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Mount Moriah - is a long and narrow hilltop that begins in the South where Kidron and Hinnom Valleys converge and rises to it's highest peak (777 meters above sea level) around the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is physically much less imposing than nearby Mount Zion and Mount of Olives but from historical and religious prospective it's the most valuable real estate in the world. >>

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U.S. law requires that the Secretary of State has to provide Congress, by April 30th of each year, a full and complete report on terrorism with regard to those countries & groups meeting criteria set  forth in the legislation. This annual report is titled Country Reports on Terrorism. >>

For the sake of my brothers and my friends pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Analysis of Current Events

Hamas is slowly losing assets

The Hamas terror tunnel destroyed by the IDF this week is the 15th such tunnel exposed in the past year. The IDF is "holding" a few other tunnels, which will likely be demolished at a time convenient for Israel. Meanwhile, around 20 kilometers of the underwater barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip  >>>

By Amnon Lord - Israel Hayom - 10/13/2018   

Khashoggi and the Jewish question

Here’s the rule: If some major event happens in the Middle East, it will generally have an impact on Israel. The disappearance of Saudi government critic and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey – and the very real possibility that the Saudis either kidnapped him, killed him  >>>

By Herb Keinon - The Jerusalem Post - 10/12/2018   

Israel and Russia – back to the future

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was announced at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, will be among the most important the two have held in recent years. On the docket will be more than the question of maintaining Israel's  >>>

By Prof. Eyal Zisser - Israel Hayom - 10/8/2018   

Israel's New F-35s vs. Russia's S-300s in Syria

Even without the full Block 3F capability immediately available, Tel Aviv’s F-35 fleet would offer the Israel Defense Force a potent capability to strike against Syria’s newly acquired S-300s, certainly a better capability than offered by any conventional fighter. However, there is little prospect that Israel would  >>>

By The National Interest - 10/5/2018   

Facts and Opinions by JoMM

Syria: No longer just a proxy war

YPG_Tall_Tamer_ PDThe Syrian civil war has been raging unabated since March of 2011. What initially started as Arab Spring inspired protests disintegrated into all out civil war, which gradually sucked in new participants from every corner of the Middle East and beyond. Today Syria is a battleground in the battle between religions and superpowers, terrorists and nationalists, tirants and freedom seekers. >>>

Jerusalem, Trump & Future of the Peace Process

Secretary_Tillerson_Meets_With_Israeli_Prime_Min PD USDOSIn the aftermath of President Trump's decision to move the American embassy to West Jerusalem and the recognition of it as the capital of Israel we have witnessed all the too familiar scenes of demonstrations and rioting in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza. The billowing smoke from burning tires, the enthusiastic stone throwers and of course the doomsday speeches from Palestinian leaders were the expected  >>>

Kurdish People Deserve a Better Fate

Peshmerga FightersOn September 25 of 2017, the autonomous Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq held a referendum on independence. Not surprisingly the turnout was huge and the voters overwhelmingly supported separation from the rest ofIraq and creation of the Kurdish nation state. Leading up to the referendum vote there was a tremendous pressure on the Kurdish president,  Masoud Barzani, not to go through with it. >>>

Trump & the New Middle East

A new Middle East order or rather a disorder has been developing for the last few years right in front our eyes. We are witnessing one conflict after another morph into several new ones where multiple parties all shooting at each other with no end in sight. Unfortunately the United States proved to be utterly unprepared for it at best and contributed to the empowerment of some of our adversaries at worst. >>>

Iran's Grand Ambitions

Not even a couple weeks into the newly elected U.S. administration's tenure did the the Iranian regime reminded everyone that despite the never ending political soap opera that America has become, the world is still a dangerous place and ignoring it's ills can have very dire consequences. Just to send a reality check to the White House on January the 29th the Iranians conducted a ballistic missile test. >>>                 

2334 - The Misguided Resolution

UN Security Coucil MeetingOn December 23rd, 2016 the UN Security Council has adopted a non binding resolution 2334 concerning the Israeli settlements. The language of the resolution states that: "establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law." Resolution was passed by 14-0 vote. U.S. who has abstained. >>>


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