitic comment issued by the national deputy Pablo Ansaloni during a virtual chat in which he spoke about the representation of the rural workers union (UATRE). (Link to full story).

1/7/2021 - A pro-Trump protester confronted and harassed a reporter for the Israeli Channel 13 news during the riots at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on Wednesday. The protester, referred to as Marc, can be seen in a broadcast by the news channel asking the reporter why Israel "continues to take American aid," to which the reporter responded, "very good question," and stressed that he does not represent the country. (Link to full story).

1/6/2021 - A Nazi flag was spotted on Monday in the window of an apartment in the Coney Island of Brooklyn, New York, an area that is home to many Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans. The housing management company maintains it doesn’t have the power to order the tenant to take the “most vile symbol of hate down. (Link to ful story).

1/5/2021 - After down-to-the-wire negotiations, United Nations members have adopted a budget for 2021 that was higher than Secretary-General Antonio Guterres proposed and was strongly opposed by the Trump administration for including money to commemorate the outcome of a 2001 conference in South Africa that it called anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. (Link to full story).

1/5/2021 - A French imam is to be prosecuted for racial hatred over a sermon he delivered in 2017 calling for Muslims to “fight the Jews.” Algerian-born Mohamed Tatai was indicted at the end of 2018 for “public verbal provocation to hatred or violence” following an investigation into the sermon, which he gave at the En Nourr mosque in the Empalot district of the city of Toulouse in December 2017. (Link to full story).

1/4/2021 - Celtic Football Club’s Israeli midfield player Nir Bitton has been subjected to vicious antisemitic abuse after fans  rounded on him following the club’s defeat to rivals Rangers. The 29-year-old  was branded a “dirty Jew bastard” and a “Zionist rat” in social media posts after Sunday’s Old Firm derby clash. (Link to full story).

1/4/2021 - Major media outlets are playing a role in promoting the lie that Israel is somehow barring Palestinians from getting vaccinated against coronavirus. In March, the Anti-Defamation League published an article on its website called “Coronavirus crisis elevates antisemitic, racist tropes.” (Link to full story).

1/4/2021 - Hundreds of people marched bearing torches in the capital city of Ukraine Friday in an annual tribute to a leader who collaborated with Nazi Germany. Israel’s ambassador condemned the torchlight march Friday in Kyiv in memory of Stepan Bandera, issuing the strongest rebuke yet by an Israeli official of the event, which has grown in scope amid rising nationalism in Ukraine. (Link to full story).

1/3/2021 - A white supremacist group distributed anti-Semitic fliers alleging “Antifa is a Jewish communist militia” on Staten Island over the weekend. The background of the flier depicts the Star of David and includes false claims that “The original Antifa was a Jewish anti-Nazi militia… There is a war against all non-Jewish European-American nationalists.” (Link to full story)

12/31/2020 - A French court this week convicted a 33-year-old man for an attempted assault last September on a Jewish TV presenter at the Paris studio where she works. The court in Nanterre, near Paris, gave a two month suspended sentence to the assailant, named in French news outlets as Samir E. He was convicted for leveling insults and death threats at the presenter, Valerie Benaim, including telling her that he had come “to do battle with the Jews.” (Link to full story).

12/31/2020 - New York City police released footage on Wednesday of a man suspected of vandalizing four Brooklyn synagogues last weekend. In a video published by PIX11 News, the man is seen vandalizing the Young Israel of Midwood, one of a string of similar incidents that took place on Saturday night. The other three synagogues targeted were Kahal Darkei Noam, Khal Toras Chaim D’Flatbush and Knesses Bais Avigdor. (Link to full story).

12/31/2020 - A study has found that anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias is systematically infecting the popular online Wikipedia encyclopedia and fake and misleading information is not only being quoted from Wikipedia, it’s finding its way into the education system. British blogger and independent researcher David Collier did an in depth study of the material relating to Jews and Israel and had the blunt conclusion about the 13th most visited website in the world: “Wikipedia is an anti-Semitic website.” (Link to full story).

12/28/2020 - The BBC is at it again, pushing Palestinian propaganda that Jesus was one of them, rather than a Jewish resident of the territory that was known historically as Judea. The BBC World Service radio program “Heart and Soul,” aired initially on December 18th and available for listening online, was hosted by British theology professor Robert Beckford. Beckford interviewed several people, including one who correctly says that Jesus was a Jewish Judean, but concluded the show by switching back to the Palestinian narrative. (Link to full story).

12/28/2020 - Online seller VOVA removed a Hitler hoodie after complaints. The product, which featured an image of Adolph Hitler, was labeled “Casual Adolf Hitler Funny Graphic Hoodies New Fashion for Men.” (Link to full story).

12/27/2020 - Israeli model Yael Shelbia was named 2020’s most beautiful woman in the world, gaining plaudits for her looks, but also some nasty anti-Israel comments on her Instagram account and the YouTube. The YouTube video announcing the list has already received 1.3 million views and over 27 thousand comments, including some derogatory insults owing to Shelbia being Jewish and Israeli. (Link to full story).

12/27/2020 - A Tunisian musician who collaborated with an Israeli singer on a song promoting religious tolerance between Muslims and Jews has faced serious backlash, including reportedly being fired from his job at a state broadcaster and death threats on social media. The song “Peace Between Neighbors,” released last week, was performed by Israeli Ziv Yehezkel, a religious Mizrahi Jew who sings primarily in Arabic, and Tunisian music producer and composer Noamane Chaari. (Link to full story).

12/27/2020 - A knife wielding man chasing a Jewish girl in Crown Heights Sunday morning was stopped thanks to the intervention of a Crown Heights hero. The incident unfolded at approximately 10:00am on Schenectady Ave when two Jewish men saw a man, described as an African American male wearing a red jacket, chasing a Jewish girl. One of the Jewish men began yelling at knife wielding male, diverting his attention and allowing the girl to escape. (Link to full story).

12/25/2020 - Graffiti reading “good Jew dead Jew’ and “murdering Jews we will hang you” were written on the gate of a Jewish cemetery near Madrid, Spain. The graffiti, featuring spelling mistakes in Spanish and some German-language words, were spray-painted in Hoyo de Manzanares, a northern suburb of the capital, on Wednesday night. (Link to full story).

12/25/2020 - The vandalism had occurred the previous Friday when Takoma Park, MD Police were called to a vehicle which had a swastika spray painted on the back of it, as mentioned. The investigation is looking into the incident as a hate crime, according to a report by Source of the Spring, a local news agency. (Link to full story).

12/25/2020 - Vandals struck a synagogue gate in Bulgaria. The words “Free Palestine Israel=Nazis Antifa Bulgaria” were spray-painted Wednesday on the gate to the synagogue of Plovdiv, a city situated about 100 miles southeast of Sofia the capital, the Jewish organization Shalom wrote on Facebook. (Link to full story).

12/25/2020 - In Halle, Germany a Plexiglas panel on the monument of the shooting was smashed. The vandals also tried to set fire to a flag of Israel under the Plexiglas, the Jewish Community of Halle wrote Tuesday on Facebook. (Link to full story).

12/24/2020 - The University of California Merced’s School of Engineering was on Wednesday sticking by one of its top professors despite a viciously antisemitic and anti-Zionist Twitter account that he maintained for nearly two years having come to light. A spokesperson for the school said that its faculty member, Abbas Ghassemi, a professor emeritus in its engineering department, had operated the account as a private individual. (Link to full story).

12/24/2020 - A British neo-Nazi has been sentenced to a jail term of four years and two months for encouraging terrorism against Jews, the LGBT+ community and non-white minorities. Luke Hunter, 23, was  convicted at the Crown Court in the northern English city of Leeds on Tuesday after admitting seven charges of promoting terrorism and circulating material from terrorist publications. (Link to full story).

12/22/2020 - Ukraine Airlines will compensate a couple of passengers with NIS 5,000 after its representatives allegedly voiced antisemitic remarks and prevented them from boarding a flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv last year, Globes reported.  According to the lawsuit that was submitted to the Small Claims Court in Rishon LeZion, Ukraine Airlines employees humiliated the passengers publically and delayed their luggage, resulting in them missing the flight. (Link to full story).

12/21/2020 - When Miss France contestant April Benayoum was asked a question about her background during Sunday’s competition, she had no idea her answer would lead to a barrage of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel abuse. Benayoum, who was crowned Miss Provence earlier this year, told the judges, “My mother is Serbo-Croat, my father Israeli. This gave me a passion for geography and learning about other cultures.” (Link to full story).

12/21/2020 - Two men spray painted a swastika onto a Brooklyn yeshiva last weekend in an apparent hate crime, authorities said Saturday as they released surveillance video of the incident. The antisemitic image, along with the men’s tags, or graffiti signatures, were found on the side of Mesilas Bias Yaakov in the South Slope neighborhood last Sunday. (Link to full story).

12/21/2020 - On December 9, in Belgium, four men who took control of a train’s public address system to threaten a bombing of the vehicle between the cities of Antwerp and Mechelen, unless the "cancer Jews to get off the train". “Attention, attention,” the men said in Flemish, “the cancer Jews need to leave the train now or we’ll blow you all up,” witnesses said. (Link to full story).

12/21/2020 - Tufts University issued a denunciation on Monday of a student government resolution passed last weekend that blamed Israel for US police violence against minorities. The  Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter at the Massachusetts institution was responsible for getting the initiative, which called for the “demilitarization” of the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD), on a Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate special election ballot. (Link to full story).

12/21/2020 - The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), an organization representing over 1,500 traditional rabbis, released a letter Friday sent to the Warnock for Senate campaign and the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) last week, denouncing anti-Semitic rhetoric from Georgia Democratic Senate runoff candidate Raphael Warnock and challenging the JDCA’s “partisan” and “irresponsible” defense of his statements. (Link to full story).

12/18/2020 - French police arrested four individuals on Friday in connection with an “incredibly violent” assault on a Jewish family who were traveling in their car in a Paris suburb the previous evening. In another example of the brazen and potentially-lethal antisemitic attacks endured by French Jews over the last decade, Thursday night’s incident began with the unsuspecting Jewish family sitting in their car, where they sang and listened to songs and messages celebrating the festival of Hanukkah. (Link to full story).

12/18/2020 - A public menorah at Dartmouth College was shot with a pellet gun, in the latest antisemitic incident during the holiday of Hanukkah. Rabbi Moshe Gray, who runs the campus Chabad center with his wife Chani, said he discovered the vandalism on Wednesday evening, as he prepared to turn on the menorah’s electric lights for the holiday’s seventh night. Holes from a pellet gun had broken seven of the menorah’s nine lights. (Link to full story)

12/17/2020 - A court in Paris has convicted one man of being accessory to murder in the 2015 jihadist terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and the Hyper Cacher kosher store. In addition to Ali Riza Polat, a 35-year-old French citizen of Turkish descent, three others on trial since September for the attacks were convicted Wednesday of the lesser offense of being a part of a terrorist enterprise. Polat was sentenced to 30 years behind bars. (Link to full story).

12/16/2020 - Anti-Semitic graffiti was scrawled across a fence in Forest Hills last night– alarming elected officials and residents. The hateful graffiti was plastered across a garden fence outside a house on the Grand Central Parkway Service road between 68th Road and 68th Drive, according to Assembly Member Dan Rosenthal. The scrawl reads: “F***ing Jewish b***hes in the ***hole is the best.” Five panels of the white fence were sprayed with black paint, according to Rosenthal who condemned the incident. (Link to full story).

12/16/2020 - Parents and students at a Jewish school in Long Island, New York, were left deeply shaken on Monday after hackers using the name “K-ke Slayer” defaced the institution’s website with Nazi imagery and anti-Semitic invective. Shortly after 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon, visitors to the website of the Great Neck North Shore Hebrew Academy High School were bombarded with “Nazi songs, imagery and messages,” according to the online watchdog StopAntisemitism.org, which monitored and recorded the hack in real time. (Link to full story).

12/15/2020 - Police in Miami, Florida, have arrested a 39-year-old man who is suspected of showering a Jewish man and his son with anti-Semitic abuse while they were walking in the city on Sunday. Lamont Collins from Kentucky was arrested on Monday on charges that included assault. He was being held in Miami-Dade’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $3,500 bond. (Link to full story).

12/15/2020 - Pressure is mounting for newly elected New Hampshire state representative Dawn Johnson to resign after the Republican politician shared a racist and anti-Semitic meme on her social media about “riggers and Jews” that appeared to reference conspiracy theories about the November presidential election. Last week, she posted on her Facebook and Twitter accounts content from the notorious neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, including an altered racist and anti-Semitic image. (Link to full story).

12/15/2020 -While Jewish communities worldwide are celebrating Hanukkah, the small community in China must do so in secret as Beijing works to crack down on foreign influences and unapproved religions in the country, The Telegraph reported. The community in China is very miniscule, consisting of around 1,000 people of which experts say only 100 are actually practicing, and have lacked a rabbi for well over a century. However, it goes back over a thousand years, having settled in Kaifeng. (Link to full story)

12/14/2020 - Anti-Semitic images, slurs and songs were posted on the website of a Jewish school in Long Island on Monday in an apparent hack, video shows. The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School’s homepage was splattered with a Swastika and clip of marching Nazi SS guards, according to the footage posted on Twitter. (Link to ful story).

12/14/2020 - The Dutch government has announced the creation of a new post for a national coordinator to combat antisemitism in the Netherlands. Ferd Grapperhaus, the Dutch justice minister said on Sunday that the new post was part of an overall strengthening of the government’s official approach toward dealing with threats, discrimination and intimidation. (Link to full story).

12/14/2020 - A driver directed antisemitic language at people lighting the menorah outside Chabad of the Bluegrass, police told the local TV station. When someone from the community tried to urge the driver away, the driver accelerated, dragging the community member and running over his leg, according to a detailed account on Chabad of the Bluegrass’ Facebook page. (Link to full story).

12/14/2020 - A Ukrainian ultranationalist filmed himself toppling a Hanukkah menorah in downtown Kyiv while shouting about death to Jews. The man, identified by the Ukrainian media as Andrey Rachkov, a provocateur with a criminal record, is the subject of a police investigation after video of the vandalism emerged on Thursday, the Ukrainian news site Zik reported Saturday. (Link to full story).

12/13/2020 - The southern Austrian city of Graz has unveiled a plan to combat anti-Semitism in the wake of two alarming incidents targeting Jews last summer. On Aug. 19, the synagogue in Graz was daubed with the slogan “Free Palestine,” following which Jewish community President Elie Rosen warned of a rise in “left-wing and anti-Israel anti-Semitism.” (Link to full story).

12/11/2020 - Four passengers on a Belgian passenger train hijacked the intercom system and used it to announce anti-Semitic messages, Belgium’s VRT news agency reported Thursday. The incident occurred late Wednesday afternoon when four people were able to use the intercom of a train that was running between Antwerp and Mechelen, the report said. (Link to full story).

12/10/2020 - The sole Anne Frank memorial in the United States was vandalized with swastikas and threatening flyers on Tuesday, according to media reports. Located in Boise, Idaho, the memorial contains a life-size bronze statue of Frank holding her diary. Swastika stickers and flyers with the hate symbol and the words “we are everywhere” were placed on Frank’s diary and various places throughout the memorial. (Link to full story).

12/8/2020 - A group of faculty members at the City University of New York’s Kingsborough Community College (KCC) are suspected of purposely excluding an Orthodox Jewish colleague from a meeting by scheduling it on Shabbat, according to a New York Post report. (Link to full story).

11/30/2020 - A French court in Monday sentenced a man accused of assaulting a Jewish graffiti artist in the northeastern city of Strasbourg to six months in prison. The 38-year-old man was also ordered to pay damages of 500 euros to his victim and another 1,000 euros to the anti-racism organizations SOS Racisme and Licra. (Link to full story).

11/27/2020 - An unidentified woman stole the kippah of a rabbi whom she threatened with a knife on a street in the Austrian capital of Vienna, police said. The woman fled the scene of Thursday’s incident in Vienna’s 3rd district, the OE24 website reported. The assault happened after several minutes in which the woman shouted anti-Semitic slogans at the rabbi as multiple passersby looked away, he said. (Link to full story).

11/27/2020 - A Jewish man in the Australian city of Melbourne was reported to be in shock on Friday night after he was showered with antisemitic abuse by a couple he encountered in the street. The incident occurred in the Murrumbeena neighborhood. According to the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), an Australian Jewish advocacy group that monitors antisemitic incidents, the man was wearing headphones when he noticed the couple trying to get his attention. When he removed his headphones, the couple began yelling “Heil Hitler” and made Nazi salutes. (Link to full story).

11/27/2020 - Johannes Hübner, who was the foreign affairs spokesman for the Austrian Freedom Party (AFP) until 2017, has just been appointed to the Bundesrat, the equivalent to the Austrian Senate, the European Jewish Congress (EJC) reported on Wednesday.  In 2017, Hübner had initiated a run for the Austrian parliament.  He stopped when he was recorded at a far-right event making antisemitic comments. (Link to full story)

11/27/2020 - Amazon’s popular virtual assistant, Alexa, has been spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and lies about the Holocaust, according to a review by British politicians who called for a police investigation. (Link to full story)

11/25/2020 - A memorial to a former chief rabbi of France was the latest target on Monday of a campaign of antisemitic vandalism that has plagued the eastern French city of Mulhouse in recent weeks. An antisemitic slogan was discovered on the memorial to the late Rabbi Jacob Kaplan, who served as chief rabbi of France from 1955 until 1980. (Link to full story).

11/25/2020 - Echoing concerns among many that the coronavirus pandemic and resulting social upheaval were leading to an upsurge of Jew-hatred, the German government’s point man on the issue said on Tuesday that opponents of social-distancing measures were beginning to engage in antisemitic activities and Holocaust minimization. (Link to full story).

11/24/2020 - A German government official warned Tuesday that anti-Semitism is emerging as a common position among people protesting pandemic lockdown measures who otherwise come from widely differing political backgrounds. Felix Klein, who was appointed in 2018 to head the government’s efforts to combat anti-Semitism, said that hatred against Jews in Germany has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. (Link to full story).

11/24/2020 - Federal, county, and city authorities are investigating a potential hate crime in Columbus involving a couple living in the Olde Towne East Neighborhood. The couple tells ABC 6/FOX 28 News that on Nov. 7, the night Joe Biden was projected to win the presidency, a neighbor verbally attacked them with anti-semitic threats and insults. "He's tired of us liberals," said Kinney. "Horrible things about Hitler, it's no wonder Hitler burned our people, he knows we are Jewish." (Link to full story).

11/24/2020 - Dutch politician Thierry Baudet, the head of the Dutch Forum for Democracy Party, said on Monday that he would step down before the upcoming parliamentary election in March, after allegations of antisemitism among young party members were made public, Reuters reported. The offending comments were allegedly posted in a chat group of the party’s youth movement, according to the report. (Link to full story).

11/23/2020 - Democratic Congresswoman and BDS supporter Rashida Tlaib (MI) came under fire Monday for a tweet about president-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, that some have criticized as “anti-Semitic.” Tlaib replied to a tweet by Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, calling the pick a “solid choice.” She wrote, “So long as he doesn’t suppress my First Amendment right to speak out against Netanyahu’s racist and inhumane policies. The Palestinian people deserve equality and justice.” (Link to full story).

11/23/2020 - A notorious anti-Israel group is pushing a student referendum at Tufts University that promotes the discredited libel that the Jewish state trains US police forces to harm minorities. The Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter at the Massachusetts institution got the initiative, which calls for the “demilitarization” of the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD), on the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate special election ballot that will be sent out this week. (Link to full story).

11/22/2020 - A large concrete block shattered the windows of a synagogue in Essen, Germany, in what is being investigated as an antisemitic attack, the Hebrew website N12 reported.  A suspect was caught over the weekend on security footage throwing the block at the synagogue after being seen by Jewish community members wandering the area. (Link to full story).

11/21/2020 - After an announcement that US Congresswoman Rep. Rashida Tlaib will participate in a panel on antisemitism along with others previously accused of antisemitic or anti-Israel statements, event host Jewish Voice for Peace is drawing criticism for their selection of speakers. In addition to concerns over previous statements made by the participants, critics are concerned by the identity of the speakers, only one of whom is Jewish. (Link to full story).

11/21/2020 - A Paris Court of Appeal has confirmed the anti-Semitic nature of the murder of Mireille Knoll, a  85-year-old Holocaust survivor. She was found stabbed eleven times, the body partially charred, in her apartment in eastern Paris in 2018. Yacine Mihoub, 31, the son of a neighbor who had known the octogenarian since childhood, and Alex Carrimbacus, 24, an outcast with a psychiatric history, were quickly suspected for the murder. (Link to full story).

