Hand o nkotel by Dinu MandreaIt has been few years now since my first and last visit to Jerusalem. As I sat across the Western Wall on that warm summer evening and watched my  surroundings with mixed emotions, one thing has become clear: This was a special moment in my life, one I would always remember and cherish...


Theodor Herzl"Der Judenstaat"  or "The Jewish State" is a small book published in 1986 in Vienna, Austria. The author of the book was the father of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl. In the book he outlined his reasoning for the need to reestablish the historic Jewish state. This book is still very much relevant today...

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Pray for the well-being of Jerusalem; May those who love you be at peace. PSALMS (122:6)

Current Events

Coronavirus: Antibodies may not stop transmission of virus, study finds

People who have previously been infected with coronavirus and who are themselves protected by antibodies could still carry the virus and infect  >>>

By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman - The Jerusalem Post - 1/17/2021   

Iran asks UN not to publish ‘unnecessary’ details on its nuclear program

Iran urged the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog to avoid publishing “unnecessary” details on Tehran’s nuclear program, state TV reported. >>>

By AP The Times of Israel - 1/17/9021   

PA to hold elections for first time in 14 years

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday announced that the first presidential and parliamentary elections since 2006 will be held this year >>>

  By Daniel Siryoti and News Agencies - Israel Hayom - 1/17/2021

IDF special forces nab 2 terrorists who fired at border police

The Border Police’s elite undercover unit captured two terrorists who fired at Border Policemen in the Jenin area last month, the Shin Bet announced. >>>

By World Israel News - 1/17/2021

Facing Biden, Erdogan extends olive branch to EU

Facing a potentially hostile US administration, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to break his isolation by mending EU relations, torn by >>>

By AFP - Arab News - 1/17/2021   

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Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), an American leftist organization specializing in anti-Israeli activism, has scheduled a discussion panel titled "Dismantling Antisemitism, Wining Justice". On the surface it's a noble undertaking until you learn who the four invited panelists are. The participants are Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Professor Mark Lemont Hill, Journalist Peter Beinart and Professor Barbara Ransby. These particular panelists can easily make Who is Who's list of Israel haters with Mr. Beinart being the only Jew on the panel. If not for the very serious subject matter, seeing these names on the antisemitism >>>

On Thursday 11/12 Christianne Amanpour, a host of CNN International's flagship global affairs interview program, brought to viewers attention the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht translated as the "Night of the Broken Glass" and then went on to compare it to the four years of Trump presidency. It felt as if Ms. Amanpour was not as much commemorating the anniversary of the human tragedy as much as using it to offend the American president. For those unfamiliar with the event, the name Kristallnacht refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms in Germany which took place on November 9 and 10 >>>


Right of Return & a Just Solution

Refugees YemenAt the time when Israel celebrates the Independence Day the Palestinians commemorate the event by mourning the birth of the Jewish state. There is word for it in Arabic called Nakba or Catastrophe. Every year the Palestinians are reminded of that event as a planned ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Jews. This Arab version of history is brought up every time  the question comes up about the right of return of Arab refugees >>>

2334 - The Misguided Resolution

UN Security Coucil MeetingOn December 23rd, 2016 the UN Security Council has adopted a non binding resolution 2334 concerning the Israeli settlements. The language of the resolution states that: "establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law." Resolution was passed by 14-0 vote. U.S. who has abstained. >>>


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