11/20/2020 - A man accused of spreading antisemitic coronavirus hoax material to “stir up racial hatred” has appeared at the Old Bailey wearing a Nazi armband. Matthew Henegan, 35, faces seven charges of publishing, distributing and possessing of material in March and April. He wore dark glasses, a hairband and a red swastika armband associated with Nazi Germany as he walked into the dock. (Link to full story).

11/20/2020 - Poland’s embassy in London was bitterly criticized by the country’s leading anti-racist NGO this week for promoting the legacy of an antisemitic politician who died in exile in the UK after World War II. During Poland’s period as an independent state between 1919 and 1939, Rafal Studnicki espoused antisemitic views similar to those of the Nazis in Germany. Deeming that Jews were “parasites on the healthy branch of the Polish tree,” Studnicki proposed the forced removal of 100,000 Polish Jews every year in a bid to bring about the “de-Judaization” of Poland. (Link to full story).

11/20/2020 - A California Redwood High School in Marin County that has been plagued by antisemitic activity was in the spotlight again on Friday after its principal revealed that students had been subjected to another wave of offensive social media posts, including Holocaust denial, homophobic epithets and threats of rape. (Link to full story).

11/19/2020 - According to Al-Qaeda’s Al-Khalusa magazine, as far as America’s relationship with the Muslim world is concerned, a Biden administration will differ from the Trump administration in tone only, not in substance. An article in the magazine’s Nov. 15 issue claims that the conflict between the United States and Islam is being directed by the “Zionist-Crusader alliance through their agents among Arab leaders and the Shi’ites, who are the donkeys of the Christians.” (Link to full story).

11/19/2020 - On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office announced that a Pennsylvania man pleaded no contest for vandalizing the Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills. Anton Nathaniel Redding, 25, entered the plea to one felony count of vandalism of religious property. Redding was sentenced to 220 days in county jail and 5 years of probation. He must also pay $166,604 in restitution and complete a 12-month residential treatment program. (Link to full story).

11/19/2020 - The student government at San Francisco State University passed a resolution on Wednesday calling on the school to divest from more than 100 companies that do business with Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The resolution passed with 17 votes in favor, one against and two abstentions, according to journalist Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler. (Link to full story).

11/18/2020 - Two large graffiti signs reading “Jewish lies matter” were found in the city of Brighton and Hove on England’s south coast on Tuesday. The signs appeared on the same day that former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was readmitted to his party following a recent suspension for downplaying the results of an investigation which found that Labour had mishandled complaints of antisemitism within the party under his leadership. (Link to full story).

11/18/2020 - The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel has updated its boycott criteria, now calling for boycotts against anyone involved in normalized ties with Israel. As published on the official BDS website by the BDS National Committee (BNC), its members and supporters are now called on to refrain from "displaying or promoting the works or products of those who their involvement in normalization practices are proven, until such involvement is ended in a convincing manner and in public, including a declaration of commitment to anti-normalization and cultural boycott.” (Link to full story).

11/18/2020 - The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), in coordination with the Jewish community, announced on Monday its commitment to address an alarming increase in anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist harassment and discrimination on its campus. (Link to full story).

11/17/2020 -  A new senior Pentagon adviser repeatedly said that U.S. support for Israel was due to money from the “Israeli lobby” and accused prominent political figures, including U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo , of getting “very, very rich” from their support for the Jewish state—echoing the anti-Semitic tropes of Israeli control of the U.S. government and Jewish money controlling politics and policy. (Link to full story).

11/17/2020 - Labour has readmitted former leader Jeremy Corbyn as a member following his suspension last month. He was punished after saying the scale of anti-Semitism in the party had been "overstated", in response to a damning report by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Mr Corbyn issued a statement earlier saying he regretted any "pain" caused. But current leader Sir Keir Starmer maintained Mr Corbyn's initial reaction to the report had been "wrong". (Link to full story).

11/16/2020 -  Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency recently published an article that claimed that Jews were responsible for a historic “Holocaust.” According to The Jerusalem Post, the article managed to simultaneously deny the veracity of the twentieth century Holocaust while claiming that the Jews carried out the “original” one against Christians more than 1,000 years ago on the border of modern-day Yemen. The timing of the article is not entirely surprising, coming on the heels of the republishing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in France. (Link to full story).

11/16/2020 - Parents of Jewish children subjected to antisemitic bullying at a school in the southeastern Australian city of Melbourne have expressed disappointment with the results of an official inquiry into their ordeals. The inquiry was launched in the summer following a investigative report by The Australian Jewish News into Brighton Secondary College (BSC) in Melbourne. (Link to full story).

11/16/2020 - Jews were the most targeted demographic for hate crimes among religious groups in 2019, according to an FBI report released on Monday. Out of the 1,650 religious-motivated hate crimes reported to the FBI, 60.3 percent, or almost 995, were anti-Jewish—a 2.5 percentage point increase from 2018. (Link to full story).

11/15/2020 - Tayed Abdoun, veteran employee at Islamic Relief Worldwide, posted a photo on Facebook calling for the murder of Jews after a 2015 gun and knife attack in Jerusalem. For the third time in the past six months, a high-positioned figure at Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) has left for expressing antisemitic views on social media. Tayeb Abdoun, veteran employee at the international humanitarian relief agency, resigned on October 14 for posting a picture on Facebook of a knife with a thumbs up, writing, "Lay the bodies of the Jews on the top of the mountains, so that no dog in Palestine must suffer hunger." (Link to full story).

11/13/2020 - A ntisemitic attacks targeting Jews in Austria come to an average of 43 each month, according to new statistics released this week by the country’s Jewish community. Perpetrators of violence and other abuse include far-right and far-left groups, as well as Islamists, the report from the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien (IKG), the group representing Jews in Austria noted. (Link to full story).

11/13/2020 - CNN anchorwoman Christiane Amanpour raised eyebrows on Thursday when she marked the 82nd anniversary of “Kristallnacht”, the November 1938 pogroms targeting Jews in Germany and Austria, by appearing to liken the values of the Nazis to those of US President Donald Trump. “This week, 82 years ago, Kristallnacht happened,” Amanpour said. “It was the Nazis’ warning shot across the bow of our human civilization that led to genocide against a whole identity.” (Link to full story).

11/13/2020 - A controversy around allegations of widespread antisemitism at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has prompted faculty to weigh in on the debate in two conflicting open letters distributed last week. The letters were issued in response to a complaint filed with the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights in March, in which two Jewish students accused the University of Illinois’ leadership of not doing enough to address a “poisonous atmosphere” of antisemitism on campus. (Link to full story).

11/13/2020 - The German Olympic Sports Confederation has condemned an act of vandalism against an outdoor exhibition highlighting Jewish sports stars in Bochum. “This cowardly act is a blow for the whole of German sports,” confederation president Alfons Hörmann said in a statement Thursday. The traveling exhibition focused on Jewish stars in German sport until 1933 — when the Nazis began persecuting Jews, and beyond, as the Nazis also exploited some of the athletes to avoid a threatened boycott of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. (Link to full story).

11/12/2020 - Auto racing giant NASCAR that it had indefinitely suspended one of its drivers over a post on social media that was deemed anti-Semitic. Driver Josh Reaume — who also co-owns the Reaume Brothers Racing team — was understood to have posted an image of a Nazi swastika over the weekend in a since-deleted tweet. (Link to full story).



11/12/2020 - Police in Lexington, Ky., are investigating the vandalism of a menorah and sign at Chabad at the University of Kentucky Jewish Student Center. This is the fourth time that the sign has been vandalized over the years and comes just months after the Chabad-Lubavitch emissary received threats over the phone. No one has been arrested yet for the vandalism. (Link to full story).

11/12/2020 - Kyle Chapman, the founder of a “tactical defense arm” of the Proud Boys known for engaging in street violence, claimed in a message on the encrypted chat app Telegram that he has staged a “coup” against the current leader of the Proud Boys, a Black man named Enrique Tarrio.  “We will confront the Zionist criminals who wish to destroy our civilization.” (Link to full story).

11/12/2020 - Food Network celebrity chef Alton Brown has apologized after being roasted for making “flippant” remarks about the Holocaust on Twitter. In his since-deleted tone-deaf post Tuesday night, Grubstreet.com reported, the “Good Eats: Reloaded” host said: “Do you think the camp uniforms will be striped, like the ones at Auschwitz or will plaid be in vogue?” After a user said it “depends on what you’re worth when you go in,” Brown replied: “I have no gold fillings.” When another person warned him, “Yikes dude. Take it easy,” Brown fired back with, “Fuck you.” (Link to full story).

11/11/2020 - The Iranian Chess Federation (ICF) could be facing an imminent international ban for its continued refusal to allow Iranian chess players to compete against their Israeli equivalents, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) said. The warning also included the mention of Iran boycotting events that lists Israeli players as participating. (Link to full story).

11/11/2020 - Residents of San Antonio, Texas, were subjected to lurid white supremacist propaganda in the form of leaflets and flyers distributed last weekend by a local neo-Nazi. Individual flyers and Ziploc bags filled with multiple racist and antisemitic leaflets were left outside homes in several neighborhoods in the city’s Northside district, NBC‘s local affiliate reported. (Link to full story).

11/10/2020 - The keynote speaker at the recent Palestine Book Fair was Rima Khalaf, the former United Nations (UN) official with a history of making up lies about Israel. She was forced to resign when she issued a report calling Israel an apartheid state, something even the UN couldn’t countenance. At the book fair, Khalaf said that “Zionists” made up history and that European Jews have nothing to do with Israel, essentially endorsing the antisemitic and absurd theory that Jews are Khazars. (Link to full story).

11/9/2020 - Multiple headstones were destroyed at the Jewish cemetery of Malyn in Ukraine. The damage at the graveyard, which is about 60 miles northwest of the capital Kyiv, was discovered last week, according to a Facebook post by Evgeny Gorodetsky, a Ukrainian Jew who has helped raise donations for renovating the cemetery. Police have no leads in their attempt to identify the culprits. (Link to full story).

11/6/2020 - An Islamist satellite TV channel has been fined $27,000 by a court in the United Kingdom for broadcasting antisemitic propaganda about Jews. The London-based Islam Channel station was investigated by Ofcom, the UK’s official agency dealing with broadcasters, following complaints about a program it ran in 2018. (Link to full story).

11/6/2020 - A Greek court convicted a newspaper publisher of hate speech and defamation for running an op-ed that called a Jewish community leader a thief. The Athens Court of Justice of First Instance last month levied a $2,200 penalty on Stefanos Chios, publisher of the Makeleio newspaper, according to the central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece in a statement on Tuesday. (Link to full story).

11/5/2020 - Florida Gulf Coast University police believe they have identified the person who put anti-Semitic signs around campus last weekend. The person does not appear to be affiliated with the Fort Myers school, but will be given a trespass warning, according to FGCU president Mike Martin. Martin made the announcement Thursday in an email update to students and employees after three posters promoting neo-Nazi propaganda were found on campus. (Link to full story).

11/5/2020 - At least two Klamath Falls, Ore., billboards were vandalized with swastikas and numbers linked to white supremacists and neo-Nazi beliefs. The green spray-painted graffiti was discovered the morning after Election Day on Main Street billboards for the Klamath County Democrats and Grocery Pub. Multiple swastikas were painted on the billboards, as well as the numbers “1488. (Link to full story).

11/5/2020 - The Lawfare Project announced Thursday that it has filed a complaint with the NYC Commission on Human Rights on be    half of an Israeli woman who was viciously assaulted and injured in an attack last year on the New York City subway. Israeli student Lihi Aharon had boarded the subway in Manhattan and suddenly found herself on the receiving end of a vicious physical assault by a woman who overheard her speaking Hebrew. (Link to full story).

11/5/2020 - A prominent Jordanian cleric on Tuesday recommended that his followers read Machiavelli’s The Prince, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Hitler’s Mein Kampf if they wished to understand modern political history. In a Telegram post, Salafi-jihadi ideologue Abu Qatada al-Filastini, who is of Palestinian descent, said the texts had been misrepresented due to a “propaganda campaign against them run by the Jews, as well as by their negative reputation among the public.” (Link to full story).

11/4/2020 - Police are hunting for a bigot who defaced state Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright’s campaign posters on the Upper East Side with misogynistic and anti-Semitic slurs. The damaged posters were spotted election night at York Avenue and 78th Street, according to the police complaint. The bigot scrawled “Baptise [sic] the B—h and Her Rabbi” on one poster. (Link to full story).

11/4/2020 - An Icelandic company has plunged the country’s publishing industry into a debate about censorship with its plan to publish a 1976 book that argues the Holocaust is a hoax. The book, an Icelandic-language translation of “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry” by Arthur Butz, is being advertised online ahead of its launch in the coming weeks. (Link to full story).

11/3/2020 - In the Hungerian town of Kecel, south of Budapest, three tombstones were smashed and human feces were found on a nearby headstone on Sunday, the Mazsihisz umbrella group of Hungarian Jewish communities reported on its website. Police are investigating the incident. (Link to full story).

 11/3/2020 - The University of Connecticut has been investigating multiple reports of anti-Semitic incidents on its main campus in Storrs, including swastika vandalism and other kinds of property damage. “These recent reports were all acts of physical damage to property, including swastika graffiti. These are undeniable symbols of anti-Semitism that elicit painful reminders of the Holocaust among our Jewish students, faculty, and staff,” said school administrators in an email to students. (Link to full story).

11/3/2020 - Headstones were smashed and graves defaced at Jewish cemeteries in Hungary and Moldova. At least five headstones were destroyed at a cemetery in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau on Saturday, the Jewish Community of Moldova said in a statement. Swastikas, a pentagram and the number 666 were spray-painted on other headstones. (Link to full story).

11/3/2020 - Weeks after voting to rehire a principal who told a parent he “can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event,” a Florida school board has reversed course. The Palm Beach County School Board voted a year ago to fire William Latson, who had been removed from his post after the 2018 comments came to light. (Link to full story).

11/3/2020 - A Jewish cemetery in Michigan was graffitied with the words “TRUMP” and “MAGA.”   The graffiti comes days before the presidential election, in which Michigan is a key swing state, and soon before President Donald Trump’s final campaign rally, which will be held in the Grand Rapids area on Monday. (Link to full story).

11/2/2020 - The NYPD is investigating a hate crime in the Hasidic community of Williamsburg. Sources tell YWN that residents at 580 Whyte Avenue found numerous doors scrawled with hateful messages such as “[expletive removed] the Jews”. Multiple Mezuzas were defaced as well. (Link to full story).

11/2/2020 - Outspoken psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee raised eyebrows on Monday when she criticized President Trump by complimenting Adolf Hitler in a series of Twitter posts. Lee, a psychiatrist at the Yale School of Medicine’s Law and Psychiatry Division, has previously diagnosed Trump with various psychological ailments from afar but outdid herself with a bizarre attempt at a history lesson in an effort to compare the incumbent Republican to the ruthless Nazi dictator. (Link to full story).

11/2/2020 - The Manual RedEye news website from the duPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky, revealed Friday that the Kentucky State Police has been using a training manual that includes quotes from Nazy tyrant Adolph Hitler encouraging the use of violence. “A training slideshow used by the Kentucky State Police (KSP), the second largest police force in the state, urges cadets to be ‘ruthless killer[s]’ and quotes Adolf Hitler advocating violence,” the Manual RedEye reported. (Link to full story).

11/1/2020 - A northern New Jersey town woke up on Halloween morning to find anti-Semitic and racist graffiti scribbled on the streets of their neighborhood. The mayor of Woodcliff Lake shared the photographs of the graffiti scrawled in white chalk on Woodmont Drive which included a swastika, the drawing of a penis, and the words ‘Jews’ and’ n——.‘ (Link to full story).

11/1/2020 - In his speech, Nasrallah denied the Holocaust and supported Holocaust denial, claiming that denying it was less offensive than cartoons mocking religion. His tirade against the Holocaust began by referring to a controversy with France, in which Turkey and other countries led by leaders who identify with political Islam have claimed France is insulting Muslims. (Link to full story).

11/1/2020 - A far-left organization that counts three members of the US Congress among its supporters has issued a statement of solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn — the former British Labour leader who was dramatically suspended from the party on Thursday, following the publication of an official report into anti-Semitism within its ranks. (Link to full story).

10/31/2020 - Two months after the Chabad House at Delaware University was destroyed by arson, a second Chabad House in Delaware has been damaged by an intentionally set fire. The latest incident occurred on Friday night at approximately 12:30 A.M. at the Chabad Lubavitch of Delaware in the city of Wilmington. The Chabad House is run by Rabbi Chuni and Oryah Vogel, parents of Rabbi Avremel Vogel, the shliach at Delaware University who Chabad House was destroyed in an intentionally set fire two months ago. (Link to full story).

10/29/2020 - The leader of a national white supremacist group who ran a "hate camp" in Michigan and one of his cohorts were charged Thursday with multiple crimes as extremist groups continue to land on the FBI's radar nationwide.  The latest suspects were arrested at their homes at 6 a.m. Thursday for their alleged roles in a December 2019 incident in Dexter, where police said a husband, wife and their infant child were terrorized by two white supremacists. (Link to full story).

10/29/2020 - The vandalism on the sign supporting former US Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, was discovered in Ankeny, Iowa. According to a police report obtained by the Des Moines Register, the candidates’ names on the yard sign were covered in white paint, and a red swastika was painted over them. (Link to full story).

10/29/2020 - Jewish men who said they were trying to show “solidarity” with Black Lives Matter protesters were violently chased away by the mob and ridiculed as being part of the “synagogue of Satan,” according to disturbing video posted online. The minute-long clip circulating on social media shows three men standing in the street during the protests sparked by the deadly police shooting of troubled local black man Walter Wallace. (Link to full story).

10/29/2020 - Britain’s opposition Labour Party suspended its former leader Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday for seeking to deflect blame away from himself after a report found that under his leadership the party was responsible for unlawful harassment and discrimination. Corbyn‘s successor, Keir Starmer, apologized and said Labour was facing a “day of shame” after the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) found serious failings in how the party had dealt with allegations of antisemitism within its ranks. (Link to full story).

10/29/2020 - A man scrawled an anti-Semitic statement on the window of a Brooklyn juice bar this week, cops said. The man graffitied the words, “Syrian Jew W—es F–k You” on the Very Juice Bar at Avenue P near East 2nd Street in Mapleton around 2:10 a.m. Tuesday before taking off, cops said. The suspect, captured on surveillance video, is described as balding with a thin build and a full beard. (Link to full story).

10/28/2020 - The Swedish city of Malmö has decided to suspend its partnership with the Arab Book Fair after it was revealed that the fair was featuring and promoting antisemitic texts. The city is now looking to close down the book fair definitively. (Link to full story).

10/28/2020 - Neo-Nazis are using the platform Telegram to celebrate the second anniversary of the 2018 attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—in which 11 worshippers were killed and seven wounded, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported on Tuesday. (Link to full story).

10/28/2020 - Israel came to the defense of France on Tuesday and lambasted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over his calls to boycott French goods and comparison of the situation of Muslims in France today to the situation of the Jews prior to World War II. "Israel rejects the disgusting comparison made between the struggle against Islamist extremism in France, and Nazi policy and racism against Jews in Europe before World War II," Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Hayat said on Twitter. (Link to full story).

10/27/2020 - Business owners in the downtown area of Ithaca, New York, have been shocked by a spate of graphic antisemitic and racist vandalism that has struck three separate outlets. Two of the businesses, the Moosewood restaurant and Sunny Days, a gift shop, were vandalized on Saturday night. A third business, Court Street Chiropractic, was also vandalized for the second time in as many weeks, The Ithaca Voice reported. (Link to full story).

10/26/2020 - Arlington Heights police on Monday night were investigating after a swastika was found scrawled on a building in the northwest suburb. Earlier Monday, police received a report that a 6-inch-by-6-inch swastika was being scrawled on an outside pillar of a condominium building in the 0-99 block of Palatine Road. (Link to full story).


10/26/2020 - For the first time an individual in South Africa has been convicted in a criminal prosecution of antisemitic abuse. Randburg Magistrates Court found Matome Letsoalo guilty of “crimen injuria” for threatening and abusive messages targeting the Jewish community in a verdict handed down last Friday. Letsoalo was convicted for hateful messages he issued over Twitter towards the South Africa Board of Deputies (SAJBD). On June 21, 2018, Letsoalo tweeted “@SAJBD The #Holocaust Will be like a Picnic When we are done with all you Zionist Bastards. Fuck All of You.” (Link to full story).

10/26/2020 - Anti-Semitic graffiti was found on a campaign sign for a Jewish candidate in Arizona. Seth Blattman, a Democrat running for the Arizona State Senate, told a group of local TV stations that “it was extremely sad” to see a swastika drawn on his forehead and the word “killer” written in all capitalized letters across his neck on the sign. (Link to full story).

10/25/2020 - Eric Fingerhut, the president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, has said that US university administration have ignored “a growing atmosphere” of antisemitism and anti-Zionism on their campuses. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Fingerhut also praised the complaint filed on behalf of Jewish students against the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) for what was described as a “hostile environment” for Jewish students there, and said the university should have more to prevent this situation from developing. (Link to full story).

10/25/2020 - The prime minister of Pakistan claimed in an interview over the weekend that “Israel’s lobby” in the United States controls  Middle East policy and is collaborating with India to boost his most prominent rival. Prime Minister Imran Khan told ARY News that “The Israeli and Indian lobbies work together in America. Israel’s lobby is the most powerful and that’s why America’s whole Middle East policy is controlled by Israel.” (Link to full story).

10/23/2020 - Jewish students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have faced an “unrelenting campaign of antisemitic harassment,” according to a complaint filed by an education advocacy organization with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Multiple swastikas have been scrawled across the campus; menorahs and mezuzahs have been vandalized; and windows of Jewish fraternities have been “smashed with bricks,” according to the statement. (Link to full story).

10/22/2020 - A man who engaged in an antisemitic assault against a young Jewish graffiti artist in the French city of Strasbourg was released by a court following a hearing on Wednesday. The unnamed 38-year-old assailant, who did not attend the proceedings at the Strasbourg criminal court, was cleared of the crime of committing extortion aggravated by religious hatred. However, the public prosecutor’s office intends to bring fresh charges against the assailant for the crime of “public insult.” (Link to full story).

10/22/2020 - The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has filed vandalism and hate crime charges against a man who was arrested on suspicion of spray painting a swastika and phrases about “evil Jews” on Temple Sinai in Oakland. Freddie Smith, 57, was charged with three counts of vandalism along with enhancements alleging a hate crime. (Link to full story).

10/22/2020 - A campaign volunteer for Brooklyn state Senate wannabe Vito Bruno has quoted Hitler and Mussolini and posted numerous anti-Semitic messages on his Twitter account. “Hitler was right then, and it applies today. As he said in his book he didn’t hate the Jewish religion, he hated communism,” Raymond Ranaletta wrote Tuesday, including a picture of the infamously anti-Semitic dictator and a swastika in the tweet. (Link to full story).

10/21/2020 - A 14-year-old boy was arrested by San Diego police officers Friday in connection with the violent assault of a rabbi in the city last weekend, the Algemeiner reported. According to Halevy, a teenager riding a bicycle hit him on the head and yelled a racial slur at him outside the synagogue in University City, a large residential and commercial district next to the University of California’s San Diego campus. (Link to full story).

10/20/2020 - swastika was discovered painted on the historic wooden sanctuary doors of Oakland’s Temple Sinai early Monday morning, Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin told J. The graffiti was reported as a hate crime and is being investigated as such by the Oakland Police Department. It’s the latest incident of vandalism at the synagogue over the past few weeks in a series that went from paint splotches and strange drawings to the overtly antisemitic symbol. (Link to full story).

10/19/2020 - A former editor and writer for the New York Times editorial page, Bari Weiss, is faulting the Times for publishing an op-ed piece glorifying Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March and failing to provide context about Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism. “Today the New York Times ran an oped about the Million Man March and Louis Farrakhan. If you read the oped and knew nothing about Farrakhan, you would think he was a gentleman,” Weiss tweeted. “When The Times ran the infamous anti-Semitic cartoon, the issue was not that editors were hardened anti-Semites. It’s that they didn’t even *notice* it. This shouldn’t surprise. It’s part of a worldview in which Jew hate does not count.(Link to full story).

10/19/2020 - A group protesting coronavirus restrictions in the Netherlands shouted “Heil Hitler” in the streets of the city of Den Bosch on Saturday. Public broadcaster Omroep Brabant reported that video posted to Twitter showed the demonstrators shouting the antisemitic slogan, and police are examining the footage for possible criminal acts. (Link to full story).

10/15/2020 - A man described by U.S. prosecutors as a neo-Nazi and white supremacist pleaded guilty on Thursday to a hate crime for plotting to bomb a historic Colorado synagogue last year. Richard Holzer, 28, pleaded guilty to attempting to stop people from exercising their religion with an explosive or fire and attempting to destroy a building used in interstate commerce in a plea deal with prosecutors. (Link to full story).

10/15/2020 - At least a dozen campaign signs supporting a Jewish congressional candidate were defaced with antisemitic graffiti. At least one sign supporting Josh Eisen’s campaign was tagged with the words “Nazi lover,” according to News12, a local station in Westchester County. (Link to full sory).

10/15/2020 - French Jews continued to react furiously on Thursday to the announcement from the Paris public prosecutor’s office that antisemitic provocation was not among the charges facing a man who allegedly sprayed series of large red swastikas along the French capital’s landmark Rue de Rivoli last weekend. In a post on Twitter, CRIF, the representative body of French Jews, declared its “total incomprehension” at the prosecutors’ decision. (Link to full story).

10/15/2020 - A German politician has urged the country’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which guards against neo-Nazi and extremist threats, to investigate a group of elite German university fraternities following a brutal anti-Semitic attack in August upon a Jewish student who was attending a fraternity party at Heidelberg University. (Link to full story).   

10/15/2020 - Nimesh Thaker, who worked at BBC World News, used an anonymous Twitter account to attack a speech made by the Jewish presenter Emma Barnett on her Radio 5 Live show in which she detailed the impact of the Holocaust on her family. Following the JC report in September, the BBC confirmed it had  launched  an investigation into the conduct of the experienced journalist and producer  who repeatedly dismissed antisemitism claims under the pseudonymous handle ‘Not That Bothered’. On Thursday, The Times reported that Mr Thaker had resigned from his job as a broadcast journalist during the disciplinary process – meaning he would escape further scrutiny. (Link to full story).

10/15/2020 - he vandalism of a Jewish cemetery in Denmark last year was allegedly ordered by a Swedish neo-Nazi leader, according to text messages revealed at the trial of the alleged perpetrators. The trial of Soren Lau Kjeldal and Jacob Vullum Andersen, which opened Friday in the city of Randers 120 miles northwest of Copenhagen, implicates a Swedish man, Simon Lindberg, whom prosecutors say was a leader in the Nordic Resistance Movement. According to information presented in court. (Link to full story).

10/14/2020 - Police in Bellingham, Washington are looking for the perpetrator who plastered swastikas on businesses over the weekend, Seattle’s KOMO News reported Tuesday. Bellingham Police said several businesses in the downtown area and nearby Fairhaven were vandalized with signs carrying a large swastika and the words “We are everywhere.” (Link to full story).

10/13/2020 - The top cleric in the Palestinian Authority says it is every Muslim’s duty to wage jihad (holy war) against the “thieving Jews,” the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) watchdog group reported. (Link to full story).

10/12/2020 - A University City rabbi in San Diego says a teenager on a bicycle hit him over the head and yelled a racial slur Saturday, steps from his synagogue. Rabbi Yonatan Halevy, of the Shiviti Congregation, says this was the latest in a series of incidents by a group of teenagers targeting his congregation that has increasingly escalated. (Link to full story).

10/12/2020 - Israel’    s embassy in Berlin on Friday accused a Berlin arts college of stoking antisemitism against the Jewish state by supporting a program titled “School for Unlearning Zionism” that denies the existence of the State of Israel. The embassy wrote in a series of three tweets that the Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin’s “hosting a workshop whose title already negates Israel’s existence is an embrace of antisemitism.” (Link to full story).

10/11/2020 - A 31-year-old man was arrested at the scene and is suspected of spray-painting the 20 red swastikas on walls and columns in Place de la Concorde and Rue de Rivoli. Swastikas were spray-painted on walls and columns near the Louvre Museum in Paris’s first district on Saturday night. (Link to full story).

10/10/2020 - An Orthodox Jewish man was assaulted on the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, New York, as his wife and child looked on, a Jewish news site reported. The victim, who was not named, was briefly knocked unconscious and required medical attention. (Link to full story).

10/10/2020 - New York University has settled a complaint brought by a student after the school presented an award to Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization which has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism. (Link to full story).

10/9/2020 - Artwork commemorating victims of the anti-Semitic shootings in Halle have been vandalised, Germany police have announced. A series of graffiti bearing the first names of the two victims were painted across the city by activists, along with the words “Never forget”. But some had been covered with red swastikas on Thursday evening, the eve of the first anniversary of the attack, police said. A probe has been launched into the vandalism. (Link to full story).

10/9/2020 - The student government at Butler University in Indiana this week hosted a two-part BDS event and failed to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism. The Oct. 6-8 event was titled “Boycott & Safe Protesting 101.” It was hosted by the university’s Student Government Association’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board, in partnership with the school’s branch of Students for Justice in Palestine. (Link to full story).

10/8/2020 - On October 6, a swastika was found on the campus of Columbia University following the passage of a Israel divestment resolution. According to Columbia’s Office of University Life, the swastika was found on the steps of the Low Library, the university’s main library. (Link to full story).

10/8/2020 - Police in western Germany arrested a 14-year-old high school student they believe was planning an attack on a mosque or synagogue. The boy is being charged with attempted incitement to murder and an act of violence posing a national threat, the spokesperson said. (Link to full story).

10/8/2020 - Stephanie Yeboah, a “plus-sized style blogger” who joined the magazine  last month to “fight for diversity, inclusion and women’s rights” was found to have written a series of questionable Tweets in recent years, Private Eye reported yesterday. Among them was a joke from Yeboah that, “Every Jew has an attic, but not every attic has Jews,” while in another she wrote: “AUSCHWITZ Gas Chamber Music LMAO SMH [laughing my arse off, shaking my head]”. (Link to full story)

10/8/2020 - The mezuzah at the entrance of the Tiferet Israel synagogue in Berlin was found damaged last week with a swastika drawn on the parchment. The antisemitic incident was first reported by Sigmount A. Königsberg, a commissioner covering antisemitism for the Jewish Community of Berlin organization. (Link to full story).

10/7/2020 - An antisemitic graffity was discovered in the town of Kriftel (in the Taunus), located between Frankfurt and Main and the state capital Wiesbaden. The pictures were taken in the bunker near the skate area in the Kriftel amusement park . The skate field is described as a " starting point for young people from Kriftel ". (Link to full story).

10/7/2020 - A New York man was arrested and charged with hate crimes for allegedly vandalizing an Orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn. Osman Butt, 25, was charged with burglary and criminal mischief in the early Monday morning vandalism against the Shore Parkway Jewish Center, Hamodia reported. Butt allegedly used a flagpole to break several windows, according to police sources cited by Hamodia. He then entered the building and continued to damage property. (Link to full story).

10/7/2020 - The head of security for Pittsburgh’s Jewish federation urged members of the community to “be vigilant” on Wednesday following the release from prison of Hardy Lloyd, a violent white supremacist with a history of antisemitic agitation.

10/5/2020 - A Jewish cemetery was desecrated on Monday near Athens just days before the keenly-awaited verdict in a murder trial involving neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, prompting strong condemnation from Greece’s government. “Juden Raus,” a phrase once used by the Nazis that means “Jews Out” in German, was painted in black on the outside fence of the cemetery in the town of Nikaia, along with a symbol similar to the swastika used by Golden Dawn, the Israelite Council of Greece said. (Link to full story).

10/5/2020 - Sweden is considering banning racist groups and making active membership of one a criminal offense, after neo-Nazis launched a hate campaign against Jews across Scandinavia on Yom Kippur, Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. (Link to full story).

10/5/2020 - German police on Sunday arrested a man who attacked and seriously injured a Jewish citizen near a synagogue in the northern town of Hamburg as the Jewish community celebrated Sukkot. The victim was hospitalized due to their injuries. (Link to full story).

10/4/2020 - Police are calling on the community to help find the people responsible for a recent series of antisemitic vandalism incidents in Kalispell, Montana, local CBS affiliate KTVQ reported Thursday. Antisemitic vandalism was spotted on a billboard off Highway 93, as well as on silos by downtown Kalispell, as well as on signs, doors and private buildings. (Link to full story).

10/4/2020 - The international open-access science journal Molecules canceled the publication of a study by Dr. Mindy Levine from Ariel University after she refused to erase the word "Israel" in the address of the university, according to Israeli activists. The study was originally meant to be featured in the journal's January 2021 edition. Levine marked the address in the study as "The Department of Chemical Sciences, Ariel University, Ramat HaGolan 65, Ariel, Israel." (Link to full story).

10/3/2020 - New York University has agreed to incorporate the definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the Trump administration’s in its anti-discrimination policy to head off a federal investigation of the school. The NYU agreement, revealed this week by Jewish Insider, came after a former student described a hostile environment for Jews on the downtown Manhattan campus, including an incident that occurred at a pro-Israel event. (Link to full story).

10/2/2020 - A civic organization in Oregon said on Friday that it was offering a reward of up to $2,500 for information regarding two separate fires at a Jewish center in Portland in the space of a week. Crime Stoppers of Oregon said it was asking for the public’s assistance as police continue to search for those responsible for the blazes at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life. The first incident took place just before 11 p.m. on Aug. 14, while the second was reported on Aug. 19 shortly before 3 a.m. (Link to full story)

10/2/2020 - A kosher restaurant in Paris was destroyed overnight on Thursday by vandals who sprayed Nazi swastikas and antisemitic slogans including “Hitler was right” and “Free Palestine” on its floors and walls. Shocked witnesses counted at least ten swastikas and up to 50 antisemitic slogans on the wall, among them “dirty Jew” and “Thieves!” The symbol of the Nazi SS and the letters “FDP”, belonging to the “Front des Patriotes,” a neo-Nazi group, were also scrawled on walls and tables. (Link to full story).

10/1/2020 - A woman was caught on video tearing down a poster outside an Upper East Side synagogue, and police are investigating the act as a hate crime. A surveillance clip released by cops late Wednesday shows the woman walking up to the Chabad Israel Center at East 92nd Street and Second Avenue around 4:30 a.m. Saturday and raising both arms into the air. Then, she tore down the poster, which displayed the prayer service schedule at the synagogue, cops said. (Link to full story).

10/1/2020 - Following a legal complaint filed last year over campus antisemitism, New York University has reached an agreement with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in the US Department of Education to revise its Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. It also pledged to “issue a statement to all University students, faculty, and staff stating that the University does not tolerate acts of discrimination or harassment on the basis of shared ancestry and ethnic characteristics, including anti-Semitism.” (Link to full story).

9/30/2020 - President Reuven Rivlin joined the British community in reacting with shock to the picture of a car spray-painted with a huge swastika in Bristol, England, on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. The anonymous vandal also covered the BMW’s windshield with the neon-yellow paint besides drawing the Nazi symbol on the car hood. According to Channel 20, the car belonged to a Jewish man who parked next to his home. A Jewish neighbor, Nick Helfenbein, found it on Yom Kippur and was floored by the sight. (Link to full story).

9/30/2020 - Nearly 6,000 people have signed a petition urging school authorities in Marin County, California, to take swift action against a group of high school racists who assembled a sinister online list of local Jews alongside images of bullets and the Nazi swastika. An Instagram account associated with Redwood High School students that named specific Jewish students in Marin was unearthed earlier this month. The account’s followers were encouraged to contribute additional Jewish names to a Google document. (Link to full story).

9/30/2020 - Columbia University's student body passed a referendum last week recommending that the school "divest its stocks, funds and endowment from companies that profit from or engage in the State of Israel's acts towards Palestinians. In a statement on Tuesday, Columbia president Lee Bollinger reiterated his opposition to the boycott, divestment and sanctions referendum, which in November the Columbia College Student Council voted in favor of holding. (Link to full story).

9/28/2020 - An apparent anti-Semitic message left on a billboard in the Flathead Valley is being investigated by Kalispell police. The vandalism, along with the lettering and the Star of David, was discovered Sunday morning on a billboard at Silverbrook Estates along Highway 93 just north of Kalispell. (Link to full story).

9/26/2020 - An academic from London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) has called Israel a "Western Virus", The Jewish Chronicle reported. The statement was made during a debate held by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a body that in the past has faced criticism from Jewish groups regarding displayed hostility towards the State of Israel, as well as antisemitic incidents. (Link to full story).

9/26/2020 - The sight of anti-Semitic messages graffitied onto a parked moving fan in the East Village, New York, on Friday morning had one local lawmaker infuriated. State Senator Brad Hoylman took to Twitter on Sept. 25 and displayed a photograph of Nazi messages scrawled onto the side of a Katz Moving van along First Avenue between East Second and Third Streets. Multiple swastikas had been painted onto the van along with the numbers 1488, a common code for white supremacist and Nazi messages. (Link to full story).

9/25/2020 - A Dutch city named as its resident poet a rapper who in a 2012 song called the Holocaust a “cover up for dumb sheep” and a “joke” compared to slavery. The office of Jos Wienen, the mayor of Haarlem, a city of about 160,000 residents that is the capital of the Dutch province of North Holland, announced Darryl Danchelo Osenga’s title of city poet on Wednesday, sparking passionate protests from Dutch Jews and non-Jews. (Link to full story).

9/25/2020 - Politicians in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar have united in condemnation of a series of antisemitic barbs directed toward an opposition member of parliament who is Jewish. Marlene Hassan Nahon, the leader of the Together Gibraltar Party, said she had been the target of an “orchestrated campaign” in recent days, following her strong criticism of the government’s handling of the impact upon Gibraltar of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. “Of particular concern in the latest barrage of abuse is the age-old antisemitic trope of dual loyalty with Israel that has been lobbed at me for being Jewish,” Nahon said. (Link to full story).

9/24/2020 - Police in France have arrested a man for an attempted assault on a Jewish TV presenter at the Paris studio where she works. The unnamed man was taken into custody on Tuesday after he entered the studio and confronted Valerie Benaim over her trenchant criticism of Freeze Corleone, a French rapper whose hit debut album is steeped in  “antisemitism, conspiracy theories, and apologies for Hitler, the Third Reich and Mullah Omar. (Link to full story).

9/24/2020 - A drunken anti-Semitic attacker was detained by police after vandalizing property in eastern Moscow, Russia, prompting outrage from local Jewish community leaders. The SOVA Center's Antisemitism monitoring service reported that eyewitnesses heard the attacker shout Judeo-phobic slogans as he attempted to break into the community courtyard. After failing to do so, the suspect broke the local Jewish organization SHAMIR's name-plate on the mailbox and then toppled a large decorative menorah. He also caused minor damage to the rabbi's car before being arrested.  (Link to full story).

9/23/2020 - A virulently anti-Semitic Polish priest has been banned by the Catholic Church in western Canada from speaking in any of its parishes. The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton issued the ban on Tadeusz Rydzyk who heads a radio station called Radio Maryja in Poland with a long history of airing anti-Semitic views. (Link to full story).

9/23/2020 - Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan walked out of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, accusing him of antisemitism. “Erdogan continues his lies and antisemitic statements against Israel, and it is important that the world know the double standards by which he has been living for many years,” Erdan stated. (Link to full story).

9/23/2020 - Two Labour councillors in Cumbria are being investigated for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments on social media. Copeland councillors Tom Higgins, of the Egremont ward, and Graham Calvin, of Moor Row and Bigrigg wards, are being investigated by the Labour Party, the BBC has confirmed. Ex-Copeland councillor Bill Kirkbride was expelled from Labour in June over "offensive" social media posts. (Link to full story).

9/23/2020 - A  Jewish advocacy organization in Canada has highlighted three “deeply disturbing” instances of antisemitic hostility toward Jews as they celebrated the Rosh Hashanah holiday last weekend. (Link to full story).

9/23/2020 - A Jewish advocacy organization in Canada has highlighted three “deeply disturbing” instances of antisemitic hostility toward Jews as they celebrated the Rosh Hashanah holiday last weekend. On Friday, just before the holiday began, a man accosted a Jewish father and son outside a synagogue in Thornhill. The man yelled, “You’re a piece of sh-t, you’re Jewish,    you run the f-ckin world,” before approaching the victim’s car and attempting to stick his hand inside. (Link to full story).

9/22/2020 - Two teenagers suspected of arson and daubing swastikas in Borehamwood have been arrested by police. Councillor Jeremy Newmark reported the offensive symbols found in multiple locations on Monday evening, including on The Campions, Retford Close and Sawtry Way. (Link to full story).

9/22/2020 - Small square brass plates set in the pavement remember Jewish residents of Berlin’s Lichtenberg district who were torn from their homes and killed by the Nazis decades ago. Nearby, the charred remains of a Jewish-run bar destroyed by arson last month attest to a hatred that still burns among far-right extremists. In a report released Tuesday, the Department for Research and Information on Anti-Semitism Berlin, or RIAS, documented 410 incidents, more than two a day, during the first half of 2020. (Link to full story).

9/21/2020 - The editors of the Columbia Daily Spectator, the student newspaper at the New York Ivy League school, apologized on Sunday for running what they called a “deeply inappropriate” pro-Israel advertisement. The ad, created by the Columbia chapter of the Students Supporting Israel (SSI) group,  urged students to “vote no” in an upcoming BDS referendum at the university’s undergraduate college. (Link to full story).

9/21/2020 - Outside the Missouri Institute of Natural Science, the sidewalk and the rocks were vandalized with graffiti this past weekend. The Greene County Highway Department has mostly cleaned up the sidewalk, but the spray painting was described as racist, hateful and disturbing. The director of the Missouri Institute of natural science, Matt Forir, said they were Nazi-related symbols, swastikas, the words “white lives matter,” curse words and personal names. (Link to full story).

9/21/2020 - The Palestinian Authority's newly released educational curriculum shows no substantive changes for the better, despite assurances earlier this year that egregious examples of antisemitism and hate education would be eliminated. An analysis by the new curriculum by IMPACT-se, a research and policy institute that analyzes schoolbooks and curricula through UNESCO-derived standards on peace and tolerance, has found that educational textbooks for use in Palestinian schools throughout the West Bank remain openly antisemitic, encourage violence, and promote jihad and martyrdom.    

9/21/2020 - A French court jailed an unrepentant antisemitic activist on Friday for two postings on the internet that defamed Jews and a third that denied the Holocaust. Hervé Lalin, who also goes by the name Hervé Ryssen, has now begun a 17-month jail term at the Fleury-Mérogis prison near Paris for the three offenses, committed between 2017 and 2020. (Link to full story).

9/20/2020 - Residents of a high-rise apartment building in Miami, Florida reported seeing a Nazi flag laid out close to their building before the Rosh Hashanah weekend began, according to Fox News. The flag was seen sprawled out across bushes by the condominium on two instances, one of which was documented by a resident of the building next door. (Link to full story).

9/19/2020 - At the former concentration camp Bogdanovka, in southern Ukraine, a note with three swastikas was addressed to three prominent Jews. In three separate incidents this week, swastikas were painted on two monuments for Holocaust victims in Ukraine, and another one in Russia. At the former concentration camp Bogdanovka, in southern Ukraine, a note with three swastikas was addressed to three prominent Jews: Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky, former politician Yevhen Chervonenko and Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee. (Link to full story).

9/18/2020 - French prosecutors on Thursday opened an investigation into the song lyrics of Freeze Corleone, a rapper who has been accused by several officials and organisations of promoting anti-Semitism. Advertising Freeze Corleone's debut studio album LMF was released last week and a music video for one of his songs posted on YouTube on Friday has already reached more than a million views. Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz said Corleone was being investigated for "inciting racial hatred" based on the content of his songs and videos posted online. (Link to full story) 

9/18/2020 - NYPD is investigating an incident caught on surveillance camera in New York, where a heavy set man with a face mask vandalized the wall of NYU building with anti-Semitic and racist messages. He also painted a swastika with a black marker.

9/17/2020 - A survey was presented on Thursday to the Subcommittee on Israel-Diaspora Relations that showed 71%  of Jews in Europe have experienced an anti-Semitic attack, according to a poll conducted by the European Union among young Jews in the continent. (Link to full story).

9/17/2020 - Anti-Semitic incidents are regular occurrences on North American college campuses in recent years, targeting student activists, organizations, and faculty that support the State of Israel. Noah Shufutinsky, a black Jewish student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C, addressed the Israeli parliament about his experiences with Jew-hatred, saying his, “heritage was targeted, attacked, and demonized” on campus. (Link to full story).

9/17/2020 - A Democratic Super PAC aligned with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sent out three mailers to voters in a New Jersey congressional district that depict the Republican candidate, who is Jewish, clutching money. One mailer shows the candidate, David Richter, holding a fistful of fanned-out $100 bills, with more raining down behind him, while the reverse shows his suit jacket lined with bills. Another, showing him holding $100 bills in the shape of a rose, says he “puts personal profits over New Jersey families and it is truly obscene.” (Link to full story).

9/17/2020 - The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, also known as the Claims Conference, revealed a shocking study on Wednesday that highlights the lack of knowledge American millennials and Gen Zers have about the Holocaust. The Claims Conference’s newest study states “that nearly 20 percent of millennials and Gen Z in New York feel the Jews caused the Holocaust.” (Link to full story).

9/17/2020 - Sens. James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.), co-chairs of the Senate Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism, sent a letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda expressing concern over the rise of antisemitic discourse in Poland and urging Poland to enact a comprehensive Holocaust restitution law. (Link to full story).

9/16/2020 - Members of a synagogue in Montgomery, Alabama, who came together for a pre-Rosh Hashanah video call on Zoom last weekend were subjected to foul antisemitic and racist abuse by a group of outsiders who hacked or “Zoom-bombed” the event. shortly after the meeting began, as many as seven hackers intruded on the proceedings, bombarding participants with anti-Semitic invective and imagery, along with racist and homophobic barbs. “Screens came up of very shocking imagery of Hitler, swastikas and I thought some pornographic images,” Rabbi Kramer said of the 10-minute onslaught. (Link to full story).

9/16/2020 - A New Jersey man named Jonathan Xie pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges related to his activities trying to aid the Palestinian terror group Hamas. The 21-year-old Basking Ridge resident was also responsible for a string of disturbing, violent rants on social media. Xie also flashed a handgun and a Hamas flag in that clip and bragged about wanting to show up at a pro-Israel event “to shoot everybody.” (Link to full story).

9/16/2020 - Twenty-nine police officers have been suspended in Germany for sharing pictures of Adolf Hitler and doctored depictions of refugees in gas chambers on their mobile phones, officials in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) said on Wednesday. They are also accused of using far-right chatrooms where extremist content, such as Swastikas and other Nazi symbols, that breaches the German constitution was shared. (Link to full story).

9/15/2020 -

9/15/2020 - About 20 tombstones were damaged at a Jewish cemetery in Zabrze in southern Poland, the third case of vandalism at a Polish Jewish cemetery this month. Police are searching for the perpetrators, he added. Last week, a 19th century tombstone at the Jewish cemetery in Tarnowskie Gory, near Krakow, was defaced with red spray paint. (Link to full story).

9/15/2020 - In Great Brittain, the Liberal Democrats suspended Geeta Sidhu-Robb, who was vying to become their candidate in London’s 2021 mayoral elections. Over the weekend, a video emerged on Twitter showing her during her 1997 general election campaign for the constituency of Blackburn in northern England. In that campaign, Sidhu-Robb was running as a member of the Conservative Party against Jack Straw, a former Labour lawmaker. “Don’t vote for a Jew. Jack Straw is a Jew. If you vote for him you’re voting for a Jew,” Sidhu-Robb is seen saying in Urdu into a loudspeaker in Blackburn. (Link to full story).

9/14/2020 - The eldest son of the Holocaust survivor who was brutally murdered during an antisemitic assault in her Paris apartment castigated France’s judiciary for its alleged indifference to violence against Jews in an emotional speech in the French capital this past weekend. Allan Knoll, whose 85-year-old mother, Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll, was stabbed and then burned to death in March 2018 by two intruders who believed that because she was Jewish, she would be hiding large amounts of cash, addressed a small rally on Sunday in the Place de la Republique in Paris. (Link to full story).

9/14/2020 - Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR), a virulently anti-Israel group, was recently busted promoting the anti-Semitic conspiracy that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York and Pennsylvania were “likely” perpetrated by the U.S. itself and its “Zionist allies.”(Link to full story).

9/13/2020 - The historic Walnut Street Bridge and parts of the Bluff View Art District in Chattanooga were vandalized with swastikas on Sunday morning, according to Mayor Andy Berke. Berke, who is Jewish, said the Chattanooga Police Department is investigating the incident, and he is confident that those responsible will be held accountable. (Link to full story).

9/13/2020 - Daniels Park, a Denver Mountain Park, was vandalized with antisemitic and racist graffiti, according to the local CBS News affiliate CBS4. Reporter Rick Sallinger described the graffiti as "not just spray paint, but vicious racial derogatory epithets and antisemitic slurs." Denver Parks and Recreation told CBS4 that they are aware of the graffiti and that it will be taken care of. (Link to full story).

9/10/2020 - Scott Wiener, who represents San Francisco in the California State Senate, and not just because he’s running for reelection. because he’s Jewish and gay, Wiener has borne the brunt of unrelenting anti-Semitic and homophobic comments and posts. One that has made the rounds in recent days before being removed from Instagram featured a crudely doctored image showing Wiener with an elongated nose and wearing the garb and hairstyle of an Orthodox Jew. (Link to full story).

9/10/2020 - Over 100 people of diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds rallied Monday at the University of South California (USC), demanding an end to discrimination against Jews on campus under the banner “EndJewHatred.” According to its website, #EndJewHatred is “a grassroots movement centering on Jewish liberation from all forms of oppression and discrimination. We are working to eliminate Jew hatred from Western culture through peaceful direct action and education.” (Link to full story).

9/9/2020 - Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has been urged by 100 prominent Orthodox Jewish rabbis across the U.S. to cut ties between the company's AmazonSmile charitable initiative and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in a letter obtained exclusively by Fox News. (Link to full story).

9/8/2020 - Police in the southern German city of Heidelberg are investigating alleged anti-Semitic crimes that took place at a university student party. State prosecutors from Mannheim on Tuesday said the charges stem from events at a party hosted by the Burschenschaft Normannia Heidelberg fraternity on August 29.   Prosecutors said that seven men and one woman face charges of libel and inflicting bodily harm. In all, 27 people attended the party. Authorities in the states of Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia are also looking into the incident as individuals from each were also in attendance. (Link to full story).

9/7/2020 - A court in France passed sentence on Monday on one of the men involved in a violent antisemitic assault last week on a young Algerian Muslim who was in the process of converting to Judaism. The assailant, a 21-year-old homeless man, will serve a one-year prison sentence for his part in the attack on the victim, a 26-year-old named Younes who gave an extensive interview about his ordeal to the news outlet Le Parisien. (Link to full story).

9/5/2020 - German car giant Volkswagen apologized on Monday after a customer at one of its showrooms in Mexico tweeted a photograph of Nazi imagery on the walls that quickly went viral. Fernanda Martinez, a writer based in Mexico City, photographed the offending image during a visit to the Volkswagen showroom in Coyoacán on Saturday. A stylized photograph of a Nazi rally being addressed by Adolf Hitler was hanging from the wall. (Link to full story)

9/5/2020 - Two members of the Boogaloo Bois, a far-right anti-government movement, were arrested and charged with conspiring and attempting to give material support to Hamas. Michael Robert Solomon, 30, and Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, were arrested Thursday, according to a Justice Department statement. (Link to full story).

9/5/2020 - The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called upon Youtube to delete a Holocaust denial video posted to the video sharing platform in Korean. The video from Spika Studio denies that 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, labels Anne Frank as a fraud, legitimizes Hitler's unfair disposition towards European Jewry and alleges that Jews have secretly controlled America for over 50 years. (Link to full story).

9/5/2020 - "Death to Israel" graffiti was pray-painted with black paint over the white wall in the parking lot close to Albert-Cam    us college in Perpignan, Southern France. Local municipal services removed the paint few hours after being notified.

9/3/2020 - According to vile comments in the most recent clip posted by fearless guerilla journalist Ami Horovitz, residents of Ilhan Omar’s district in Minneapolis, Minnesota think Jews created the coronavirus to harm others. “The Jews do all kinds of terrible stuff,” says one man. Another claims coronavirus is a Jewish depopulation scheme targeting Muslims. (Link to full story).

9/3/2020 - The phrases “Get Zionism out of Argentina” and “Israel Terrorism” were spray-painted alongside roads in Lujan de Cuyo, a small city in the Mendoza province nearly 650 miles northwest of Buenos Aires. The city’s mayor, Sebastian Bragagnolo, condemned the vandalism, saying Wednesday that “it goes completely against the values ​​in which we Lujaninos believe.” Some 3,000 Jews live in Mendoza province, which has a population of 1.9 million. (Link to full story).

9/2/2020 - The California legislature passed AB-331 on Monday, coming one step closer to becoming the first U.S. state to require all high school students to complete an ethnic studies course in order to graduate. The course would follow an ethnic studies model curriculum which accuses Jews of possessing “racial privilege.” (Link to full story).

9/2/2020 - A top BBC journalist used a false name on social media to attack a prominent colleague after she gave a speech on anti-Semitism and her family’s experience with the Holocaust. According to The Jewish Chronicle, Nimesh Thaker of BBC World News operated an anonymous Twitter account under the name “Not That Bothered” to amplify posts by notorious anti-Semites Kerry-Anne Mendoza and Jackie Walker and engage in his own abusive behavior. (Link to full story).

9/2/2020 - Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attacked the Israel-UAE agreement on Wednesday and called Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser – as well as pro-Israel Americans – “filthy Zionist agents.” Khamenei referred to Kushner as “the Jewish member of Trump’s family” ֿ– Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law – in a series of tweets that were condemned as reactionary and antisemitic. (Link to full story).

9/1/2020 - An anti-Semitic vandal scrawled a swastika and the words “white power” in front of a Bronx criminal defense and civil rights lawyer’s office Tuesday afternoon. “We came in this morning, there was nothing,” said lawyer Mike Braverman, adding that by afternoon “my associate noticed there was a tag on one side, and that (the anti-Semitic graffiti) on the other side.” (Link to full story)

9/1/2020 - A Hassidic Jew who arrived in the Ukrainian town of Uman was apparently the subject of an anti-Semitic attack, the local Jewish community reported. Ukrainian Jewish Committee Director General Eduard Dolinksy said the man suffered minor injuries. Other Hassids in the group, who like the victim were on the annual pilgrim to the grave site of the Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, were unhurt. (Link to full story).

9/1/2020 - Popular video-sharing social media platform TikTok has declared a "zero tolerance" policy on accounts that have been linked to instances of antisemitism, as well as other forms of bigotry. The announcement, which came in an August 20 TikTok blog post titled "Countering Hate on TikTok," comes as the app has faced controversy over hate speech content on the service, including the Holocaust challenge, which saw users attempt to portray themselves as Holocaust victims. (Link to full story)

8/31/2020 - A top Jewish group slammed a Canadian Quaker publication on Sunday for spreading what it called a “big lie” by claiming that Israel was responsible for US police violence against minorities. In response, the Simon Wiesenthal Center tweeted, “Latest #Quaker intersectionality outrage doing the Lord’s work by spreading another big lie, defaming #Israel for US police officers who violate their oath to protect all citizens. Carrying water for Palestinian demonizing Jewish state.” (Link to full story).

8/31/2020 - Posters reading "Hitler was right," "unity of our blood," and other anti-Semitic comments were found on the Arizona State University Tempe campus for the second time in less than a year. Student leaders of the Jewish community discovered the posters at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. As soon as the university was notified, campus police removed the posters, an ASU spokesperson said. (Link to full story).

8/31/2020 - An Army officer was suspended from his duties Monday pending an investigation into a “vile” TikTok video in which he joked about Jewish people being incinerated in gas chambers during the Holocaust, officials said. Second Lt. Nathan Freihofer, a field artillery officer stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, shared the obscene clip with his 3.1 million followers. “What’s a Jewish person’s favorite Pokémon?” Freihofer asked, before snickering and saying, “Ash.” (Link to full story).

8/31/2020 - Police are investigating a hit and run incident that took place in Brooklyn early Sunday morning and has drawn some attention as a potential hate crime due to the visibly‐Jewish identities of the victims. “Preliminary investigation reveals a dark colored sedan was traveling southbound on Taylor Street in reckless manner, mounted a curb at Taylor Street and Lee Avenue and collided with a 23-year-old male and a 47-year-old male pedestrians,” the NYPD noted. (Link to full story).

8/31/2020 - During the violent riots in Malmö that broke out on Friday, slogans against Jews were shouted by the crowd. Now the police will investigate the incident that may be classified as “incitement against ethnic groups”, the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported. Following the riots, clips were posted on social media with protesters clenching their fists and shouting “Jews, remember Khaybar, Mohammed's army returns.” According to the Central Jewish Council, Khaybar was a place where Jews were murdered by Prophet Mohammad, a central figure in Islam, and his followers in 628, and the slogans are interpreted as “a call for the murder and purge of Jews”.    

8/30/2020 - A mural which gained prominence as the subject of a row over antisemitism within the British Labour Party two years ago has seemingly been taken up by black equality activists in America. Two protesters at the March on Washington 2020 were photographed on Friday wearing t-shirts depicting the image first painted as a mural in London by the artist Mear One. The image depicts Jewish bankers playing a game similar to monopoly on the backs of people of color, underneath the masonic Eye of Providence. (Link to full story).

8/30/2020 - A 20-year-old man, a 23-year-old woman and a 16-year-old from Beachwood, Ohio are facing charges for the painting of swastikas, and antisemitic images and words on several Jewish-owned businesses in University Heights near Cleveland in July, according to local news outlet cleveland.com. (Link to full story)

8/30/2020 - Rapper Snoop Dogg likened modern-day America to Nazi Germany through an Instagram post on Wednesday. The rapper shared an image of a black and white American flag with a blue strip pulled off revealing a Nazi flag behind it - more specifically the official ensign of the Nazi regime. (Link to full story).

8/28/2020 - Asheville, North Carolina, Police Department said they charged a man for sending threats containing anti-Semitic language over voicemail. Police say detectives from the Major Crimes Unit began an investigation when a victim reported 56-year-old, Jeffrey Alan Gregory, Thursday morning. Following an investigation, Gregory was taken into custody the same day and charged with Ethnic intimidation, Communicating Threats, and Cyberstalking, police say. Asheville PD say that Gregory was released on a $6000 unsecured bond. (Link to full story).

8/27/2020 - Goyim TV, an antisemitic video-sharing website that was promoted with a “banner drop” from a Los Angeles freeway overpass on Saturday, has been taken down by its domain host under a flood of complaints. Jon Minadeo Jr., a 37-year-old Petaluma man, was behind both the website and the banner drop, J. reported earlier this week, as were a handful of Minadeo cronies known as the “Goyim Defense League.” (Link to full story).

8/27/2020 - The University of Delaware’s Chabad house suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage on Tuesday night after a fire burned through the building. Fire officials in the area deemed it arson. A hate crime is not being ruled out, but the investigation is ongoing. (Link to full story).

8/27/2020 - A young graffiti artist who was wearing a T-shirt with the word "Israel" was approached and pushed by a group of individuals on Wednesday afternoon in Strasbourg, France. One of the attackers stole his spray paint and wrote on the ground "forbidden to Jews and bitches." (Link to full story).

8/27/2020 - Police in France arrested two men that they said are behind the allegedly anti-Semitic assault earlier this month on a Jewish man who was knocked unconscious in an elevator. In the Aug, 6 incident, the victim, identified in the French media only as David S., 29, said he was beaten by two men in the elevator of a Paris building where his parents live and called a “dirty Jew.” (Link to full story).

8/26/2020 - Shocking footage captured the moment last week when an Uber passenger demanded to be let out of the car because his driver was Jewish, the UK-based Daily Mail reported. “I don’t like Jews. I’m not going to ride with a Jewish dog,” the passenger demanded. (Link to full story).

8/26/2020 -The man responsible for planting a fake bomb outside a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam was sentenced to jail by a Dutch court on Wednesday. The accused, referred to as “Hassan N” in the Dutch media, was handed a one-year sentence with four months suspended. He has two previous convictions for antisemitism and last year was found guilty of sending a threatening letter to a neighbor. (Link to full story).

8/24/2020 - Austria’s interior minister confirmed on Monday that police in the southern city of Graz had arrested a man suspected of assaulting the president of the local Jewish community over the weekend. Speaking at a news conference in the capital, Vienna, Karl Nehammer said the suspect — who was arrested on Sunday night, had “confessed in full.” In an earlier series of tweets on Sunday night, Neehammer identified the alleged perpetrator as a “31-year-old Syrian citizen who has been living in Austria since 2013.” (Link to full story).

8/24/2020 - Anti-Semitic posters blaming Jews for the COVID-19 pandemic appeared over the weekend in the southern Argentine city of Neuquen, nearly 700 miles south of Buenos Aires. The posters contained phrases such as “The Jews are the virus” and “Argentines Awake to the World Jewish Dictatorship.” (Link to full story).

8/24/2020 - Jewish organizations in southern California expressed outrage over the weekend after banners with sinister antisemitic slogans were seen hanging from a freeway overpass. The three home-made banners were draped an overpass on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles on Saturday, close to the Florence Avenue exit in Inglewood. (Link to full story).

8/23/2020 - The State Medical Board of Ohio permanently revoked the medical training certificate of a former Cleveland Clinic resident, Lara Kollab, who posted virulently anti-Semitic comments and threats on social media, cleveland.com reported on Saturday. (Link to full story).

8/24/2020 - The entire leadership of Britain's biggest Muslim charity has resigned after it emerged that it had replaced a trustee who had stepped down over antisemitic posts with a man who glorified terror attacks against Israel, and described the Jewish state as the "Zionist enemy." (Link to full story).

8/21/2020 - Antisemitic protests that have been staged outside a synagogue in Michigan, for nearly two decades will be allowed to continue, a local judge ruled this week. The demonstrations, featuring signs that say “Jewish Power Corrupts” and “Resist Jewish Power,” have been taking place during Shabbat services at Beth Israel Synagogue in Ann Arbor. (Link to full story)

8/21/2020 - French-Israeli member of the French National Assembly Meyer Habib condemned a recent campaign launched by the BDS organization Palestine Will Win, which ridiculed and named the French riders of Israel Start-Up Nation (ISN) - the Israeli professional cycling team - claiming that by participating in the 2020 Tour de France they are in turn supporting "Israeli apartheid through sport." Some comments called for the harm of the riders, alluding to "a sniper on the Tour," referring to it "'bird shooting' as they do in Palestine." (Link to full story)

8/20/2020 - The FBI Records Vault issued a formal apology after their Twitter account shared links to the bureau’s files on “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion,” a decades-old text that espouses the dangerous conspiracy theory that Jewish people are seeking world domination. The tweet, which was issued with no context or explanation, sparked confusion and anger from social media users. The FBI Records Vault tweeted “We regret that this release may have inadvertently caused distress among the communities we serve.” (Link to full story).

 8/20/2020 - A British architect who called Jews “inventers of European racism” has been banned by the UK licensing board. The action against Kellow, which is unusually harsh, was based on the committee’s decision that Kellow was guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” when he posted in April 2019 on Facebook. (Link to full story).

8/29/2020 - Police arrested a Long Island man after he allegedly called them to complain about social distancing at a Yeshiva summer camp and would “go out there with a freakin’ machine gun and shoot all these people” if nothing was done, a local New York CBS affiliate reported Tuesday. Nassau County police said they received a call from 58-year-old Nicola Pelle of Inwood who lives next door to Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island, complaining that kids at the Yeshiva’s summer day camp were not following health guidelines. (Link to full story).

 8/19/2020 - "Heil Hitler" and "Juden" sprayed on a Jewish house in Lyon France while the family was away on vacations. The League against Racism and Antisemitism (LICRA), a French NGO, announced over social media that they will take the matter to court, explaining that “Neo-Nazis are enemies of the Republic and its values,” and “they must be fought as such with all means of law.” (Link to full story).

8/19/2020 - California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law on Monday to require an ethnic-studies course requirement for matriculation from California State University (CSU), starting with the 2021-22 school year. The groups noted that vetoing AB-1460 was necessary because anti-Zionist advocacy and the promotion of BDS are an intrinsic part of critical ethnic studies; critical ethnic-studies faculty have repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to promote BDS and anti-Zionist advocacy in their academic programming and classrooms; and faculty support and promotion of BDS are linked to the harassment of Jewish students. (Link to full story).

8/19/2020 - Three people are facing charges in connection with anti-Semitic graffiti painted on businesses in University Heights, OH. On Monday, Bo Briele Truitt, 23, and Gabriel Truitt, 20, were charged with ethnic intimation, inducing panic, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal damaging. A 16-year-old Beachwood girl was also charged. Bo Truitt is already in custody and a warrant is out for Gabriel Truitt’s arrest. (Link to full story).

8/18/2020 - Antisemitic slogans scratched outside the Philadelphia house of prayer widely known as the “Synagogue of the American Revolution” are being investigated by local police. The messages “Jews are Scum” and “Long Live Hitler” alongside a Nazi swastika were scratched onto a sign outside the synagogue. After the scrawls were discovered by an employee of the synagogue, police opened an investigation. (Link to full story).

8/16/2020 - The Democratic Socialists of America’s New York City chapter is asking New York City Council candidates to pledge not to visit Israel in return for the group’s support, NY1 reported on Friday. “Do you pledge not to travel to Israel if elected to City Council in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation?” the survey asks. Backlash to the controversial questionnaire was immediate.State Senator Anna Kaplan told the news site. “And the exclusion of every other country with this questionnaire, just targeting Israel, is a very anti-Semitic position.”  (Link to full story).

8/14/2020 - The video-sharing app TikTok has become a magnet for extremists who spread antisemitic and racist content to recruit new followers, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) warned in a new report this week. (Link to full story).

8/13/2020 - An Air Force memorial in Athens, Greece, was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti translated as "Satanic Jews Out".

8/13/2020 - Austrian Airlines announced on Thursday that it had fired one of its flight attendants (Christina Kohl)  after video footage emerged of her chanting antisemitic slogans at a far-right demonstration in Vienna. (Link to full story).

8/13/2020 - The New York Police Department (NYPD) has opened a hate crimes investigation following two separate incidents of antisemitic vandalism this week on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. On Tuesday, the office of NY Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright was daubed with white paint alongside a note littered with antisemitic and sexist phrases that was apparently written by the culprit. Later on the same day, Eileen Toback, executive director of the New York Professional Nurses Union reported antisemitic graffiti by her office, which is located close to Seawright’s office. Written in green marker on a construction porta-potty, the message contained sexist and antisemitic tropes similar to those contained in the note left for Seawright. (Link to full story).

8/12/2020 - The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) strongly condemns the remark recently made by Miko Grimes, wife of former Miami Dolphins and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ cornerback Brent Grimes, on Twitter in which she stated “Gotta respect Ross for keeping his Jew buddies employed…” referring to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ hiring of Mike Tannenbaum as Executive Vice President of Football Operations. (Link to full story).

8/11/2020 - In a statement on Tuesday, the National Bureau for Vigilance and Countering Antisemitism (BNVCA), a group that advocates for victims of antisemitic violence, said that it “denounces and condemns” the assault, which occurred in an apartment building in the 19th arrondissement district of the French capital where a sizable Jewish community lives. During the ride, one of the men told the victim, “Dirty Jew, dirty Jewish son of a whore, you’re a dead man, dirty Jew.” The pair then attacked David with heavy blows that left him unconscious for several minutes. He was reported to be recovering from his ordeal. (Link to full story).

8/10/2020 - A Jewish former professional baseball player has charged that antisemitism is “rampant” in the sport, in the wake an incident last week in which an Oakland Athletics assistant coach gave an apparent Nazi salute following a victory over the Texas Rangers. Among the incidents Decker recounted included a minor league game against the Frisco Rough Riders in Texas, during which several members of the opposing team called him and fellow Jewish teammate Nate Freiman “kikes.” (Link to full story).

8/10/2020 - Vandals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, painted swastikas on the outside wall and the door of the Kesher Israel synagogue. The members of the congregation were shaken when learned of the incident. The swastikas were washed off and the incident is under investigation by the local police.

8/8/2020 - The national leadership of NAACP rebuked the president of its Philadelphia branch, Rodney Muhammad, but stopped short of firing him, for sharing an anti-Semitic meme a couple weeks ago in defense of black celebrities who have come under fire lately for anti-Semitism. NAACP spokesperson Austyn Ross said that “Hate speech has no place at the NAACP, and such language and imagery are reprehensible.” Meanwhile, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia said on Aug. 2 that it will no longer work with the Philadelphia NAACP as long as Muhammad is there. (Link to full story).

8/7/2020 - A man at a bar in Leeds, England, told a Jewish college student on Thursday that she should be “gassed” with other Jews in a confrontation that was filmed on the victim’s phone, the Daily Mail reported. The video, taken at a bar owned by the Wetherspoon company, at first showed a man telling Danielle Greyman, 21, that she looked like a Jew, before he identified himself as German. The woman he was with then denied that they were racist. (Link to full story).

8/7/2020 - Glos Polski, a Toronto based weekly Polish-language newspaper, published an article blaming Jewish people for Covid-19 virus. According to Canadian B’nai Brith, the article also blamed Jews for the creation of ISIS, and accused Israel for being the source of the world’s problems and “an emanation of the Devil himself.” B’nai Brith has filed a complaint with a local police.

8/7/2020 - A Jewish student leader at the University of Southern California (USC) has resigned over abuse she said she had faced due to her backing of Israel. Rose Ritch, the now-former vice president of the Undergraduate Student Government at the Los Angeles school wrote in an open letter published on Wednesday. (Link to full story).

8/6/2020 - Antisemitism rem   ains a widespread phenomenon among Muslims in the UK, especially among those who live in communities where comparatively few non-Muslims reside, a new report has revealed. Published by the global affairs think tank The Henry Jackson Society (HJS), the study showed that one particular antisemitic trope, the “dual loyalty” charge that UK Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Great Britain was pronounced among Muslims. (Link to full story).

8/4/2020 - Patrick Gaspard, a former Obama administration official and president of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, blasted former president Bill Clinton on Friday for condemning Stokely Carmichael, a racial separatist who called Hitler the only white man he could respect. (Link to full story).

8/3/2020 -  A former NFL player, Larry Johnson, who has an ugly history of posting anti-Semitic tropes and Holocaust denial, was at it again, tweeting that there is a secret “Jewish cabal” that carries out perverse crimes like “Ritualistic Child Torture” and “Human Sacrifice/Murder.” While there were many responses condemning the anti-Semitic tweet, there was also frustration that Twitter continues to turn a blind eye when it comes to hatred directed at Jews. (Link to full story).

8/3/2020 - Four men ranging in age from 27 to 38 years old were arrested for trespassing on a railroad bridge in Queen Creek, AZ. According to reports, three are residents of Arizona and one is from Oklahoma. On Saturday morning the suspects were seen hanging the banner from the bridge which stated “Hitler was right” and contained their website address. Sheriff’s deputies caught the men posing with the banner and taking photos. The men initially told deputies they were exercising their first amendment rights. They were charged with a class 3 misdemeanor trespassing violation.

8/3/2020 - A little over a month after he was booted from YouTube for consistently posting antisemitic content, the French comedian and agitator Dieudonné has been permanently banned from the Facebook and Instagram social media platforms for the same offense. A Facebook spokesperson on Monday confirmed that Dieudonné had used “dehumanizing terms against Jews” in several of his posts. (Link to full story).

8/2/2020 - A top Australian Jewish group on Sunday denounced a “broader and alarming pattern” of anti-Semitism after a Jewish man and his son were verbally assaulted in Melbourne. The pair, who were wearing yarmulkes and thus visibly Jewish, were on a street in the heavily Jewish suburb of Caulfield when a man in his late 30s or early 40s began screaming anti-Semitic epithets. "If you keep looking at me, I’m gonna smash your fucking faces in, you Jew dogs.” (Link to full story)

7/31/2020 - An Albuquerque, New Mexico based Holocaust Museum and Gellert Center for Education was vandalized as it's large centerpiece window with a photo of an early 1960s civil rights march in the background was shattered. Nobody was injured as at the time of incident the museum was closed. It's currently scheduled to reopen on September 1.

7/31/2020 - Diana Richardson, a Democrat who represents the 43rd district in Brooklyn, which includes the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Crown Heights, called on her Instagram followers to boycott media companies under ViacomCBS, which fired Cannon earlier this month for propagating anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. (Link to full story).

7/31/2020 - British Jewry experienced “the third-highest number of anti-Semitic incidents” in the first six months of the year, according to statistics compiled by the Community Security Trust (CST) and published on Thursday. The CST’s half-year report found 789 anti-Semitic incidents that were recorded between January and June of this year. The report said that most, 673, were “verbal abuse, anti-Semitic graffiti, anti-Semitic abuse via social media and one-off cases of hate mail.” Online incidents broke a record for CST’s half-yearly reports with 344 incidents. (Link to full story).

7/31/2020 - Police in Cleveland, Ohio is seeking a public help to ID a person responsible for spray-painting anti-Semitic messages on number of Jewish owned businesses. They released a photo of what appears to be a white male in his 20's with a surgical mask and dark glasses covering his face. Among the targeted entities were Mika’s Wig Boutique and the Waxman Torah Center.    

7/31/2020 - City of Charleston officials say police are investigating a vandalism at the Holocaust museum as a hate crime. The investigation into the incident began on the night of July 24 when a police officer responded to Marion Square for a vandalism, and was told that a plaque at the Holocaust Memorial site had been vandalized. According to a police report the following words were written on the plaque using a green marker: “Wake UP Israel (Negroes) !!!” “Ashkenazi Jews” “FAKE JEWS” which the police report indicated was written twice on the plaque “The so called ‘Negroes’ are the REAL JEWS of the Bible!!!” (Link to full story).

7/30/2020 - Israeli officials expressed shock and outrage Thursday after a Twitter company official told a Knesset committee that repeated tweets by Iranian leaders calling for Israel’s destruction do not violate Twitter company policy. “You thought incitement is incitement is incitement? Not by Twitter’s double-standard morals,” tweeted Minister of Strategic Affairs Orit Farkash-Hacohen. (Link to full story).

7/29/2020 - Canadian Jewish actor, Seth Rogan, questioned the purpouse for Israel's existance during the hour long podcast. His comments included the following: "To me it just seems an antiquated thought process. If it is for religious reasons, I don’t agree with it, because I think religion is silly.",  "I also think that as a Jewish person I was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel my entire life!." (Link to full story).

7/29/2020 - A 20 year-old special needs student, who happens to be an orthodox Jew, was assaulted by a stranger as he was leaving Hebrew Academy for Special Children at Webster Avenue area in Brooklyn.  The assailant punched the young man in the face several times and also hit him over the head with a rock. The injured student was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. NYPD is investigating the incident.

7/28/2020 - NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is looking for two black teenagers suspected in four incidents of anti-Semitic harassment perpetrated in Brooklyn's Bedford avenue section. A short video captured them riding a bike, while one suspect is holding a black hat stolen from Hasidic man. The suspects are facing the grand larceny charges.

7/28/2020 - A crazed man armed with an ax tried to disrupt a morning service at the synagogue in Mariupol, Ukraine. He was met by the security guard who fought him for the control of the ax and eventually chased the intruder off. The entire episode was caught on tape by synagogue’s security cameras.

7/28/2020 - Rapper Jay Electronica called Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean and director of global social action of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a "coward" and a "devil". Jay Electronica, whose real name is Timothy Thedford, also tweeted in support Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has an extensive history of anti-Jewish rhetoric. "Sit down w The Hon. Louis Farrakhan or The Exec Council of The NOI and defend your claims and prove us wrong. WE are INDEED THE TRUE Children of Israel. And you are an imposter and birthright stealer as described in the scriptures."  (Link to full story).

7/27/2020 -  Ishmael Muhammad, national assistant minister to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, said earlier this month that it was a Jew who had first invested in the Ku Klux Klan, and that Jewish merchants sold sheets, guns and ropes to Klan members. Muhammad said in his July 12 speech that the Jews have always been spying on blacks and that the COVID-19 vaccine is part of a plot to reduce the global population, which he attributed to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. (Link to full story).

7/27/2020 - A Florida man is being charged in connection with the vandalism of two Reform synagogues in Sarasota. Victor Martinez, 21, was named by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office as the previously unidentified man who spray-painted swastikas and hate messages on Temple Sinai and Temple Emanu-El this month. He also has been implicated in a vandalism attack on Temple Emanu-El in April, the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. (Link to full story).

7/26/2020 - A host of Jewish organizations, leaders, and their non-Jewish allies are preparing to boycott Twitter and Instagram after the social media giants failed to react promptly to a ferocious antisemitic rant by the British rapper Wiley. Using the hashtag #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate, the boycott will begin Monday morning and continue for 48 hours. (Link to full story).

7/26/2020 - Jewish leaders called for the removal of the head of the Philadelphia branch of the NAACP over the weekend after he posted an antisemitic picture on Facebook. Rodney Muhammad posted an image of celebrities Ice Cube, DeSean Jackson, and Nick Cannon — all of whom recently made antisemitic statements — over a grotesque caricature of a stereotypical “Jew.”  (Link to full story).

7/25/2020 - Rapper Wiley has been dropped by his management following anti-Semitic posts on his social media accounts. Wiley's Twitter account has been temporarily locked while Instagram said it had deleted some of his content, after a long series of posts on both platforms on Friday and Saturday. The social media giants are facing growing pressure to close his accounts. Police said they were looking at "relevant material" as critics accused Wiley of incitement to racial hatred. (Link to full story).

7/24/2020 - The leader of Britain's largest Muslim charity has quit after putting anti-Semitic posts on social media. Heshmat Khalifa , a former trustee and director of Islamic Relief Worldwide, said the Jews are 'grandchildren of monkeys and pigs.' Mr Khalifa also described Egypt's president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as a 'Zionist pimp' on his Facebook page, as reported by The Times. (Link to full story).

7/22/2020 - A spray painted swastika was discovered near the Jewish Community Center in New Haven, Connecticut. The local authorities are investigating the incident.

7/20/2020 - Anti-Semitic sign "Hitler is great" was scribbled with white chalk on the Crown Heights, Brooklyn sidewalk. The local resident has discovered the sign and called the police. Unfortunately nobody showed up. He later reported the incident to the ADL who in turn contacted the authorities.

7/19/2020 - Madonna posted a trailer for a speech by notorious anti-Semitic preacher Louis Farrakhan to her Instagram account on July 4, which has since racked up over 710,000 views, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reported. Several of Madonna’s followers expressed surprise at her post, JTA reports, not only because of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism, but also because of his statements against the LGBTQ community, which Madonna supports. (Link to full story).

7/19/2020 - Former NBA superstar Charles Barkley voiced his disappointment on Thursday in black celebrities including Nick Cannon, DeSean Jackson, Stephen Jackson and Ice Cube for their recent antisemitic remarks. “These black men out here who have been antisemitic, it’s gotta stop, man,” he said. “What the hell are y’all doin? Y’all want racial equality. We all do. I don’t understand how insulting another group helps our cause. I don’t understand in any shape or form.” (Link to full story).

7/16/2020 - Two Jewish synagogues (Temple Sinai and Temple Emanu-el) were vandalized on Wednesday in Sarasota, Florida. The vandal was caught on surveillance camera at  2 a.m., painting hateful messages and swastikas on the walls of those synagogues. Temple Emanu-el was vandalized just 4 months ago. Two temples issued a statement saying that: "we will not allow hate to distract us from the holy work that defines our temple missions.”

7/16/2020 - July 4th 3-hour hate speech by Louis Farrakhan was played on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ “Revolt” YouTube channel, heading toward a million views. United with Israel, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, Honest Reporting and others mounted an effort to get YouTube to remove the video for violating its terms of use, which prohibit hate speech. The campaign succeeded in forcing Diddy to remove the speech from “Revolt TV.” In his hate tirade Mr. Farrakhan was heard saying: “Those of you that say that you’re Jews, I will not even give you the honor of calling you a Jew. You are not a Jew… you are Satan and it is my job now to pull the cover off of Satan so that every Muslim, when he sees Satan, pick up a stone, as we do in Mecca.” (Link to full story).

7/16/2020 - In a social media climate riddled with antisemitic messages from personalities such as DeSean Jackson and Ice Cube, it’s easy to overlook hate speech from sources that aren’t as high-profile. As is often the case, however, the prejudice that flies under the radar is just as vile as the rest and perhaps even more dangerous. Consider the UK-based organization Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK), which recently tweeted a message touting notoriously bigoted academic Norman Finkelstein and his book The Holocaust Industry, a virulently antisemitic work whose claims include allegations that Jews use the Holocaust as a cynical scheme aimed at stifling purportedly legitimate criticism of Israel. (Link to full story).

7/16/2020 - Ice Cube, an American rapper, actor and long time supporter of Louis Farrakhan, mastered a response to criticism by the NBA Hall of Famer and writer, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, with the following tweet: 'Shame on the Hollywood Reporter who obviously gave my brother Kareem 30 pieces of silver to cut us down without even a phone call." It's an obvious reference by Ice Cube to the biblical story of Judas selling out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. It today's world being called Judas is the price for speaking out against vicious anti-Semites.

7/15/2020 - A Labour councillor has been suspended over Facebook posts promoting alleged anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Anne Pissaridou is the second Labour representative from Brighton and Hove to face investigation in relation to alleged antisemitic content, putting Labour’s minority control of the council at risk. (Link to full story)

7/15/2020 - NBA Hall of Famer, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, currently a columnist with The Hollywood Reporter noted in his article: “Anti-Semitic tweets and posts from sports and entertainment celebrities are a very troubling omen for the future of the Black Lives Matter movement, but so too is the shocking lack of massive indignation”. The six-time NBA champion said he was shocked at the lack of response from people in Hollywood and the sports world who should have been highly aware of the hate comments and reacted as vociferously as they would other forms of racism. “We expected more passionate public outrage. What we got was a shrug of meh-rage,” he wrote. (Link to full story).

7/14/2020 - A Florida State University student government resolution that sought to combat antisemitism and ensure the empowerment of Jewish students on campus was successfully filibustered last week by the Student Senate, whose president has himself been accused of antisemitism. Ahmad Daraldik, who is Palestinian-American. It was later discovered that Daraldik had made numerous offensive comments online, such as “stupid Jew” and “fuck Israel.” In addition, a web page belonging to Daraldik openly minimizes the Holocaust, calling it simply an “atrocity” and comparing Israel unfavorably to Nazi Germany. (Link to full story).

7/13/2020 - NYPD is looking for three suspects who assaulted an Orthodox Jewish man in front of 2525 Kings Highway, near East 27th Street , Brooklyn over the weekend. The assailants pulled up next to the 51-year-old and started yelling anti-Semitic profanities. They then proceeded to attack him physically leaving the man with bruised up face and a broken finger. The suspects are described as young man approximately 18 to 20 years old. NYPD is investigating the incident.

7/13/2020 - French judges have ordered two men to stand trial for the brutal 2018 killing of an elderly Jewish woman that prompted an outcry over a rise in antisemitic acts. Mireille Knoll, 85 and suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was stabbed in her Paris apartment by attackers who later set her body on fire, apparently to hide evidence of their crime. She had escaped the mass deportation of Jews from France during the second world war by fleeing abroad. (Link to full story).

7/13/2020 - Entertainer and television host Nick Cannon recently published on YouTube a 2019 episode of his online talk show “Cannon’s Class,” pushing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and praising Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. On the video, Cannon, who hosted “America’s Got Talent” from 2009 to 2016 and currently hosts “The Masked Singer,” interviewed Richard Griffin. Griffin, better known as Professor Griff, was a member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy until he was forced out in 1989 after making anti-Semitic statements in an interview with the The Washington Times. Cannon praised Griffin’s words, calling his message “fearless” and saying that he stuck to his guns. (Link to full story).

7/12/2020 - Police officer in Gruissan, Southern France, discovered 20 desecrated tombstones at the local cemetery. Written in black ink were swastikas and hateful messages: “Death to Jews,” “Death to France”. Channel 3 Occitania reported that the cemetery was shut down so that local authorities can investigate the incident.

7/11/2020 - A 51-year-old Jewish man was crossing Kings Highway in Midwood section of Brooklyn, when passengers in gray SUV started hurling "you fucking Jew" expletives at him. When he responded three man in their 20s got out of the SUV, chased the man and physically assaulted him. Police are investigating the incident.

Police in Brooklyn are investigating a possible bias crime. Video shows a man being chased down by a group of people. It happened on July 11 at around 3 p.m. on Kings Highway in Midwood. Police say the 51-year-old Jewish man was crossing the street when he got into an argument with three people in a gray SUV yelling expletives. The people allegedly yelled "You *expletive* Jew" out of their car window at the man. It then escalated, until the group pulled over, got out of the SUV, and began punching the man. The individuals wanted for questioning in this incident are described as three men, 20-30 years in age.

7/10/2020 - NFL Hall of Famer and Fox Sports commentator Shannon Sharpe defended a well-known anti-Semite on Wednesday. Sharpe and his “Undisputed” co-host, Skip Bayless, discussed the rhetoric of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson posted a series of anti-Semitic messages earlier this week. The Anti-Defamation League describes Farrakhan as “quite possibly America’s most popular anti-Semite.” In an article outlining the minister’s bigotry, the ADL lists a series of inflammatory quotes that Farrakhan has said regarding the Jewish people. (Link to full story).

7/9/2020 - B’nai Brith Canada filed a hate crime complaint with Peel Regional Police in the town of Mississauga. Several dozen of protesters demonstrating against the annexation plan of the parts of West Bank chanted anti-Semitic slogans in Arabic: "Palestine is our country, and the Jews are our dogs!”, “martyrs by the millions” to “march to Jerusalem.” B'nai Brith representative noted that "Opposition to Israeli policy can never be used as an excuse to demean Jews as ‘dogs’ or to threaten violence against them.”

7/9/2020 - Popular right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro said the lack of left-wing reaction to DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic tweets showed that anti-Semitism is the last hatred still allowed in American. “You can literally quote Hitler,” said Shapiro, Fox News reported Thursday. (Link to full story).

7/7/2020 - An unnamed student at 21st Century Business University in Cordoba, Argentina recorded an online class featuring Professor Esteban Lizondo giving a lecture about international politics. During the lecture, the venerable professor dived into blatantly anti-Semitic waters saying that creation of Israel was a "surrender to Zionist lobby in exchange for money and that money demonstrates the power that the Jews have." He later provided couple of remarks that would make any neo-Nazi smile: "And not for nothing, go fight a Jew for money. Why do you guys think the Nazis killed so many Jews? Because of the envy they had. Imagine Germans bleeding to death in a terminal economic crisis, with hyperinflation, and the Jews just kept getting rich.” The university stated that it doesn’t tolerate discrimination, and that the incident will be investigated.

7/7/2020 - TikTok has deleted a collection of videos found by the BBC to be using a "sickening" anti-Semitic song that gained more than 6.5 million views. The song surfaced on the app on Sunday and includes the lyrics: "We're going on a trip to a place called Auschwitz, it's shower time." The first video to use the song showed a giant robot scorpion with a swastika attacking and killing people. (Link to full story).

7/7/2020 - Last week, the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo broke a small but important story: While circulating a letter among Democrats that threatens Israel with the elimination of military aid, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) touted the support of leading anti-Semitic groups that push for boycotts of Israel. At the time she was circulating it, the letter had yet to be made public. (Link to full story).

7/7/2020 - “The current study of anti-Semitic activity in 2019 has shown that Israel-related harassment continues to be the dominant and steadily increasing form of behavior targeting Jewish students for harm and is easily adaptable to the online platforms that are likely to play a major role in the 2020-2021 academic year, and perhaps longer,” the AMCHA report said. (Link to full story).

7/7/2020 - A former NBA player, Stephen Jackson, no relation to DeSean Jackson, came to the defense of the former in his own video post. His message to the world was that DeSean Jackson was speaking the truth when referencing Hitler and Louis Farrakhan. "He was trying to educate people, educate himself, and he’s speaking the truth. Right? He’s speaking the truth. He don’t hate nobody but he’s speaking the truth of what he knows and trying to educate others. But y’all don’t want him to educate ourselves,” Stephen Jackson said."

7/6/2020 - A leading Canadian Jewish group called for action to be taken against a York University professor who defamed Zionism and downplayed Holocaust denial. On June 10, Faisal Bhabha, an associate professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, said during an online debate, “Zionism isn’t about self-determination, it’s about Jewish supremacy.” “Accusing Israel of exaggerating the Holocaust could be, for some, a plausible argument.” (Link to full story)

7/6/2020 - The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson posted messages on the Instagram part of which he incorrectly attributed to Hitler: "Because the white Jews knows that the Negroes are the real Children of Israel and to keep Americas secret the Jews will blackmail America. They will extort America, their plan for world domination won't work if the Negroes know who they were. The white citizens of America will be terrified to know that all this time they've been mistreating and discriminating and lynching the Children of Israel." He also expressed an admiration for Nation of Islam's leader Louis Farrakhan, a vicious anti-Semite. The postings since have been deleted from the Instagram. Philadelphia Eagles and NFL condemned the message and are evaluating the situation.

7/6/2020 - Rapper and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs tweeted support on Friday for notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan by promoting the Nation of Islam leader’s Fourth of July address that aired Saturday on Revolt TV, a cable channel founded by Combs. (Link to full story).

7/6/2020 - Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivered a three-hour speech that was streamed live on the Nation of Islam's YouTube channel and shown on the Revolt TV. As usual he spent ample amount of time vilifying the Jews. Mr. Farrakhan claimed that the Jews poisoned him with a radiated seed to test if he is a man of God. He also sais that  "I represent the uncovering of their wickedness, fulfilling the judgment that God has come to bring down on America and the world." Farrakhan accused Israel of disseminating guns, drugs and counterfeit money in minority communities in U.S. cities. There was no bad deed left that he did not accuse Jews and Israel being culpable of.

  7/3/2020 - A Toronto eatery named Foodbenders, located in Bloordale part of the city, posted a "zionistsnotwelcome" hashtag on the Instagram. The owner claimed that she was "not referring to Jewish people, It's about state government". So how would she distinguish the two, ask every Jewish visitor for his or her political views before letting them in? That in it's essence is anti-Semitism.

7/2/2020 - Muir Park in Modesto, California was vandalized with neo-Nazi graffiti. Spray painted on the wall and a structure were swastikas and Nazi slogans: “Heil Hitler,” “Honor blood soil” and “SS.” Local police is investigating the incident as a potential hate crime.

7/2/2020 - Anti-Semitic behavior toward Jews is alarmingly common in Switzerland, a new academic study of victim experiences published on Thursday revealed. The report, conducted by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), surveyed 500 Swiss Jews about their experiences of anti-Semitism, discovering that 50 percent of the respondents had been personally targeted for anti-Semitic abuse during the last five years. There are estimated 18,000 Jews currently live in Switzerland. (Link to full story).

6/30/2020 - Anti-Israeli demonstrations dubbed as Day of Rage took place on Wednesday in several U.S. cities. Some participants in Brooklyn demonstrations were heart shouting the slogans that were calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. "“We don’t wanna go just back to our homes in Gaza and the West Bank", "We want all of it", We don’t want your two states", "From the river to the sea".

6/30/2020 - The domestic intelligence agency for the city-state of Berlin disclosed  in a new report on antisemitism that Iran’s clerical regime is a leading sponsor of Jew-hatred. The Berlin report noted that the German right-wing extremist politician Udo Voigt, who is considered a neo-Nazi, demonstrated support for Iran’s regime. (Link to full story).

6/30/2020 - YouTube terminated channel of Jew-hating French "comedian" Dieudonné  due to “repeated violations of our YouTube community policies.” Dieudonné is well known for his anti-Semitic propaganda which up until now he could spread to his 400,000 YouTube followers. He still is active on Twitter and Facebook.

6/29/2020 - Series of anti-Semitic insults and threats were directed at the Joel Runinfield, Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism (LBCA) president. The following hateful messages were posted on the Facebook: “I love the ovens and the Nazis, but not you” and “Vive Monsieur Faurisson”, a reference to the late French Holocaust denier, Robert Faurisson. The Brussels public prosecutor's office is investigating the matter.

6/29/2020 - Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, a candidate for Ann Arbor Michigan, City Council organized a series of protests outside Congregation Beth Israel with signs like “Jewish Power Corrupts”, “Zionism is Racism” and “Resist Jewish Power”. Ms. Savabieasfahani also called for boycotts of the State of Israel. A federal lawsuit has been filed against the protesters and the city of Ann Arbor

6/21/2020 - An 84-year-old Jewish woman in Gagny suburb of Paris is recuperating from a severe shock after a piece of concrete was hurled into her ground-floor window. Fortunately she was not physically hurt but was visibly shaken up according to The National Office for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BVNCA) . Gagny has a sad history of attacks against the elderly Jewish residents. Local police in investigating the incident.

6/21/2020 - A new study by researchers at University of Haifa revealed that extreme anti-Semitic propaganda is being spread around through Chinese Tik Tok social media platform which attracts a large number of young adults and children.

6/21/2020 - An unprovoked attack on the Jewish man occurred in Carson City, NE over the weekend. The assailant, described as a Hispanic male in the blue shirt, first demanded the money and then proceeded with the stabbing. He made a Nazi salute and yelled "Hail Hitler you piece of sh''t’. Local authorities are investigating the incident.

6/20/2020 - Arab Israeli Balad political party openly commemorated the 90th anniversary of execution of three Arab terrorists who massacred over one hundred Jews in Hebron and Tzfat during the British Mandate period in 1929. The Facebook post referred to the murderers as “the martyrs of the Al-Buraq revolution.”

6/20/2020 - “Open to all, minus cops and Zionists” was the poster desseminated for “Day of Action” event which was hosted by a group called Muslims for Abolition. (Link to full story).

6/16/2020 - Given the latest trend of growing anti-Semitism in Canada, it was not a big surprise that the latest police data showed Jews to be the most targeted ethnic group for hate crimes last year in Toronto and its suburbs. In fact, 32% of all incidents classified as hate crimes were perpetrated against the Jews.

6/16/2020 - The leader of France’s main far-left political party has continued to face criticism for dismissing chants of “Dirty Jews!” that were heard at last Saturday’s huge anti-racism demonstration in Paris as “gossip.” Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the left-wing LFI Party (La France Insoumise) tweeted an indignant response to an announcement from the Paris Prefecture of Police that the antisemitic chants had been reported to judicial authorities for further investigation. (Link to full story).

6/14/2020 - The watchdog group Canary Mission reported that white supremacists are responsible for a large proportion of the online anti-Semitism that blames Jews for the coronavirus pandemic. The 38-page report details what lies are being spread and who and how they are spreading them. (Link to full story).  

6/13/2020 - A Holocaust memorial at Nashville's Jewish Community Center was vandalized with white supremacist symbols and anti-Semitic language. A sheet was taped to the memorial exhibit with writings saying “Kikes Lie, Whites Die”. It also referenced number 14 which stands for 14 words in a white supremacist motto and number 88 which refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet, representing “Heil Hitler.” Center administration reassured the public that they have a solid security system.

6/13/2020 - While many of his peers have been sending messages decrying injustice and intolerance, American rapper and actor Ice Cube spent the week posting antisemitic content on Twitter to his 5.3 million followers, including several anti-Semitic memes suggesting that Jews are fomenting the oppression of black people. (Link to full story).  

- ADL (Anti-Defamation League) was slammed for 'weak' response to Ice Cube's anti-Semitic tweets. They devoted just meek two sentences on their Twitter account in response to pretty hateful rant by Louis Farrakhan's admirer. (Link to full story)

6/10/2020 - Three Penn State female students posted an online photos where they are shown laughing while flushing swastikas painted on their back shoulders. Penn State officials said that they will get in contact with women on the pictures but Jewish groups want them to be expelled from the university. 

6/10/2020 - Swastikas, Star of David and curse word were spray painted on the concrete wall near Beavercreek shopping center in the suburb of Dayton, OH. Good Samaritan alerted the authorities and the offensive images were painted over.

6/10/2020 - An anti-Semitic fliers are appearing on the Internet. It reads the following: "If Jewish Americans make up 2% of the population why do they get a special privilege when it comes to top universities?". According to ADL, "the claim that Jews are able to manipulate institutions, including universities, to benefit themselves at the expense of non-Jews, is a classic antisemitic trope." (Link to full story).  

6/7/2020 - During the live street interview with Fox News a Brooklyn man, who identified himself as 34-year-old Ace Burns, made a threat to burn down the Diamond district unless Governor and the Mayor meet with protesters. He also noted that  "gasoline, thanks to Trump, is afully cheap". Mr. Burns was promptly detained by NYPD and charged with one count each of making terroristic threats, aggravated harassment and false reporting. As of Sunday he was still in central booking.

6/5/2020 - The Village Shul synagogue out of Toronto, Canada, was holding a virtual Shabbat evening Kiddush ceremony via Zoom video-conferencing app when several uninvited individuals connected to the religious ceremony with one of them yelling "“Hitler should have killed you all.” Toronto's Hate Crime Unit is investigating the incident as promotion of genocide is a crime in Canada.

6/5/2020 - A prominent Polish journalist, Rafal Ziemkiewicz, was called out for a hate speech by Open Republic Association. In his latest book Mr. Ziemkiewicz refers to Jews as "ruthless" and calls Holocaust “a myth. He writes that "Zionism because of the Holocaust, or rather the myth of the Holocaust, which it built itself, gained particular cruelty." Open Republic Association referred the author to the Warsaw prosecutor’s office.

6/1/2020 - Video footage of a vandal was caught by Brooklyn's Boro Park Shmira around 11:00 PM  on Monday. It shows a masked man stops in front of Congregation Zichron Chaim Shia Sorvosh, pulls some object from his bag, throws in into the building and runs off leaving behind pieces of broken glass. NYPD has apprehended the suspect shortly after the incident not too far from the synagogue.

5/31/2020 - Anti-police graffiti along with a swastika and Star of David were spray painted on Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA. Couple of volunteers cleaned it up next day. There is a camera overlooking the bridge but it's not clear if the act of vandalism was recorded.

5/30/2020 - The violent riots sweeping major cities across United States somehow found Congregation Beth Israel, one of the oldest synagogues in Los Angeles. Spray painted on it's wall the graffiti read "Fuck Israel" and "Free Palestine". It's doubtful that this incident will be investigated since local authorities have their hand full with ongoing demonstrations. Jewish advocacy groups condemned the anti-Semitic graffiti.

5/28/2020 - Number of vehicles and houses in Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego were vandalized with spray-painted swastikas and other anti-Semitic images. Authorities are investigating to determine if the incident needs to be treated as a hate crime.

5/27/2020 - A Quebec based Sepharade Kol Yehouda synagogue was vandalized by unknown assailants while it was closed due to corona virus pandemic. Many religious items were destroyed and dumped into toilet while the sacred Torah scrolls were ripped up and strewn all over the floor. Incident is under investigation by the local authorities. 

5/27/2020 - Jewish Community of Vienna has issued a report on Thursday which outlined the statistics regarding the state of anti-Semitism in Austria for the year of 2019. The report showed almost a 10% increase in anti-Semitic incidents compared to the previous year. The total number of reported incidents was 550. The breakdown was as follows: six physical assaults, 239 incidents of abusive behavior, 18 threats, 78 incidents that resulted in damage and desecration of Jewish property and 209 instances of mass-produced anti-Semitic literature.       

5/26/2020 - A large banner reading  "Welcome to the Zionist Police State" was displayed from the one of the apartments at Tower Hamlets housing that happens to face a Sephardic Jewish Novo Beth Chaim cemetery located in the Mile End neighborhood in East London. Metropolitan Police and the Tower Hamlets council made arrangements to have the banner removed. The incident is under investigation.

5/25/2020 - The result of just released study by researchers at the University of Oxford revealed that 20% of English people questioned in the poll believe that Jews created COVID-19 to collapse the economy for financial gain. (Link to full story).

5/24/2020 - A virulently anti-American and antisemitic cartoon tweeted by the Chinese Embassy in Paris on Monday previously appeared on several websites linked to white supremacists and Holocaust deniers. Accompanied by the text “Qui est le prochain?” (“Who’s next?”), the cartoon showed the figure of death draped in a US flag while holding a scythe embossed with the Star of David. The death figure stood alongside a row of doorways marked with the names of countries such as Syria, Venezuela and Hong Kong — all supposedly the targets of American and “Zionist” destabilization plots. (Link to full story).

5/24/2020 - A large swastika was spray painted on the wall of the Jewish owned business belonging to Eti Lazarian in DeKalb County, Georgia. This incident is the latest in the string of hateful incidents being investigated by local authorities.

5/20/2020 - Multiple windows were smashed at the building belonging to Reform Congregation Anshai Emeth in Peoria Illinois. The assailants unsuccessfully tried to break into synagogue and may have smashed the windows out of the spite.

5/20/2020 - A Irish member of the European Parliament was criticized on Wednesday after she slammed a European Jewish students organization for rebuking her over her participation in a webinar associated with the BDS movement that will include one participant from an organization linked to Palestinian terrorism and another who compared Israel to the Nazi regime. (Link to full story).

5/19/2020 - Mia Bahr, a Stanford University Undergraduate Senate member and a canditdate for      reelection, expressed intense dislike for Israel and the people who support the Jewish state. Her tweets and retweets uncluded the following: "If fyou support Israel, you can choke, honestly"; "Fuck Israel, free Palestine"; anyone who "won't support BDS is full of sheet". (Link to full story).

5/19/2020 - A young man in the mask and with hoodie over his head was caught drawing anti-Semitic graffiti on the inside wall of the J train at the Bowery street station, New York. The sign said “Fuck the Jews” and “Go to hell Donald Trump.” NYPD is investigating the incident.

5/18/2020 - Bradley Brooker, a UK resident, used TikTok media platform to showcase a video that jokes about the tattoos engraved on Jewish prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. The video was viewed over 600,000 times with 63,000 likes.

5/15/2020 - National Director of Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Jonathan Greenblatt announced Friday on Twitter that the tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Iran was torched. "Disturbing reports from Iran that the tomb of Esther & Mordechai, a holy Jewish site, was set afire overnight. We hope that the the authorities bring the perpetrators of this antisemitic act to justice & commit to protecting the holy sites of all religious minorities in Iran,” Greenblatt tweeted. (Link to full story).

5/13/2020 - Joseph Miner, 29-year old Joseph Miner and 40-year-old Daniel Jou were arrested in Bayside Queens after purchasing a cache of weapons with erased serial numbers from the undercover agents in the hotel room near LaGuardia airport. Miner frequently posted photos of himself doing Nazi salutes, commented “Heil Hitler” about a spate of anti-Semitic attacks in New York and even celebrated the brutal December attack in the Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, Rockland County.

5/13/2020 - The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said Tuesday that anti-Semitic incidents in New Jersey shot up by 73 percent last year, the most ever recorded in the state and the second-highest number recorded in any state across the country. (Link to full story).

5/10/2020 - The demand from the Department of Strategic Investigations of the Ukrainian national police, which combats organized crime was received by Yakov Zalischiker, the head of the Jewish community in the city of Kolomyia. Signed by Mykhailo Bank, a senior police official in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine, the letter demanded a copy of the community’s charter, together with “a list of community members with addresses and mobile phones” and “a list of Jewish students in universities of Kolomyia and Ivano-Frankivsk.”  (Link to full story).

5/10/2020 - A Queens couple, Paulo and Clelia Pinho, were arrested in Williamsburg, Brooklyn after confronting a group of Hasidic Jews on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Ross Street. The couple yelled out anti-Semitic slurs and then tried to rip face masks from some the of the Jews standing there. Ironically Mr. and Mrs. Pinho accused them of not wearing the masks while removing them from the men who wore the masks. “You’re the reason why we’re getting sick”. Couple was arrested on the charge of aggravated assault and harassment a s a hate crime. (Link to full story).

5/10/2020 - A 31-year -old Syrian asylum seeker smashed the windows of the HaCarmel kosher restaurant in Amsterdam while holding a metal pipe in one hand and a lighter in another. It's the second time this individual has done so in recent times. The assailant was subdued with pepper spray by the local police officers. The owner of the restaurant said that he may have to close the establishment since it has been repeatedly spat on and smeared with garbage. Police beef up security after each incident but leave shortly after, he said, while the assailants are charged just with vandalism which does not include an aggravated element of a hate crime.

5/5/2020 - A 57-year-old resident of Las Vegas was charged in anti-Semitic stalking and property destruction. Georgina McGarvie is facing felony charges as a result of her damaging a neighboring Jewish family’s apartment and defacing it with anti-Semitic graffiti back on December the 3rd.

5/5/2020 - A top US State Department official said on Monday he was “deeply concerned” by a sharp rise in online antisemitism during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “What we’ve seen in the past two months is really a wave — a tsunami, I might say — of antisemitism on the internet focused on the coronavirus,” US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Elan Carr said in a telephone briefing marking Jewish American Heritage Month. “And this is really nothing more than the recycled blood libel of the Middle Ages. (Link to full story).

5/4/2020 - Hundreds of chairs with fake money on them were placed atop what used to be a Jewish cemetery in Lithuania to protest delays in plans to build a conference center on the grounds. Defending History, an organization at the forefront of efforts to block the construction plan, condemned the display. “This grotesque, unashamed show of money on top of the graves says it all,” the group wrote in a statement.

4/29/2020 - Another anti-Semitic incident within the Ohio University premises. Eleven spray-painted swastikas, a depiction of Adolf Hitler and a racial slur was found painted on the ground of the student center on the Athens campus. (Link to full story).

4/25/2020 - Sign saying Juden Rous (Jews Out) along with two large swasticas was spray painted on the walls of the cemetery in Southern Italian town of Soveria Manelli.

4/25/2020 - The number of antisemitic incidents in Canada hit a record high for a fourth consecutive year in 2019, according to a new study published on Monday. The 2019 Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents commissioned by the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada, showed 2,207 incidents of antisemitism took place last year, an increase of more than 8 percent from 2018. (Link to full story).

4/25/2020 - The Palestinian Authority and the PLO's largest party, Fatah, on Thursday marked the anniversary of the "deaths as martyrs" of three terrorists who participated in the planning, kidnapping and murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. (Link to full story).

4/23/2020 - Two Jewish teenagers were assaulted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by couple of young men who walked up to teens yelling anti-Semitic slurs and then threw some debris at them. The Jewish youngsters, 14 and 15 years old, run away and notified the police who were able to get the pictures of the assailants from the security cameras. The incident is currently being investigated.

4/22/2020 - Stephan Balliet,  German neo-Nazi who attempted to massacre worshippers at a Yom Kippur service in the city of Halle last October has been formally charged with double murder and attempted murder. Balliet was also charged with the attempted murder of 68 people, dangerous bodily harm and attempted robbery. A date for his trial is pending.

4/21/2020 - A radical group of pro-Palestinian BDS activists in Germany disrupted an online Holocaust memorial by posting Nazi related pictures and pornographic content during a conversation with the survivors of the genocide.

4/20/2020 - Afrim Haxhaj, 30, resident of Jackson Heights, Queens confronted a Jewish customer at Dunkin Donuts shop at Fort Lee, New Jersey blaming the Jews for corona virus pandemic. He also tried to intimidate the Jewish customer telling him not to come back to the store. Police was called and state Attorney General charged Haxhaj with bias intimidation and harassment. 

4/20/2020 - A Canton Ohio man identified as Matt Slatzer, driving with a friend at Columbus stay-at-home protest, produced a sign with a picture of a rodent with the Star of David on its side and the words “The Real Plague.” Mr. Slatzer has an extensive criminal record. (Link to full story).

4/20/2020 - Ahmed Shaheed, a A prominent United Nations official dealing with human rights has sounded the alarm on the rise of antisemitic rhetoric around the world since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The statement noted that “‘conspiracy’ theory prevails in claiming that Jews or Israel are responsible for developing and spreading COVID-19 virus to reduce the non-Jewish population and to control the world.”  (Link to full story).

4/20/2020 - Denmark’s 24NYT news site reported that the latest Danish translation of the New Testament has removed almost all references to the land of Israel otherwise mentioned in the New Testament's original version 60 times. The new translation omitted 59 of those references. 

4/19/2020 - Carolyn Assaf, a Palestinian pre-med student, who was elected this month as vice president of the student government at the Newark campus of Rutgers University has a history of posting anti-Israel and antisemitic content on social media. (Link to full story).

4/15/2020 - According to US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts, police arrested a 36-year-old John Michael Rathbun, on the charges of attempted arson with a home made incendiary device. A five gallon canister stuffed with a Christian pamphlet was found outside Ruth’s House, a Jewish-sponsored assisted living facility for people of all faiths in Longmeadow, MA.

4/13/2020 - Two anti-Semitic incidents took place in Huntsville, AL during the Jewish holiday of Passover. The surveillance cameras recorded an individual in a ski mask scrawling anti-Semitic images at Etz Chayim and Chabad of Huntsville synagogues. Police is treating the incidents as a hate crime.

4/10/2020 - Montgomery County Police arrested 28-year-old Andrew Lemond Costas, 28, based on evidence acquired through surveillance camera and tips from general public related to an incident during which Mr. Costas allegedly spray-painted a swastika on the Tikvat Israel synagogue in Maryland.

4/9/2020 - Swastikas and and signs "Gas them all" and "Holohoax" were found on the grounds of Etz Chayim synagogue, in Huntsville Alabama. Local police responded to the scene and is investigating the incident.

4/9/2020 - Jordanian author Kafa Al-Zou'bi blamed the corona virus pandemic on capitalism, which according to her is barbaric, greedy, and also "Jewish". She continued that Judaism bears the greatest responsibility  for the evil and brutal aspects of capitalism. This religion, she says, is "a cancer that has harmed humanity from the dawn of its civilized history," because it regards non-Jews as inferior creatures who are detested by God and can be killed with impunity. (Link to full story).

4/9/2020 - The sticker in the shape of a yellow star of David shaped sticker with a biohazard symbol on it was found stuck to the window on a subway car in Hamburg using an infamous Nazi-era symbol, the Research and Information Center for Anti-Semitism (RIAS) in Berlin said in a statement

4/9/2020 - A hateful graffiti was painted on the wall of Orthodox synagogue Ahavat Shalom on West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. It said “Fuck kikes” and then the words “Daniel M”.

4/7/2020 - Tomas Mendez, host of the popular Argentine ADN TV, said that “bats are not responsible for the coronavirus, humans are.” He added that “the richest of the world, some born in the United States, others in Israel and another in Europe, are the owners of your life, who created this virus.” Mr. Mendez publicly apologized for these remarks the next day.

Those humans, he said, are “the richest of the world, some born in the United States, others in Israel and another in Europe,” who “are the owners of your life, who created this virus.” He singled out the Rothschild family, who often appear in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and Bill Gates.

4/1/2020 - During his recent appearance on Hezbollah TV, Seif Da’na, a Palestinian-American Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, made a remark that "Hitler did not do anything out of the ordinary. He did not do anything that had not been done by the Europeans before.”

3/31/2020 - A New Haven, CT rabbi, Yehoshua Rosenstein was jumped by gang of teens outside the Chabbad House at Yale. “Give us everything you have, you fucking Jew!" the assailants demanded. Despite complying, the rabbi was knocked to the ground, punched and kicked. The gang highjucked the rabbi's car but were soon apprehended by local police. They were charged with first-degree robbery weapons procession, larceny and conspiracy. The leaders of the gang are also expected to be charged with a hate crime.

3/27/2020 - During the sermon delivered by Yemeni religious scholar, Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi, the above mentioned claimed that Jews and Americans created the deadly corona virus with intention of shutting down Mecca and Medina. He also accused the Saudi family to be the descendants of Iraqi Jew called Mordechai.

3/26/2020 - New York University (NYU) took an unusual step this week, condemning a former student for a mocking tweet about the first Israeli coronavirus fatality. Upon learning of the death of Aryeh Even, an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor who lived in Jerusalem, last Friday, Leen Dweik — ex-president of NYU’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter — tweeted, “Anyway should I paint my nails red or green today?” (Link to full story).

3/26/2020 - Giovanni Gasparro, a 36-year-old Italian artist whose work has been honored by Catholic Church for his Christian themes paintings in baroque style, has unveiled his latest "masterpiece". The 7ft X 5ft painting revives the anti-Semitic blood libel of medieval times by depicting the caricature like images of hook-nosed Jews making a ritual scarifies of the Christian child. (Link to full story).

3/25/2020 - Rick Wiles is an American far-right conspiracy theorist and non-denominational senior pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida. During his podcast on Trunews, Mr. Wiles said that said on that the coronavirus outbreak is spreading to synagogues, and is a punishment from God because Jews don’t follow Jesus. “Stay out of those things, there’s a plague in them. God’s dealing with false religions. “It’s spreading in Israel through the synagogues,” he continued, before blaming the Jewish state’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Anti-Defamation League.

3/23/2020 - Sarah Leah Whitson, the managing director for research and policy of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft appeared to celebrate the draconian measures employed by the Israeli government to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Then she argued that whatever discomforts they impose on Israeli citizens, they are not enough to compensate for the suffering Israel has inflicted on its Palestinian neighbors. “Such a tiny taste. Missing a tablespoon of blood,” Sarah Leah Whitson wrote in a now-deleted tweet. (Link to full story).

3/23/2020 - Per alert issued by ABC News, FBI’s New York office reported that neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups are urging their followers to contract the coronavirus in order to infect Jews and police officers. "Spread the deadly illness to Jews by going any place they may be congregated, to include markets, political offices, businesses and places of worship” report indicates the groups are encouraging.

3/18/2020 - The coronavirus is a Zionist plot spread by Jews to decrease the world population, some members of Turkey's press and public have said, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute. MEMRI, which specializes in translating Middle Eastern media into English, has uncovered a number of incidences of Turks blaming the coronavirus epidemic on Jews and Zionism. (Link to full story).

3/11/2020 - A 23-year-old California woman accused of posting Nazi propaganda at Orange county campuses was sentenced to a year of informal probation and 40 hours of community service. Local district attorney’s office also reported that Grace Elisabeth Ziesmer of Fullerton was ordered to pay $517 in restitution after she agreed to plead guilty to a count of misdemeanor vandalism and two misdemeanor counts of graffiti.

3/9/2020 - A swastika was found on a bathroom stall at Queens College. School administration was notified and in turn alerted the local police department. The incident was promptly denounced by school president, William Tramontano and by NYPD. 

3/8/2020 -  A group of 11 students from a Brazilian at Saint Mary's School in Brazil’s northeastern city of Recife. displayed the Hitler salute in support of their classmate who was running for class representative. The photo of the event was posted on the Instagream and was accompanied by references to "Fuhrer, Arian and Third Reich." Brazilian media reported the incident next day. The principal of the school issued an apology "to all those who were offended.”The participating students were suspended from school for one week.

3/7/2020 - Imam Al-Hassan Qazwini, who spoke at a Dearborn, Michigan rally on March 7 for Bernie Sanders, had said in 2016 that the Democratic candidate is “an honorable man, even though he is a Jew.”

3/6/2020 - Italian anti-Semitism monitor, “Osservatorio Anti-Semitism”, produced a new report which showed a sharp increase of offences targeting the Jewish minority. There are around 30,000 Jews currently living in Italy. Total of 251 incidents of anti-Semitism were reported in 2019 vs. 197 such incidents in 2018.

3/6/2020 - Nazi flag was waved during the Senator Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix, Arizona. People around the incident ripped the flag out of man's hands and he was escorted out of the arena by the authorities.

3/5/2020 - A 38-year-old Jersey City resident, Taylor Stackhouse, was arrested for terroristic threats against the Jewish manager of the same property where JC Kosher Supermarket was assaulted resulting in the death of four innocent people. Mr. Stackhouse was charged with two counts of second-degree Bias Intimidation, one count of fourth-degree Bias Intimidation, two counts of Terroristic Threats and a Petty Disorderly Persons Harassment charge.

3/4/2020 - Manhattan Grand Jury indicted Zarinah Ali on a hate crime she allegedly committed while traveling in New Your City Subway. Back in December of 2019 Ms. Ali physically attacked a female Jewish student for filming an anti-Semitic verbal abuse directed at Jewish man wearing traditional kippah. The accused pleaded not guilty. (Link to full story).

3/4/2020 - A large anti-Semitic message was spray-painted on a railroad bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio on the border of Madisonville and Oakley. The graffiti read: “The Jews killed Christ. They are the enemies of the whole human race. – Paul.” The incident was reported to Cincinnati police and federal law enforcement and is currently under investigation.

3/3/2020 - A 57-year-old Jewish man was attacked by three individuals who punched and kicked him breaking his teeth and tearing up his kippah with a pocketknife. The incident took place in Brazilian city of Jaquariuna. The attacked man was told that “Hitler should have killed more Jews". Local police is investigating the assault as a hate crime.

3/1/2020 - During his interview with Polsat TV, the far-right Polish politician and writer, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, expressed an opinion that pogroms perpetrated against European Jews over centuries has benefited the victims through natural selection process, which made them stronger. He did not elaborate how that selection process helped the Polish Jews during the Holocaust. 

3/1/2020 - Anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic verbal attacks were in full display outside AIPAC annual conference in Washington D.C. Several protesters were heard yelling: "Hitler will come back, Burn all of you; The Holocaust will come back to you; From the river to the swan, Palestine will be free."

2/29/2020 - During the sermon aired on Lebanon's Al-Waqiyah television, Palestinian cleric, Yousuf Makharzah said that animosity towards Jews is an Islamic religious duty, and that any Muslim that did not show enmity to the Jews was a heretic.

2/29/2020 - A University of Maryland student, Muqarrab Ahmed Abdullah, was arrested for repeatedly sending anti-Semitic messages to the female Jewish student he never met. The incident was made public by an e-mail announcement to the campus community. Mr. Abdullah was charged with electronic communication harassment and a hate crime.

2/28/2020 - Canadian newspaper al-Meshwar published an article by Dr. Mustafa Yusuf al-Lidawi titled “The Abuse of the Martyrs and the Manipulation of Their Bodies Are Jewish Commandments and Israeli Directives.” Mr. Al-Lidawi is a member of the Hamas's Department of Arab and Islamic Relations. B’nai Brith Canada of Canada issued a statement: “These relentless and baseless attacks on our community undermine inter-communal relations and increase the risk to our safety.” They also filed a complaint with a local police. (Link to full story).

2/27/2020 - A Miami judge, Hon. David Young, discovered a swastika spray-painted in front of the Miami-Dade County Bar Association building. He was later alerted to another swastika painted on the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center. The paintings were covered and the local authorities were alerted.

2/27/2020 - A young Jewish man working out at the Crunch Gym in Crown Heights was a victim of an unprovoked attack by an African American man who slapped him and used anti-Semitic slurs. Young man reported the incident to the police who arrested the attacker for an assault. The Crunch Gym promptly terminated the attacker's membership.

2/27/2020 - Rafaella Gunz, a journalist focusing on LGBT and feminist issues, told the Algemeiner this week about anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist harassment she faced due to her pro-Israel activism at City University of New York. The toxic invorement forced her to ultimately leave the school.   “no one helped me, no one came to my defense" she reported.

2/25/2020 - Lincoln Nebraska Police Department reported an arrest of 21-year-old Noah Miller. He was charged with Felony Vandalism for allegedly spray painting a swastika and racial epithets on the door and steps of the South Street Temple in Lincoln on Jan. 13, 2020. The entire incident was caught on synagogue's  video surveillance camera.

2/23/2020 - Heerak Kim, who is running in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, tweeted that the “FBI should investigate U.S. politicians in both Republican and the Democratic party with ‘questionable’ ties with Israel.” He also twitted the following: “American citizens should work toward curtailing the power of Jewish lobby groups and other Jewish groups that seek to practice ‘Witch Hunt’ against Americans who they see as a ‘threat’ to Jews, like they did with Jesus Christ. Americans are NOT SLAVES!”

2/23/2020 - Caricatures of Jews, including ones depicting them as ants, were prominently displayed at this city’s annual parade. The displays came a year after the Jewish Telegraphic Agency exposed anti-Semitic themes in last year’s parade in Aalst, located about 10 miles west of Brussels. (Link to full story)

2/23/2020 - A series of anonymous bomb threats was made against more than a dozen Jewish community centers across New York on Sunday, according to state law enforcement officials.  The threats, first reported at 11 a.m. local time Sunday morning, were emailed to members belonging to 18 JCC's across the state. Gov. Andrew Cuomowent to the Albany center after police evacuated about 100 people, searched the building with dogs and declared it safe.

2/20/2020 - “Antisemitism and hatred of Jews is growing” in Germany, the mayor of Frankfurt warned on Wednesday. “We have a problem with the antisemitism of adults, not only children,” he added. “Antisemitism is from the far left to the far right, influenced by anti-Zionism which becomes antisemitism. From the guilt of the past, we have the responsibility of the future.”  

2/19/2020 -  A newly-elected Irish parliamentarian, Reada Cronin a Sinn Fain representative, made the unsubstantiated claims on her Twitter account that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency had played a "“sinister” role in the UK general election that resulted in UK's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s defeat in the UK general election. On Wednesday she offered an apology for her comments. In the past Ms. Cronin retweeted anti-Semitic message saying that “Hitler was just a pawn” in the hands of “Rothschild banks.” She also also has expressed a feeling that “Israel have taken Nazism to a new level by showing they can get away with it.”

2/19/2020 - A swastika and "White Power" were spray-painted on the fence surrounding the Jewish owned business in Lakewood township of New Jersey. Woman leaving the scene in the dark sedan was recorded on surveillance video.   

2/17/2020 - A swastika was painted inside the 15th Street-Prospect Park subway station in Brooklyn, New York. Witness alerted police about the incident and city employees later removed the graffiti.

2/12/2020 - Palestinian Fatah movement removed a Nazi-themed cartoon hours after being harshly critisized by Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan on Tuesday. Erdan slammed Palestinian Authority President Mahmmoud Abbas for claiming in the UN he extends his hand in peace to Israel. (Link to cartoon).

12/11/2020 - Jewish student leaders at the University of California, Berkeley, are calling for action after allegedly being “harassed and threatened” twice in less than a year during student government meetings. The letter, published Monday and addressed to UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ, accused the administration and the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), an independent student association, of “continually” failing to protect Jewish students. (Link to full story).

12/10/2020 - Conor Climo, a 23-year-old former security guard, has pleaded guilty for possession of bomb-making material in an attempt to kill Jews at a Las Vegas synagogue and of drawing up plans to attack a bar catering to LGBTQ customers. According to Nevada U.S. Attorney's office, Mr. Climo is facing up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine.

2/9/2020 - An investigation is underway by school administration after a Nazi flag was displayed in the window of Governor Thomas Johnson High School in a Maryland suburb. Superintendent Theresa R. Alban says the school district will "take appropriate action" Monday in light of the incident.

  2/7/2020 - A Tampa Bay City Council membe, Orlando Gudes, used "we’re getting Jewed” phrase to describe high construction costs for an East Tampa community center to a Tampa Bay Times reporter late last month. He then apologized after meeting with a local Jewish leaders to learn why it was offensive.

2/6/2020 - Swastikas and other anti-Semitic symbols and slogans were discovered painted on several headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Dordrecht, Netherlands, situated about 40 miles south of Amsterdam.

2/6/2020 - Urban Dictionary, a crowdsourced online dictionary for slang words and phrases, was condemned by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum for publishing “hurtful and disrespectful” definitions of the word “Auschwitz.” Among the website’s 20 different definitions of the Nazi concentration camp are “a summer camp for Jews,” “a disneyland for its time” and “the happy resort for Jews during WW2.”

2/6/2020 - Facebook has taken down a public page by a New Jersey group named Rise Up Ocean County. Group posted a video in which they predicted that Orthodox rabbis would lead to the “colonization” of Lakewood, in Ocean County. Another comment on the site referenced the Holocaust and called for getting “rid of them like like Hitler did,” according to the attorney general.

2/4/2020 - On Tuesday a group of youths threw eggs and fireworks at Jewish worshippers attending a synagogue service in Chapham Common section of South London. The following day they climbed onto the roof of the synagogue and shouted anti-Semitic obscenities.

2/4/2020 - A 25-year-old Jewish man wearing kippah, was approached by four men on the Jean Jaurès train station in northeastern Paris. They asked him for a cigarette, but when a Jewish guy told them that he didn't smoke one of the attachers pinned him against the wall while saying that “You Jews have enough money, you can buy me some.” At this point, other passengers intervened, blocking the four assailants and allowing the young Jewish man to safely depart the scene.

1/29/2020 -  Just days after the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Ottawa (Canada) police department is investigating an incident in which National Holocaust Monument was pelted with eggs. It happened around 4 p.m. on Wednesday at the corner of Booth and Wellington streets. Incident is treated as a hate crime by local authorities.

1/28/2020 - Attorney General William Barr charged Tiffany Harris of New York, a repeat offender, with with federal hate crimes. Mz Harris made name for herself by engaging in anti-Semitic attack on Orthodox Jewish women in December of 2019 only to be released without bail. AG noted that in the past this type of case may have been treated locally but Fed wanted "to plant its flag and show zero tolerance."

1/27/2020 - Swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti were found drawn on the multiple floors inside the apartment building located across the street from the synagogue on Grand Street in lower Manhattan. Majority of the residents in the building are Jewish. NYPD's 7th Precinct is investigating the incident.

1/25/2020 - The home of now deceased anti-fascist resistance fighter and writer, Lidia Rolfi in Mondovi, Italy was subjected to antisemitic graffiti. The words "Juden hier", German for "Jews here", and a Star of David were painted on the door of the property where her son still resides. Lidia Rolfi, who was not Jewish, was deported to a Nazi concentration camp for political reasons during the WW II.

1/24/2020 - A Jewish man man wearing yarmulke was attacked on East 41st Street near Third Avenue around 11 a.m. on Monday. He was checking his cell phone when an assailant shouted anti-Semitic remarks and cursed him out. When the man looked at the attacker, he was punched in the face and as he lay on the ground he was repeatedly kicked. Shortly after the attack, police arrested 48 year-old Steven Jorge of Miami. He was charged with assault as a hate crime.

1/22/2020 - The Jewish cemetery in Shoumen, Bulgaria which is dating back to the 19th century, was vandalized. Gravestones were pushed over and broken, and a fence around the cemetery was damaged, the Sofia Globe reported. The city of Shoumen was home to a large Jewish community during the Ottoman rule. 

1/22/2020 - Neo-Nazi graffiti was discovered outside a synagogue in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Yellow swastikas were spray-painted on and near Temple Sinai, also known as the Wellington Jewish Progressive Congregation. The word “Heil” was also painted.

1/19/2020 - A monument to the victims of the Holocaust was found defaced in the western Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih, Israel’s ambassador to the country Joel Lion said. Mr. Leon also noted that vandalized monument located not far from President Zelensky's parental home.

1/18/2020 - The Palestinian Authority’s daily newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida printed an op-ed on Saturday calling on readers to carry out murders of Jews in Jerusalem in order to disrupt the upcoming diplomatic event marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. "One shot will disrupt the ceremony and one dead body will cancel the ceremony" the article said.

1/17/2020 - Police in the northeast Italian city of Trieste analyzed security videos to identify and arrest a man suspected of vandalizing the city’s synagogue twice in the past few months. Police did not provide the vandal's ID but stated that he was an Italian man around 30 years old who was already “known to the police. (Link to video).

1/17/2020 - Federal prosecutors charged Yousef Omar Barasneh with vandalizing Beth Israeli Sinai Congregation in Racine, Wisconcin. The suspect is accused of spray painting swastikas and other antisemitic messages on the outside of the building. Mr Barasneh is a member of the Base, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group which, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court, "aims to unify militant white supremacists around the globe and provide them with paramilitary training in preparation for a "race war." (Link to video).

1/17/2020 - A 55 year-old resident of Brooklyn, Vernon Stevens, yelled "Fucking Jews" at Ultra-Orthodox couple walking by at 10:15 p.m. near West 45th Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan. A teenager, not related to couple, yelled back at the man who approached him and shoved his fingers in the teen’s face, calling him a "Fucking Jew" in the process. The teen reported the incident to police and Stevens was arrested about an hour later a block away. He was charged with aggravated harassment in the second-degree, which includes harassment as a hate crime, and harassment in the first-degree, police reported.  

1/16/2020 - A leftist news outlet called NowThis posted an online video where a George Washington University senior, Becca Lewis, commented that "We’re seeing people die at the border for lack of medical care. That’s how Anne Frank died. She didn’t die in a concentration camp, she died from typhus." After a backlash, including accusations of the Holocaust denial, the video segment with offensive material was removed. The senior who made those comments claims to be Jewish. 

1/15/2020 - An Jewish owner of New York Route 6 bagel shop discovered a sign taped to the nearby light post that read "A Jew Park".

1/15/2020 - A man sprayed a swastika and racial epithets on the stairs and front door of a synagogue in Lincoln, Nebraska, then took a picture of his vandalism. The Lincoln Police Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

1/14/2020 - A Nazi flag was removed from the private home of Bill Cheryl Lawdron in Beulah, Australia, a farming town four hours away from Melbourne. Coordinated efforts of a Jewish MP, David Southwick, municipal council, local police and neighbors contributed to the successful action.

1/14/2020 - German police raided the homes of the Chechen Islamists in Berlin and the states of Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. In a statement, the prosecutors indicated that several suspects, aged between 23 to 28, are accused of “having scouted out locations for a possible later attack motivated by Islamism.” They also added that "there was no concrete threat of an attack yet.”

1/11/2020 - New York City police officer is accused of  yelling “you fucking Jews” at a Hasidic father and son as they were returning home from       a Sabbath celebration on Friday night. Dov Hikind, a former Democratic New York State assemblyman and founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism, was contacted by the family for assistance. Police is investigating the incident.

1/9/2020 - A swastika and other antisemitic graffiti was found sprayed on the stairwell of the Brooklyn Tech High School. No arrests have been made.

1/9/2020 - Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez appointed as his deputy Pablo Iglesias Turrióna, a far left politician who has called Israel an “illegal country” and hosted a talk show with an anti-Semitic content that aired on an Iranian-funded TV station. During the interview in 2018 he proclaimed that: “The pro-Israel lobby has the power to determine American policies from within, raising questions whether it directs that policy.”

1/9/2020 - A family of the elderly Canadian man confined to the Glendale Care Center facility in Toronto found a swastika drawn on his head. The The 65-year-old is suffering from Alzheimer's and diabetes. Although the Center representative told the family that the perpetrator had been arrested, Toronto police found no report filed for that incident.

1/8/2020 -  An anti-Semitic incident took place in an underground train near Kurfürstendamm,  Berlin. A 30-year old man and two family members just entered the train around 9:30 p.m. when an unidentified assailant punched him in the face while making anti-Semitic insults. Local police is investigating the incident.

1/7/2020 - Scotland Yard Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick revealed that six members of the Labour party have been arrested or interviewed following the inquiry into suspects social media messages denying the Holocaust and inciting hatred against the Jewish people. Police began to investigate the matter after LBC radio station discovered an internal Labour Party dossier which originally contained offensive messages implicating as many as 21 members. That list was later reduced to six.

1/7/2020 - A 68-years-old Jewish man on his way to the Putlitzbrücke Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany was attached by a gang of five youths who kept calling him a Jew and grabbing his genitals. Local authorities are investigating the incident.

1/5/2020 - Journalist Ami Horowitz went to Brooklyn to talk to African Americans about what they think is the reason for the attacks on Jews. Most essentially excused the attacks on the grounds that Jews “own everything and they’re not sharing nothing.” (Link to video).

1/5/2020 - A Jewish man wearing yarmulke was returning from "No Hate, No Fear" rally in New York City when he was verbally assaulted by an African American woman in her late 20s. This incident took place inside the subway car. Young woman was began cursing at him saying things like "Fuck all you Jews". When the Jewish man pulled out his phone and started recording the assault enraged woman charged at him and physically threatened him. Subway station attendant called the police. (Link to the video).

1/5/2020 - A 13-year-old Jewish boy was riding the bus in the Stamford Hill section of London around 11:45 GMT. According to the reports, an unidentified young man punched the kid in the stomach and shouted "You stupid Jews think you own the world; You fucken Jews". The Metropolitan police was alerted and is investigating the incident.

1/5/2020 - Dozen of graves were vandalized at the Jewish cemetery in Bayonne, France. According to the reports, significant damage was inflicted to the gravestones, as several were smashed and broken. A commemorative plaque for a girl who was deported during World War II also was damaged.

About a dozen graves were vandalized in a Jewish cemetery in southwest France. The vandalism took place over the weekend in the Jewish cemetery of Bayonne, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques area. The damage was discovered on Sunday by Déborah Loupien-Suares, the president of the Jewish community of Bayonne and Biarritz, who was visiting the graves of her grandparents. She tweeted that she was “angry and indignant” after seeing the desecration of the cemetery and called for those responsible to be punished. She told local media that “significant damage” was inflicted on the gravestones and that several were smashed and broken. A commemorative plaque for a girl who was deported during World War II also was smashed, according to the French daily LeParisien.

1/4/2020 - A passing bicyclist in his 30s, riding through the Flatbush section of Brooklyn around 10:40 p.m., verbally assaulted a 61-year-old Jewish man. According to the reports he screamed “Kill Jews! Fuck Jews! Murder Jews.” Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

1/2/2020 - A 41-year-old Jewish woman was waiting for a train around 6:30 a.m. at Utica Avenue, Crown Heights station when a complete stranger, a woman in her mid 30s, started screaming at her using anti-Semitic language. “You fucking Jew with the wig, I’m going to throw you on the track", the hater yelled. The suspect continued her barrage of insults for a few more stops. She was caught on the video and is currently being sought by the authorities.

1/1/2020 - The 22 year-old Hassidic man was approached by two women at the intersection of Broadway and Lorimer Street, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn around 12:30 pm. They started harassing the man yelling “F*** you Jew” and “I will kill you Jews”. When the young men began to film the incident, he was punched in the throat and his phone was ripped out of his hands and smashed. The victim was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The assailants, 34-year old and 24-year old African American women, were arrested shortly after the attack. According to media reports one of the women was charged with harassment/hate crime, assault and robbery. The charges for the second woman were pending.

12/31/2019 - A 36-year old Jewish Orthodox woman was walking on Eastern Parkway near Schenectady Avenue in Crown Heights at around 4 p.m. when a man and a female teenager tried to pull off her wig, police said. The laughing assailants took off without their prize. Jew hatred is evolving into some sort of sick game.

12/31/2020 - A group of eight neo-nazi youths, with scarves covering their faces, attacked a former Italian politician, Arturo Scotto, and his wive who were taking a stroll in St. Mark's Square in Venice. The attackers were yelling "Duce! Duce!", in reference to WWII fascist leader Benito Mussolini. They were making antisemitic remarks and threw punches at Mr. Scotto. They also beat up the good Samaritan who tried to intervene. Italian authorities are investigating the incident.

12/30/2019 - A white male in his 40s walked into Royal Meats kosher butcher shop around 4 p.m. in the London neighborhood of Stamford Hill. He proceeded to demand food to be given to him free of charge. He is alleged to have shouted: “You f***ing Jews, I am German, you f***ing Jews are bad people”, before pointing his fingers at people in the shop in a gun gesture. Police are investigating the incident.

12/29/2019 - A witness in the German town of Geilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany, alerted police after seeing two men in the hoods knock over dozens of tombstones at the Jewish cemetery. They also spray painted few other monuments with a blue paint. Police arrested the suspects and incident is currently under investigation.

12/28/2019 - A man armed with machete broke into the home of the rabbi in Monsey, NY late Saturday evening, where dozens of people were attending a Hanukkah celebration. An intruder made his way from room to room randomly stabbing people along the way. Five people, including the rabbi's son, were taken to the hospital with two people in serious condition. The attacker fled the scene in Nissan Sentra, but fortunatly one of the witnesses was able to read the license plate of the vehicle. Within a couple of hours NYPD apprehended the suspect, an African American male in his late 30s, at 144th Street and 7th Avenue in Harlem, New York. Charges are currently pending.
- The attacker was identified as Grafton Thomas, 38, of Greenwood Lake, NY
- The attacker's license plate was captured as he was driving through GW Bridge 
- According to Ramapo, NY Police chief the attacker is facing five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary.

12/28/2019 - London Police is investigating anti-Semitic graffiti painted across store fronts, restaurants and a synagogue. The Star of David and 9/11 signs was painted in red at nine different locations in the Belsize Park, including the South Hampstead Synagogue. The numbers are referring to a conspiracy theory that Jews were responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks. Metropolitan police is treating the incident as a hate crime.

12/27/2019 - According to media reports, an African American man entered the Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, early on Friday morning and threatened to shoot and kill the Jews. Police have the description of the man and are investiugating the incident.

12/27/2019 - A group of Jewish women walking down the Kingston avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn were harassed and assaulted by a woman later identified as 30-year old Tiffany Harris. The attacker was arrested and charged with with harassment as a hate crime, according to police reports. Unfortunately she was quickly released because of the new "bail reform" legislation which is about to be implemented in the state of New York. Ms Harris still has an open harassment and assault case on the Brooklyn docket from November 2018 for which she failed to make a court appearance.

12/26/2019 - A 34 year-old Jewish woman and her 3-year old son were assaulted in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn as they were coming out of the Dunkin Donuts store. According to the witnesses the attacker (an African American woman), approached the victims, yelled anti-Semitic slurs and hit the mother on the head with her beg. Good Samaritan intervened and followed the attacker until police showed up and arrested her. She was later released without bail and was ordered to attend twice-monthly mental health appointments. 

12/25/2019 - A 40 year old Hassidic Jewish man was walking home at 1 a.m. in Borough Park, Brooklyn when a young man, for no apparent reason, blocked his path and punched him in the face. The assailant run off leaving the victim with a bloody lip. The incident was caught on tape and is currently under investigation by local authorities.

12/25/2020 - A Jewish person walking home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at 1:40 a.m. was verbally assaulted by a stranger from across the street on Kingston Avenue. As he began to record the incident, suspect approached him and threw a Slurpee at him. NYPD's Hate Crimes unit is investigating the attack.

12/24/2019 - Police are investigating a ani-Semitic incident that took place near Talmud Torah Siach Yitzchok yeshiva on Central Avenue in Far Rockaway, Queens around 9:40 a.m. The suspect dressed in a light jacket with a hoodie tried to enter the school but was turned away by security. He then walked over to the car where 44 year old mother of the yeshiva student was sitting, yelled few anti-Semitic slurs and spat at her through the open passenger window. The incident was caught on the surveillance camera and is currently under investigation.

12/24/2019 - A Hassidic man walking down the Union Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn around 6 p.m. was assaulted by a group of black teenagers. The victim was punched and knocked to the ground. One of the teenagers was filming the assault, an indication that it was a "beating of the Jew for fan", a problem that keeps repeating itself on the streets of Brooklyn. According to the reports NYPD Hate Crimes unit is investigating the incident while ADL is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

12/24/2019 - A group of African American teenagers began harassing a Hassidic man who was passing them at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Lincoln Place in Brooklyn. The surveillance video shows the Jewish man walking away when a couple of youths chased after him, punched him and hit him with the chair. Incident is under investigation.

12/23/2019 - A 65 year old Jewish men was punched in the face and kicked while on the ground in the Upper Eadst Side neighborhood of New York City. Police arrested a 28 year old Miami, Florida resident Steven Jorge, who was also heard hurling anti-Semitic insults. The assailant was arrested and charged with a hate crime.

12/19/2019 - A Paris appeals court ruled that the murderer of 66 year old Jewish kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi was not responcible for his actions due to being under the influance of massive amount of cannabies. On April 4, 2017 Kobili Traore broke into victim's apartment, severely beat her and then threw her body from the balkony. He was also overheard yelling Alahu Akbar and calling Sarah Halimi a demon. Court also ordered the assailant to be hospitalized or made to attend a drug rehabilitation program.
 - One can only wonder if the judges making this decision were borrowed from ISIS (Islamic State) or Taliban. This case paints a very grim picture for the future of the Jews in France.

12/17/2019 - A Jewish woman riding a New York City subway began taking a video of the female passenger berating a Hassidic man for no apparent reason. She was spewing a barrage of antisemitic insults at him with chants of Allahu Akbar and wishing that more Jews were killed in the Jersey City grossery store massacre. She then proceeded to attach a young woman who was recording the incident and scratching her face. Police was called and the attacker was arrested.

12/13/2019 - Polish authorities arrested Jacek Miedlar, a former priest and leader of the far-right movement on the charges of public incitement against the Jewish people. According to reports, Mr. Miedlar is also responsible for publishing a manifesto that accuses Jews of betraying Poland when the country regained its independence in 1918.

12/10/2019 - Male and female members of the Black Hebrew Israelites shot their way into a kosher grocery store in Jersey City's Greenville section. Earlier they killed a 39 year old detective Joseph Seals, father of five. At the end of several hours shootout with police two assailants were killed. Unfortunately three people inside the supermarket were also killed. They were identified as Mindel Ferencz, 33, an owner who ran the market with her husband, Moshe Deutsch, 24, a rabbinical student from Brooklyn and Miguel Douglas Rodriguez, 49, a store employee.
- Jersey City Mayor, Steven Fullop, commented that “There is no question that this is a hate crime, and anti-Semitism should be called out aggressively and firmly immediately for what it is.”
- It must be noted that after the incident a video circulated on social media of local residents praising the shooters and demanding that Jews move out of area. 

12/4/2019 - Antisemitic vandals defaced over 100 gravestones in Westhoffen, France cemetery. They spray painted swastikas as well as number 14 which represents the white supremacist symbol. French authorities are investigating the incident. (Link to image).

12/2/2019 - Two men attacked a visiting Israeli rabbi as he left a Bobov Synagogue in Stamford Hill section of London at around 9:45 p.m. The assailants approached the rabbi shouting "dirty Jew; kill the Jews" as they threw him to the ground and carried on to viciously beat him. They kept at it until the passerby intervened. London police released the footage of the incident, which showed two young individuals with their faces obscured by hoods. Investigation of the incident is ongoing.

11/27/2019 - A group of five young men assaulted two Jewish teens in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. One of the teens had his yarmulke snatched and hit on the head, then turned to the second teen, grabing his hat and throwing it on the ground. Police treating the incident as a hate crime.


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